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28 October 2014

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Holby City

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Drama Best of 2004
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Drama

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55 Degrees North


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The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

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A Thing Called Love



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Waking The Dead





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Holby City 5: Holby City


Your Comments

"Great storylines and action, especially since the arrival of fiesty medical director Connie."
Sarah, Shropshire

4: Casualty


Your Comments

"This has to be the best drama, no competition whatsoever. The actors and actresses are superb, special effects are outstanding, and the scenes, backgrounds and the whole setting is very realistic."
Emma Pritchard, Lymington

"You just can't get any better. It included so much - romance, tragedy, weddings, death - all centred round the staff of Holby City general."
Abi Sumner, Gloucester

Blackpool 3: Blackpool


Your Comments

"An absolutely brilliant series. Excellently written and beautifully acted by a very talented cast. I really loved the songs which helped to portray the unsaid emotions of the characters. Would love to see a second series but do not know if that is possible with the way the series ended. I will really miss watching it and Thursday nights won't be so much fun for a while!"
Louise Ellis, Buckinghamshire

"I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic programme, it brightened up my winter evenings. Everyone looked as if it was such good fun to be involved in."
Carolyn Weir, Scotland

"Without a doubt the best all year. I am a jaded 50-something but it is the only programme I have actually looked forward to each week in YEARS. Superb acting, brilliant choice of music, the three leads should sweep the awards ceremonies. David Morrissey is just brilliant. But PLEASE do not make a second series - don't dilute that wonderful glittering diamond of a show."
Joan Davison, North Somerset

2: Spooks


Your Comments

"Spooks has to be the best drama the BBC have produced for some time, if not ever. The actors and actresses, the writers and the producers are all amazing. The plots have got better series by series and never fail to excite. Full of suspense and action, it's fantastic."
Hanna Fawcett, Lancaster

"Nail-bitting gripping drama. It wavered in places but when it was good, nothing on television could rival it."
Tristan Rogers, Cornwall

"Convincing, intriguing and gives you the impression of realism. Killing off the main characters so early in the series, although sad and unexpected, was also an incredible twist as no other show takes this route. In real life there are no immortals who keep escaping death, just real people doing their job the best they can. Sadly sometimes this can cause their lives to be lost. Roll on many more series."
Wayne Drury, Nrthampton

"A drama that contains action, suspense, joy, laughter, tears and excitement."
Adam Orfila, Gibraltar

North and South 1: North & South


Your Comments

"Brought a little-known Victorian novel by an author frequently overshadowed by Dickens and Eliot to prominence. A romance, an insight into the effects of the industrial revolution, and a study of the battles of conscience of those divided by industrial dispute - the impact on family, the social responsibilities. Entertaining, and informative at the same time."
Louise, London

"The most wonderful BBC period drama for years. Beautifully acted by the entire cast, and perfect performances from its wonderful stars in Daniella Denby-Ashe, and of course, Richard Armitage. Great support from Sinead Cussack, Brendan Coyle, Tim Pigott Smith, Jo Joyner and Pauline Quirke - but all the cast were excellent, not a weak performance amongst them all. Great adaptation by Sandy Welsh. It really brought a favourite book to life. Lovely music, lovely staging (such as the scenes of cotton swirling like snow - the 'white hell')."
Catherine Gillett, Buckinghamshire

"Not just another costume drama. Here, the drama was more important than the costumes. A story with something to say and great acting, particularly from Richard Armitage in a breakthrough role."
Katharine Dawson, London

"A great drama, one which was under-publicised by the BBC but which has caught the public's imagination. Wonderfully adapted, with excellent sets and a great cast - thank you for this quality drama and please continue to stage more of these. We rely on the BBC for intelligent dramas exactly like this."
O McKay, Glasgow

"The BBC are the best at period adaptations but they outdid themselves with North and South. Sandy Welch created the best swoonfest since Pride and Prejudice (in fact, the jury's still out on whether or not P&P has been knocked of its perch). Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe were brilliant. I haven't enjoyed anything else on TV this year half as much - leave everyone else to their hard-hitting, gritty dramas - I'll take the romance between Mr Thornton and Margaret Hale any day!"
Bosede Jones, London

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