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24 September 2014

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Drama Best of 2004
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Drama Website

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Messiah [

Neighbours []

Veronica Mars []



Cutting It []






Hustle []

Waking The Dead []



24 []



BBC Drama []



Outpost Gallifrey []






Monarch Of The Glen []



Holby City []






EastEnders []


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'Rome' website 5: Rome [ &]


Your Comments

"Gives considerable insight to the making of the biggest epic serial in a long while."
Richard Kent, Spalding, Lincs

4: ShakespeaRe-Told []


Your Comments

"The detail of the website was amazing, each page gave such information about the actors and the news pieces and articles dreamt up by the web team were very amusing!"
Katherine, Hertfordshire

"Great visual design and offered a good level of audience participation."
Helen Doherty, Dublin

'ShakespeaRe-Told' website
'Bleak House' website 3: Bleak House []


Your Comments

"Easy navigation and clearly labeled. It had lots of information about the programme and its episodes, characters and actors."
Leigh, Cheshire

"Loved the information on the production, I especially enjoyed Nigel Stafford-Clark's production diary."
Mary D., Leeds

"It had everything you needed to keep you informed and has been the only thing which stopped me from getting cold turkey once the series ended - apart from the mammoth session of Bleak House over Christmas on BBC FOUR."
Ali Bushnell, Coventry

"Loved visiting the site for clips of the upcoming episodes and to read the reviews of my fellow viewers. Great background to the series, characters and actors, and the little animated history of Charles Dickens life was fun. "
G. Clifford, Carrickfergus

2: Spooks []


Your Comments

"The MI5 slant and touch to the website makes it that extra bit special. The interactivity of it also gives it my nomination.

The interactive MI5 missions on BBCi should also be noted."
Simon Macklesby, Nottingham

"Interactive and fun, rather than just a list of characters. Capitalises superbly on the public's interest in, and fascination with, MI5."
Anna, London

"A really interesting and fun website. Being a fan of the show I'm always interested to hear about the next series. Plus it also tells you how real agencies go about their daily business. This site is really worth a gold medal."
Ben Bloore, Ilkeston, Derbyshire

"This site is amazing. Whoever created it should be given a million pound pay rise. That's how much I love it."
Holly Adams, Wiltshire

'Spooks' website
'Doctor Who' website 1: Doctor Who []


Your Comments

"Not only did the site evolve for each new episode, but there was also a series of subsiduary sites tied into the series' storylines. I believe this is the first time a viewer has been able to visit fictional sites featured in a show. Great interactivity, very creative."
Ian Bonham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

"Clips, documentaries, games, behind the scenes, sneak previews, and many delights for regular visitors. We caught our first glimpse of the Cybermen, learned about the 'new word order' of Torchwood, and many other delights.

It achieved all this while remaining entirely usable. This isn't a site that's about content over style or vice versa - it's got both."
Jeremy Fry, Cambridgeshire

"For the countdown to the new series and the Christmas special, the behind the scenes pictures and diaries, the cryptic teasers - it's almost as much fun as watching the TV series itself."
Kevin Millyard, Twickenham

"Really good. I can spent hours on it but then I am a bit of a geek! I loved the countdown to the Christmas Invasion."
Jenny Ross, Lymm

"You can tell the amount of effort and hard work that was put into the site as it changed each week with new hidden goodies that linked wonderfully with the upcoming episode."
J D Hutchison, Scottish Borders

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