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28 October 2014

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Drama Best of 2004
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Favourite Moment

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Dirty Den's Death [EastEnders] 5: Dirty Den's Death
[EastEnders: Friday 18th February 2005]

Your Comments

"A final twist in the tale with Chrissie brutally finishing him off. Brilliant acting fom Michelle Ryan, Tracy Ann Oberman and Kim Medcalf."
Ann Brookes, Birmingham

4: Lady Dedlock reveals that she's Esther's mother
[Bleak House: Episode 8]

Your Comments

"Very moving. A real tear-jerker. Two superb performances from Gillian Anderson and Anna Maxwell Martin will ensure that this is a scene I will remember for a long time. There was a real intimacy and sense of regret within the scene. It was also beautifully shot."
Carly Bramwell, Nottingham

"Calm, understated, and devastating. I cried like an infant."
Martin Wyatt, Hove

Lady Dedlock reveals that she's Esther's mother [Bleak House]
Grant and Phil's return [EastEnders] 3: Grant and Phil's return
[EastEnders: Monday 24th October 2005]

Your Comments

"I must admit that I've only just started watching the show again this year. Due to its compelling story lines and great acting, this soap keeps getting better. Grant and Phil returning just in time to save their mum was brilliant. It shows that original characters are the best."
Ben Bloore, Ilkeston, Derbyshire

"'Hello Mum'. Televisual magic."
Phil Owen, Coventry

"Grant and Phil act so well together - in fact one could almost believe that they actually ARE related. Grant just makes the show and he was sorely missed."
Alison John, Ruislip

2: The Doctor regenerates
[Doctor Who: The Parting Of The Ways]

Your Comments

"It was a really dramatic ending to the series, but it became funny when David Tennant appeared and said 'Now where were we? Oh yes - Barcelona!' I enjoyed the way they turned something slightly sad into something light-hearted and funny. "
Lola C., Wiltshire

"Not that I disliked Christoper Eccleston, he did an amazing job. But this was the climax of the final episode. We discovered how the Doctor would look and be like next, and it was done so brilliantly. The gradual on-screen transformation from Eccleston to David Tennant had me literally jumping up and down in my seat. Pure brilliance."
Lily, North London

"Who knew that the line 'new teeth' could be so funny!"
E Jane, Manchester

The Doctor regenerates [Doctor Who]
The Dalek [Doctor Who] 1: The Return of the Daleks
[Doctor Who: Dalek]

Your Comments

"Doctor Who wouldn't be Doctor Who without his arch enemies, the Daleks, would it? The scenes where the 'last' Dalek lights up and comes to life after recognising the Doctor is brilliant. And despite the Daleks being wiped out at the end of the first series, you just know that they'll be back again and again and again."
Emma Quilter, Bucks

"This is what everyone was waiting for... the return of the Daleks to Doctor Who. And boy was it worth it. A fantastic scene, in which Christopher Eccleston is just incredible, and Nicholas Briggs' Dalek voice is amazing."
Alan Kelly, Rhyl, North Wales

"The Doctor's vitriol, coupled with his tangiable fear, was a great piece of drama. I even felt sorry for the Dalek. At one point I wondered if it should go and hide behind the settee."
Chris Broadbent, Donaghadee North Down, Northern Ireland

"Who would have thought that we would feel even a moment of sympathy for a Dalek? Amazingly written and actually quite emotional."
Mel Sutcliffe, Taunton

"I'd forgotten what the back of the sofa looked like! To bring them back was clever - but to bring them back in the way they did in the episode 'Dalek' was great. Sympathy for the Devil indeed. "
Vickey, Dublin

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