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24 September 2014

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Drama Best of 2004
Celebrating the year in television drama.

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Johnny Vegas as Bottom and Sharon Small as Titania in 'ShakespeaRe-Told' 5: ShakespeaRe-Told


Your Comments

"Dialogue and storylines changed to accommodate modern contemporary settings did not work because the punchiness and edge was lost."
S.Gul, London

4: Cutting It


Your Comments

"Because the previous series were so good, it might have been better not to have made this last one. Despite Sarah Parish and some of the other actors doing their best with the script it really wasn't a convincing ending."
Pat Jenkins, Cambridgeshire

"What happened to this drama that I couldn't get enough of in the first three series? Maybe it was the lack of Finn and Mia. Who knows, but I couldn't even watch the last few episodes."
Charlotte Cochrane, Hertfordshire

Angela Griffin as Darcey, Sarah Parish as Allie and as Siân Reeves as Sydney in 'Cutting It'
The cast of 'Monarch Of The Glen' 3: Monarch Of The Glen


Your Comments

"Good riddance. Boring and stereotypical - leave this sort of stuff to ITV and concentrate on original and exciting projects like ShakespeaRe-Told, Messiah and Life on Mars."
Jon Arnold, Leeds

"The first series was great, a nice bit of light entertainment on a Sunday night which even made me laugh at times. Since then it's just gone down hill and it should have been stopped long ago. Such a pity because it put a dampner on the 1st series. Not even the lovely Simone Lahbib could rescue it."
Siobhan, Cardiff

"Such a good show, with so much potential, but got stuck in a rut. It was so shoddily treated with poor scripts near the end."
Bryan Simcott, Chester

2: EastEnders


Your Comments

"Absolutely rubbish. One or two decent actors with a large side order of ham from the rest. Repetitive storylines too - it's either love, marriage, betrayal, death or having a baby. Nothing creative ever happens because everything's been done a million times before."
Tom Hey, Bradford

"I'm always appalled by the consistently poor example this programme sets and I'm horrified it's marketed toward children via CBBC channel.

Violence and detestable characters are one thing in a Hollywood movie but EastEnders purports to represent real life in Britian. It actually presents only the seediest, most desperate, underbelly of society. People watch this rubbish and assume that violence and retribution are the only appropriate responses to their problems.

I'm far from conservative with my tastes and have no problem with violence in an appropriate context but this is just wrong. It should not be shown before 10.00pm and the BBC should be ashamed of itself."
Martin George, Market Harborough

"The Den storyline ran on for far too long - 10 months. It didn't even reach a proper climax. Apart from that, they brought back too many old characters and then got rid of them too quickly just as people were getting used to them. And they keep using old plots again and again like the Alfie and Kat thing. It's too serious and should be more like Neighbours, with lighthearted storylines mixed in."
Kyle Knox, Dumfries and Galloway

"If I wanted to see badly acted, appalingly scripted, poorly enunciated shouting, brawling imbeciles, I'd go to Luton town centre on a Saturday night. Lowest common denominator television of the worst degree."
Andrew N, Milton Keynes

Ross Kemp as Grant, Barbara Windsor as Peggy and Steve McFadden as Phil in 'EastEnders'
Ciaran Hinds as Caesar in 'Rome' 1: Rome


Your Comments

"Admittedly I didn't watch from the start, but when I did switch on, all I was confronted with was a naked man wearing some sort of holder for his nether regions. Obscene and totally unnecessary, this issue was raised on Points Of View, but waived away by the arrogant director, who we should never have been so improper as to question or criticise, so I imagine the criticism will fall on deaf ears again.

The topic of Ancient Rome has so much potential, and probably ranks alongside the Tudor dynasty as one of the most exploitable periods for drama, but a great opportunity was wasted, as well as a great deal of licence fee payers' money I believe, given its infamous expense."
George M, Bury St. Edmunds / Sheffield Uni

"All I see when I watch Rome is sex and blood. It doesn't really get the audience hooked with any exciting storylines."
Louise J Soutar, Fife, Scotland

"Quite the worst I've seen in a long time. Potentially it had everything, dream cast, locations, sets, cinematography - why didn't the production throw some more money at a decent script?

Please don't go down the Hollywood route and forget the importance of the script - not even the cast could revive this Christmas Turkey.

'I Claudius' still reigns supreme - where's a Jack Pullman when you need one?"
L de Francis, Fife, Scotland

"Awful. The worst kind of historical twaddle. Badly written and badly acted, although the actors were fighting a losing battle with the script and had an impossible task."
Mary Reilly, Derby

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