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28 October 2014

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Drama Best of 2003
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Drama

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Best of 2002 results »

30 to 6:


The Bill

The Forsyte Saga

In Deep


Prime Suspect






Henry VIII


A Touch Of Frost

William and Mary







The Lost Prince



Charles II

Red Cap



Canterbury Tales

Ultimate Force



Holby City



Foyle's War






State Of Play




Silent Witness






Cutting It


Two Thousand Acres Of Sky 5: Two Thousand Acres Of Sky


Your Comments

"I was hooked from the moment I began watching. It was so well written and produced and the direction was superb. Cast were brilliant and the storylines kept us going. I was in a terrible state when the series ended. Just was not prepared for it. Lovely."
Moira Romer, Berkshire

"Easy on the eye, easy on the brain - just believable characters living their everyday lives with a bit of a twist. Beautifully acted & wonderful script writing."
Rose Booth, West Yorkshire

4: Monarch Of The Glen

Your Comments

"A warm hearted show that allows the whole family to watch together, heart warming but also occasionally heart wrenching. Fantastic."
Louise Thorogood, Leeds

"One of the best long running series ever broadcast, mostly because it's very subtle and not full of overly dramatic moments. I love the romance of the Scottish highlands too."
Fiona, Hampshire

Monarch Of The Glen
24 3: 24


Your Comments

"By far one of the best dramas the BBC has shown in a long, long time. I don't think the BBC realise just how much of a mistake letting this show go was."
Daniel Hardy, West London

"Frankly, it's the best series yet in terms of sheer drama, superb acting and fantastic, roller coaster script writing. It's criminal that the BBC have dropped 24. I would have thought a show with pretty decent ratings, that inspires such incredible loyalty in its fans would be a 'must' for the national television network."
Ben Graham, London

2: Judge John Deed


Your Comments

"Absolutely brilliant! The chemistry between John and Jo was fantastic to watch! SO wanted them to get together. They were agonisingly close though! Maybe in the next series (one hopes!)."
KLH, Berkshire

"A programme that opposes all those who accuse television today of being "dumbed down". It has strong writing and fine acting from all concerned."
Chloe Bentinck

Judge John Deed
Spooks 1: Spooks


Your Comments

"This series was better than the first and saw the characters develop and change in connection to the experiences they had. One of the best episodes was set entirely within the characters' office in Thames House."
Charlotte Ashworth, Cheshire

"Real, contemporary issues presented in an exciting, fast-paced format. Can't wait for the next series."
Sherie Athow, London

"Edge of your seat suspense-drama. Well written script, well acted by all the cast. Superb scenery and gadgets are so believable."
Corie, USA

"Continues to improve on the winning formula of the first series as we learn more about the characters and the story-lines get more intense."
Clea Waters, Shropshire

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