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24 September 2014

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Drama Best of 2002
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Favourite Moment

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5: Allie chooses Finn over Gavin [Cutting It]

Your Comments

"What an agonising decision. Those tears down her cheek as she walks off, but still looks at Gavin. Heartbreaking. Nicely understated but powerful."
Sumone Gumtau, Hampshire

"I was sure she was going to actually choose Gavin at first, but when she chose Finn I thought she was making the biggest mistake of her life."
Sophie Lawrenson, England

"My mate went into verbal hysterics when Allie chose Finn over her husband Gavin. I was dumbstruck by the ending, but applauded the BBC for making such a strong decision not to go for the happy ending. Excellent writting by Debbie Horsfield."
Beverley Lowry, London

"It was great and I nearly cried when she was talking to Gavin in the street."
Sharma Rimmer, Hull

"I was so sure she was going to choose Gavin, but she choose Finn and it was a total shock."
Alison Whitmtore, Birmingham

"It was painful but good television. I screamed at the TV that she should stay with her husband."
Em Harris, Winchester

4: Archie and Lexie get married [Monarch Of The Glen]

Your Comments

"It was bound to happen, but because of all the troubles you almost started to believe that maybe things would turn out differently. Eventually everything turned out well and Lexie and Archie married each other in a very unexpected, but romantic way."
Yvette, The Netherlands

"Very romantic"
Anna Dilworth, Chorley

"A wonderful scene that brought tears to my eyes."
Lynette, Scotland

3: Nan throws a rose to Florence and rejects Kitty [Tipping The Velvet] )

Your Comments

"This was great, devine justice, well acted!!"
Laura Eves, Liverpool

"Heartstopping moment and the right choice!"
Lizzie, Manchester

"The whole of the last scene on the Music Hall stage is memorable and the song and script fits the storyline magnificently. For evocative and emotional drama the moment when the rose is thrown (and caught) takes some beating."
Lynn Ward, West Yorkshire

"I hold my breath each time I see it and always wish it were Kitty."
Miss Dark, Kent

"This scene was greatly portrayed! The tension was evident from the moment Nan walked on the stage."
Amy Connolly, Dublin

"I wasn't sure whether Nancy would choose Florence or Kitty. I was really please she chose Florence who was really best for her."
Neville Gregory, Manchester

"I think everyone expected Nan to chose Kitty. t was a good ending."
Claire Nelson, Glasgow

"An amazing scene. The audience screamed for Nan to throw the rose to Florence - and when she did everyone in my living room sighed with relief."
Mark, Hampshire

2: The climax of Spooks

Your Comments

"Tom wouldn't leave Ellie when the house was about to be blown up and just stood with with his hand on the window. Despite being desperately sad, it sort of brings the whole 'Would you die for me?' question to a very real and dramatic (and balling my eyes out) conclusion. Top stuff - more please!"
Beverley Lowry, London

"Never have I been so tense watching the telly."
Matt Buckley, Oxfordshire

"Absoultely fantastic, it was the most memorable ending I have ever seen."
Samantha Woods, Lancashire

"Really gripping."
Ben Morris, Edinburgh

"This was so sad, I was crying at the end because they couldnt do anything, they just had to wait for the bomb to go off. I was screaming and tears were running down my face. It's better than any movie ever! I LOVE SPOOKS!"
Claire Routh, Hampshire

"My nails were almost down to the quick by the end - how could you leave us hanging there?! I just hope that ultimately there's some sort of happy ending for Tom."
Caroline Pye, West Midlands

"The whole series of Spooks was my favourite televisual moment of 2002. Isn't it every blokes secret burning desire to be a spy?"
Edward Nowicki, Whitley Bay

"I was so tense and the cliffhanger was unbearable"
Harriet, London

"You don't do that sort of thing on a British series!"
Julia Chiverton, Devon

1: Nina revealed to be the mole [24]

Your Comments

"Jack shot her, only to bring her back to life to life through the last half of 24 working on the side of the angels. Then in the 23rd episode, to find we all trusted her, a dutiful agent to the end, is now an assassin capable of anything."
Claire Langton-Goh, Nottingham

"What a shock - totally out of the blue."
Trevor Pye, Berkshire

"How unexpected can you get???"
Kenny, Glasgow

"What a twist!"
Nicholas, Wiltshire

"Who would have thought Nina would be the mole? Fabulous acting from Sarah Clarke."
Emma McCracken, Northern Ireland

"Bang went all my theories at that very moment. Incredible, no-one could have predicted this."
Julian Bailey, East Sussex

"Wow! That's the only word to describe the penultimate episode of 24."
Sarah H, Lancashire

"Why why why do the Americans have to make all the best drama?"
Jamie, West Sussex

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