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24 September 2014

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Drama Best of 2004
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Most Desirable Drama Star

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Best Of 2003 Results »
Best of 2002: Hunkiest Male | Most Fanciable Female

20 to 6:


Alastair MacKenzie [Poirot: Death on the Nile]

Amanda Mealing [Holby City and Lie With Me]

Marc Warren [Hustle]

Matthew Wait [Casualty]

Noah Huntley [Holby City]



Trevor Eve [Waking The Dead]



David Morrissey [Blackpool]



Art Malik [Holby City]

Jason Merrells [Cutting It]

Christine Stephen-Daly [Casualty]



Lloyd Owen [Monarch Of The Glen]

Sarah Parish [Blackpool and Cutting It]



Paul Nicholls [A Thing Called Love]



Shane Richie [EastEnders]

David Tennant [Blackpool]



Keeley Hawes [Spooks]



Matthew Macfadyen [Spooks]


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Olga Sosnovska 5: Olga Sosnovska
[Spooks] (2.68%)

Your Comments

"Very sexy and beautiful."
Anne, USA

=3: Rupert Penry-Jones
[Spooks] (3.07%)

Your Comments

"He is gorgeous in an understated way."
Heather Horsburgh, Scottish Borders

"A good replacement for Tom in Spooks, and provides us women something nice to look at!"
Sophie McLelland, Bournemouth

"An intelligent hero!"
Bex, Wrexham

Rupert Penry-Jones
Martin Shaw =3: Martin Shaw
[Judge John Deed] (3.07%)

Your Comments

"40 years on our screens and he just gets better. Such charisma. Like a fine wine he imrpoves with age. Is it possible he could get more desirable?
He appeals to young and old alike."
Lin R, London

"Even at almost 60, he holds a sensuality, that is second to none."
Melanie Brown, Norfolk

"From when he was Ray Doyle to now as Inspector Dalgliesh, he still has it!"
A. Rikkengaa, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2: Nigel Harman
[EastEnders] (5.94%)

Your Comments

"Great actor and gorgeous looking!"
Karen Muir, Edinburgh

"Just so sexy!"
Clare, Surrey

"He's the only reason I'm still watching EastEnders. I'm disappointed with the current storyline as I do not believe he would cheat on Zoe to be with Sharon - he would end it with her straight away."
Julie Smith, Kent

"Well, who wouldn't?!"
Beth, Bristol

Nigel Harman
Richard Armitage 1: Richard Armitage
[North and South] (54.79%)

Your Comments

"Wow! Where did he spring from? The man is gorgeous. I know the difference between fantasy and reality - but I have to say that I'm with all the other red-blooded women for whom Richard Armitage in Victorian shirt sleeves, without a cravat, is a very nice fantasy indeed! Please put this magnificent bloke in something else. The Armitage Army want more!"
Michelle Songest, Bedford

"How can a man dressed like an undertaker be sexy? Because he has eyes that can tell a story in one look, and the heart and soul of a poet. Less is definitely more. When a touch of a fingertip or the removal of a cravat can set hearts-a-flutter, you know that something really special is happening."
Katharine Dawson, London

"Simply gorgeous - with or without a cravat!"
Fiona Rice, Dorset

"After his excellent portrayal of Mr Thornton, Richard Armitage initiated a huge fan base and Thornton-Mania! North and South brought him to the spotlight like Colin Firth after Pride and Prejudice. Many agree that Armitage has knocked Firth from the position of best romantic hero!"
Rebecca Bath, London

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