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24 September 2014

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Holby City

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Drama Best of 2004
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Drama

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Twenty Thousand Streets Under The Sky



Desperate Housewives*




Rocket Man



Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee




To The Ends Of The Earth

Veronica Mars*

The West Wing*




Judge John Deed






Cutting It



Love Soup



Waking The Dead









Monarch Of The Glen













Holby City


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Shirley Henderson as Katherine and Rufus Sewell as Petruchio in 'ShakespeaRe-Told: Much Ado About Nothing' 5: ShakespeaRe-Told


Your Comments

"The Taming Of The Shrew was the best one-off TV drama of the last 12 months. It would have stood out in any year. Just a pity there wasn't more competition. This and Waking The Dead were about the only things on TV worth coming home for."
Andrew Smith, London

4: Rome


Your Comments

"It produced some of the most memorable television moments of Autumn 2005. Full frontal nudity, crucifiction and pitched battle all within fifty minutes. With top notch acting to boot."
Jack, Bristol

"The series really brought history to life. The sets were amazing and, having visited Pompeii and Herculaneum, we really felt we were back there for real. One of the best, if not the best, drama ever to appear on the BBC."
Peter Keeble, Folkestone

Ray Stevenson as Titus and Kevin McKidd as Lucius in 'Rome'
Olga Sosnovska as Fiona and Rupert Penry-Jones as Adam in 'Spooks' 3: Spooks


Your Comments

I've always thought it's a great series, it's just a shame characters that you get to really like keep getting killed off. Please don't give that end to Adam Carter, he's lovely! But then I guess that's what provides the suspense."
Sophie, Kingston upon Thames

"What a brilliant series this year, full of surprises, cunning plans and packed with intelligent mature drama. Please put more of this on."
Ethan, Manchester

"Generally very relevant to the moment. It's action packed with neat gadgetry. The characterisation is plausible and the ideas stretch your credibility only a little beyond the norm. This would be a worthy winner."
Dave Evans, Dorset

2: Bleak House


Your Comments

"Bleak House had me hooked the whole way through. The way people rubbished the programme for dumbing down to 30 mintue slots was ridiculous. This is what Dickens was about - his works were all serialised for the growth in mass literacy - they were the soap operas of their day. Fantastic stuff - I'm waiting for the DVD to come out when I'll watch it over and over again."
Robert Dymond, Sheffield

"It was an inspired choice to transmit this twice-weekly in soap opera format. Andrew Davies is to be commended for the way in which his treatment of the story permitted this kind of adaptation. The sets perfectly illustrated the times in which the story was set - London has never looked so filthy."
Annie Dufall, Bedfordshire

"The best adaptation to date, boasting the greatest collection of actors in one television show. It was upbeat, and left me hanging in excited anticipation for the following episode."
Yvonne M, St Andrews, Scotland

"This was gripping from the very start to the very last second. Despite being a huge fan of the book, I loved every single minute of this drama, which I know upset some purists. The acting throughout was just superb. Even knowing the cast, I was deeply impressed by the level of acting and production values, as well as the interpretation. All of this raised it from costume drama to superlative drama, regardless of genre."
Victoria Mier, Bristol

Anna Maxwell Martin as Esther and Denis Lawson as Jarndyce in 'Bleak House'
Billie Piper as Rose and Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor in 'Doctor Who' 1: Doctor Who


Your Comments

"A sublime continuation of a much-missed programme and a perfectly judged modern drama serial in its own right. Excellent performances, highly inventive scripts and stunning visuals. Here's to plenty more adventures in time and space. I only wish I had children of my own to enjoy Doctor Who with, as I did when I was a child."
Stuart Maddison, Ealing, London

"As someone who has waited for the Doctor's return for 15 years I was greatly looking forward to this and was not left disapointing. The series completely blew me away, exceeding not only expectations but better than I dreamed it ever could be. Moments of joy, pain, laughter, excitement and tears rolled into one. The episode 'Father's Day was particularly moving."
John Cook, London, England

"A fantastic 2005 update for the time-travelling Doctor courtesy of Russell T Davies. The new show proved there's a huge demand for intelligent family viewing. Made Saturday night TV unmissable again."
James D Thresher, London

"At last, a programme with something for all the family. There's only so many times you can sit through the typical rubbished dished out for kids, but this is funny, thought-provoking and very well made. The writing, direction and acting are spot on, and the effects are as good as anything you see in cinemas. More please."
Clare Jackson-Bramwell, Arnside

"The best rebuild of a classic series ever. This show has re-energised Saturday nights, and brought about the return of family viewing.

Gone are the dodgy scripts, bland direction and lighting, and poor performances. Doctor Who has returned the art of storytelling to British television.

As well as appealing to (and satisfying) the old fans, this new series has garnered its own new fans. Breaking away from the traditional Doctor Who demographic, the new fans are people who hardly remember the old series - they're young and old, male, female, straight, gay and from every economic background.

Doctor Who has put sexual issues into a Saturday tea-time slot without forcing anyone into 'looking at the issues' and given kids wonderful role models with its heroes.

Truly fantastic."
Stuart Quinn-Harvie, Manchester

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