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24 September 2014

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Drama Best of 2004
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Villain

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Jim Fenner [Bad Girls*]

Grant Mitchell [EastEnders]



Harold Skimpole [Bleak House]



Richard 'Gentleman' Rivers [Fingersmith]



Cassandra [Doctor Who]

Joe Macbeth [ShakespeaRe-Told]



Brendon Block [Secret Smile*]

The Editor [Doctor Who]



Phil Mitchell [EastEnders]



Den Watts [EastEnders]

The Slitheen [Doctor Who]



The Empty Child [Doctor Who]

Margaret Slitheen [Doctor Who]



Chrissie Watts [EastEnders]



Atia Of The Julii [Rome]


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The Emperor Dalek in 'Doctor Who' 5: Emperor Dalek
[Doctor Who] (3.29%)

Your Comments

"The leader of the Daleks. A deranged megalomaniac wanting universal domination. Made a familiar enemy into a genuinely frightening adversary."
Anthony Brannigan, Port Glasgow

4: Johnny Allen
[EastEnders] (5.38%)

Your Comments

"I liked him at first and now I hated him. That's the mark of a good villain. He manipulated everyone around him and brought real fear to the Square."
Ali Bushnell, Coventry

"The cold blooded murders of Andy Hunter and Dennis Rickman stand out in EastEnders' bad boy history."
Ruari Hutchison, Essex

Billy Murray as Johnny Allen in 'EastEnders'
Phil Davis as Smallweed in 'Bleak House' 3: Smallweed
[Bleak House] (5.55%)

Your Comments

"From his horrid teeth to his 'Shake me up Judy' catchphrase, Smallweed was everything that a Dickens villain ought to be."
kathgrundy, North of England

"Menacing and clever, with some great lines. Brilliantly brought to life and portrayed the true values of the period."
Paul Tomkins, Hertfordshire

"Made me want to shake him up."
Mike Richardson, Wakefield

2: Tulkinghorn
[Bleak House] (18.30%)

Your Comments

"Evil personified, a malevolent shadow inexorably crushing all he touches, Jo, Lady Dedlock, Sergeant George... and played to perfection by the hideously haughty Charles Dance."
Octavia, Worcestershire

"Charles Dance played this character so well. He had no redeeming features at all, he was just a cold hard-hearted solicitor quite determined to ruin the life of Lady Dedlock by revealing her past shame."
Margaret Aurin, Hampshire

"A perfectly smarmy villain terrorising most people in sight, though particularly Lady Dedlock. Charles Dance's overbearing sneer is annoying in protagonist parts, but here he's perfect, and Tulkinghorn's death was a perfect comeuppance."
David Upton, Birmingham, England

"Charles Dance's performance lifted Tulkinghorn off the page and turned him into a flesh-and-(cold) blooded monster."
Martin Wyatt, Hove

Charles Dance as Tulkinghorn in 'Bleak House'
The Daleks in 'Doctor Who' 1: The Daleks
[Doctor Who] (46.40%)

Your Comments

"An iconic villain, updated to look more metallic and more agressive than ever. Even during Doctor Who's absence from TV, the Daleks repeatedly surfaced in various shows, adverts and skits. People who'd never seen the show before could tell you what a Dalek was. Scripted and directed beautifully, they were back with evil passion and rightful malevolance."
Ben Brown, Gloucester

"Brought back to our screens after too long an absence. As always they were cold, sinister and very scary!"
Chris Bowden, London

"They were SO evil. And there was loads of them. How could anyone not be touched by the death of Lynda-with-a-Y in the episode 'The Parting Of The Ways'? She's locked in a room on board the Gamestation. A Dalek is cutting through the door. Then, another one hovers silently into view at the window behind her. Separated by the vacuum of space, neither Lynda nor the audience can hear the Dalek speak, but its dome-lights flash. We now exactly what's coming... Exterminate."
Bob, Scotland

"I was practially in tears when the last Dalek declared it wanted freedom, and had to have somebody tell it to kill itself."
Raymond Adamson, Beith, Scotland.

"Who else could win this. The Daleks are the scariest things I've seen for a long time. They're cunningly evil. I'm never going to laugh at them again."
Andrew J Travers, Exeter Devon

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