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24 September 2014

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Drama Best of 2004
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Actress

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30 to 6:


Holly Aird [Waking The Dead]

Amanda Redman [New Tricks]

Caroline Quentin [Blue Murder, [Life Begins, and Von Trapped]

Jenny Seagrove [Judge John Deed]

Shana Swash [EastEnders]

Tamzin Outhwaite [Red Cap, When I'm 64, and Frances Tuesday]



Rebekah Gibbs [Casualty]

Simone Lahbib [Monarch Of The Glen]

Martina Laird [Casualty]

Sharon Small [The Inspector Lynley Myseries]

Honeysuckle Weeks [Foyle's War]


=19: Kacey Ainsworth [EastEnders]

Susan Hampshire [Monarch Of The Glen]

Suranne Jones [Coronation Street]

Jaime Murray [Hustle]

Patricia Potter [Holby City]

Michelle Ryan [EastEnders]



Natalie Robb [Doctors]



Dawn Steele [Monarch Of The Glen]



Claire Goose [Waking The Dead]

Sarah Manners [Casualty]

Sue Johnston [Waking The Dead]



Jessie Wallace [EastEnders]

Liz White [A Thing Called Love]



Verona Joseph [Holby City]



Letitia Dean [EastEnders]

Nicola Walker [Spooks]



Amanda Burton [Silent Witnesss]


7: Amanda Mealing [Holby City and Lie With Me]


6: Christine Stephen-Daly [Casualty]


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Olga Sosnovska 5: Olga Sosnovska
[Spooks] (4.62%)

Your Comments

"An outstanding actress - her portrayal of Fiona in Spooks, who has it all, great looks, an exciting career that she excels in, an adoring husband and child, is awesome. Fiona is the strongest and most competent female agent in the history of the show. I'm loving her work with Rupert Penry-Jones."
Marlene Marsh

4: Keeley Hawes
[Spooks] (5.56%)

Your Comments

"Great in Spooks, her character developed a lot this series and I'm sorry she's gone."
Kirsty C, Sheffield

"It's so sad that she's gone from Spooks, but she produced one quality performance after another."
Sam, Leicester

Keeley Hawes
Sinead Cusack 3: Sinead Cusack
[North and South] (9.61%)

Your Comments

"Brilliant acting and emotion from a superb actress! Brilliant as Mrs Thortnon - ideal mother, but nightmare of a mother-in-law!"
Marilyn Moore, Edinburgh

"Her portrayal of Mrs Thornton was so powerful that it made me wonder why we don't see more of her. She plays the strong-willed over-protective mother beautifully. There was a tangible chemistry between her and her son on screen. She was perfect for the part!"
Alison Salt, Wimbledon, London

"Just brilliant! Loved every scene in North and South that she featured in. When I first realised she was cast as Mrs Thornton I could not imagine her a stern, dowdy mistress, but she pulled it off superbly, there was no hint of her true Irish accent or softer natural looks."
Susan Evens, Manchester

2: Sarah Parish
[Blackpool and Cutting It] (12.35%)

Your Comments

"Enjoyed her role in Cutting It, and even more in Blackpool. Feel it's about time her talent was acknowledged."
Pat Jenkins, Cambridge

"She's just the best! I'm looking forward to her future dramas/movies because she just makes you like everything she's in. She's a very convincing actress who has got a lot of potential!"
Myrthe, Netherlands

"Sarah Parish has become the shining star of BBC drama with two brilliant performances this year in two fantastic dramas. Sarah has the ability to make you laugh and cry, whilst still giving a convincing performance."
Steph, Bournemouth

"Can play both great comedy and drama. I can see her being around for a long time."
Louise Maguire, Belfast

Sarah Parish
Daniela Denby-Ashe 1: Daniela Denby-Ashe
[North and South] (33.36%)

Your Comments

"A beautiful performance by a stunning actress who complemented Richard Armitage perfectly. We all empathised with her over her rejection of Mr Thornton, hoping that she would see that, despite his 'master' status, he was of course the man she loved."
Ginny Young, Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire

"When I heard that Daniela was playing the part of the main character in North and South I didn't think she could carry it off. I'm glad to say I was totally wrong. Daniela bought Margaret Hale to life and no-one could have played the part any better. Daniela looked so at home playing Margaret which is why her performance was excellent."
Vanessa, Northern Ireland

"I think her portrayal of Margaret Hale in North and South was wonderful. You watched the character mature before your eyes. She has certainly ditched her previous incarnations in EastEnders and My Family now!"
Tracy Holland, Staffordshire

"Daniela Denby-Ashe showed what a versatile actress she is in North and South. Margaret Hale could have been perceived as sanctimonious, impetuous and a little unlikeable but she made her transformation from Southern snob to Northern convert utterly believable."
Gill, Wiltshire

"Daniela's quiet growth into the role of Margaret Hale has been overshadowed by the attentions thrust upon Richard Armitage as Thornton. But she has done a fantastic job and as the success and believability of the storyline was dependant on the chemistry between the two leads, you cannot award one without the other. Together Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe made for one of the most charming couples for years."
CB, Wigton, Cumbria

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