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24 September 2014

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Drama Best of 2004
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Actor

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Benedict Cumberbatch [To The Ends Of The Earth]

Kevin McKidd [Rome]



Max Beesley [Bodies]

Matthew Fox* [Lost]

Robson Green [Beaten, Rocket Man]

Art Malik [Holby City]



James McAvoy [ShakespeaRe-Told]

James Redmond [Casualty]

Marc Warren [Hustle]



Hugh Quarshie [Holby City]



Ray Winstone [Vincent*]



Jason Merrells [Cutting It]



Nigel Harman [EastEnders]



Ciaran Hinds [Rome]



Johnny Vegas [Bleak House, ShakespeaRe-Told]

Peter Firth [Spooks]



Kiefer Sutherland [24]



John Barrowman [Doctor Who]



Ray Stevenson [Rome]



Damian Lewis [ShakespeaRe-Told]



Martin Shaw [Judge John Deed]



Ken Stott* [Messiah]



Trevor Eve [Waking The Dead]



Rufus Sewell [ShakespeaRe-Told]



Burn Gorman [Bleak House]



Phil Davis [Bleak House]


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Rupert Penry-Jones as Adam in 'Spooks' 5: Rupert Penry-Jones
[Spooks, Casanova] (1.85%)

Your Comments

"For his superbly moving potrayal of a man dealing with loss in Spooks."
Clive Room, London

4: Denis Lawson
[Bleak House] (2.29%)

Your Comments

"A new take on the character of Jarndyce. His gentleness and grounding influence provided a central character who worked well with so many other characters. His unspoken loneliness and heartbreak added to this character's depth. Beautifully done."
Libby Powell, Nottinghamshire

"Bleak House would have been nothing without him. Forget Gillian Anderson, Denis was the star and the one who held it all together. He gave John Jarndyce integrity and sensitvity that was believable - not easy to do with a character that's almost too good to be true.

And in comedy-drama Sensitive Skin, the way he portrayed Al made him the only sympathetic character in the series.

I didn't know much about him before but I'm now completely hooked. When is he going to be given a series in which he's the main star?"
Mrs Roma Zierler, London, England

Denis Lawson as Jarndyce in 'Bleak House'
Charles Dance as Tulkinghorn as 'Bleak House' 3: Charles Dance
[Bleak House] (4.16%)

Your Comments

"Spine tingling. How he managed to generate so much loathing for his character I will never know."
Mark Harrop, Doncaster

"The portrayal of Mr Tulkinghorn could not have come from a better actor. He showed how evil villains can be without violence. Well done Mr. Dance and may 2006 bring more delights of your presence on the screen."
Emily Hardisty, Newport, Gwent

"A powerful performance as Mr Tulkinghorn. He played the part so commandingly that just his very presence on screen was gripping. Indeed, I experienced a sense of loss to the production on his character's death."
Doug Keill, Rugby, Warks

2: David Tennant
[Casanova, Doctor Who, The Quatermass Experiment, Secret Smile*] (9.15%)

Your Comments

"For his part in the glorious, emotional and superbly acted Casanova. David Tennant shone like a star. By the end of the show, you were crying real tears for his character - such was the way he drew us in and made us love his rogueish charatcter. As the next Doctor Who, he's going to be stunning."
Lee Beckett, Newcastle upon Tyne

"The BIG Find of 2005 - and yes he is tall! Makes the wait for Series 2 of Doctor Who seem like an eternity. He stole every scene in He Knew He Was Right two years ago. From that he's gone on to Blackpool to Casanova to Quatermass to Secret Smile to Harry Potter to the one Doctor to rule them all. David Tennant has smashed his way into the public consciousness with such wattage, I'm surprised they needed special effects for the after effects of the regeneration in The Christmas Invasion. Long may he continue. Christopher Who...?"
Vickey, Dublin

"Brilliant in a range of diverse roles, from Doctor Who to Casanova to psycho boyfriend in Secret Smile."
Vicky Dacre, Nr Leeds

"He deserves the award for his performance in Casanova alone, bringing the character to life so vividly and with such heart and humour, that the ending brought a real tear to the eye.

But there's also his solid (not to mention brave) performance in the live Quatermass Experiment to consider. Oh, and his scene stealing arrival at the end of Doctor Who.

Though I suspect Christopher Eccleston will quite deservedly win this category in the end..."
Stuart Lydon, Church Broughton

David Tennant as Casanova in 'Casanova'
Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor in 'Doctor Who' 1: Christopher Eccleston
[Doctor Who] (59.42%)

Your Comments

"Christopher Eccleston was the perfect choice to breathe life into the ninth incarnation of the Doctor. He did nothing but excellent work, and will forever be remembered as the actor who brought the Doctor into the 21st century. He made him quirky, eccentric, serious, intelligent, silly, funny, and alien. And by extension, he made the very series itself, appeal to a new audience of all ages and attracting a whole new fan base. He was fantastic."
Alan Kelly, Rhyl, North Wales

"When he was announced as the Ninth Doctor, it was a real bolt out of the blue. But looking back on this year's series, it's hard to imagine anyone else worthy enough to bring the show back. A truly wonderful actor who never seemed drained of energy throughout all 13 episodes. It is, of course, very sad that he decided not to stay on any longer than one series. We will miss him, but we'll never forget the huge part he played in achieving the impossible - making Doctor Who a runaway success once more."
Will Tudor, Oswestry

"Funny, moody, scary, brave, I'm sure that I'm far from alone in being terribly sad that Chris could only do one year as the Doctor. He took a big big risk attaching his name to the project. But the kudos that the series gained from an actor of his calibre stepping up to the mark turned around everyone's expectations of what the revival was going to be like. Well done on creating a new hero for a new generation."
Richard, London

"He exploded onto the screen and became a true Doctor for this millennium. He was funny, irritating, manic, powerful, vulnerable, dynamic and fallible. What a wonderful performance. He moved the viewer to tears of laughter and sadness while making them believe he could move mountains and save the universe at the same time. How sad he was the Doctor for only one series."
Simon Trick, Woking

"I know he'll get loads of votes, but his protrayal of the enigmatic character, the Doctor, was out of this world. We really saw his half human side this regeneration around, with all his emotional facets - and a touch of romance with Rose too. Fantastic - I applaud you sir."
Claire Hurd, Cambridgeshire

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