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28 October 2014

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Drama Best of 2003
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Villain

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Best of 2002 results »

20 to 6:


Janine Butcher [EastEnders]

Sherry Palmer [24]



Canon Black [Strange]

Peter Kingsley [24]



Lady Dororthy [Monarch Of The Glen]

Nick [Canterbury Tales]

Tessa Phillips [Spooks]

Darcy Tyler [Neighbours]



Carl MacKenzie [Waking The Dead]

Kelly Yorke [Holby City]



Stephen Collins [State Of Play]



Tony Blair [The Deal]

Toby Mills [Hollyoaks]



Marie Warner [24]



Soames Forsyte [The Forsyte Saga]


5: Phil Mitchell
[EastEnders] (6.45%)

Your Comments

"Phil is just so horrible and does not seem to have any redeeming features."
Patricia Astle, Essex

"One minute I feel sorry for him and the next I want to smash his face in! Great writing and a great portrayal by Steve McFadden."
Alanna Marsh, East London

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden)
Mia Bevan (Amanda Holden) 4: Mia Bevan
[Cutting It] (8.60%)

Your Comments

"Twisted little madam, though her mother is equally as evil!"
Jen Calllow, South Wales

"She was just so vindictive and determined to ruin the lives of people around her."
Charlotte Paton, Coventry

3: Nina Myers
[24] (12.90%)

Your Comments

"Sarah Clarke did a great job of playing the bad girl this year. We saw her running around and holding Jack at gunpoint. Hope we see more of her next year."
Nikki Brown, London

"An unlikely villain yet so believable in her evilness."
Clare, Glasgow

Nina Myers (Sarah Clarke)
Richard Hillman (Brian Capron) 2: Richard Hillman
[Coronation Street] (14.52%)

Your Comments

"'Norman Bates with a briefcase.' Need I say more?"
Jim Goddard, Sheffield

"Richard Hillman was truly the most villanous character shown on TV this year. Although he met his deserved end, I cringed at how long he got away with his evil doings."
Indira Patel, Middlesex

1: Den Watts
[EastEnders] (17.20%)

Your Comments

"The original bad boy and the best!"
Donna, London

"Showed Phil Mitchell what being a hard man is all about!"
Cheryl Gibson, Essex

"He's back five minutes and already up to his old tricks."
Angela Smyth, West Lothian

"One of those great soap baddies!"
Victoria, Devon

Den Watts (Leslie Grantham)

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