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28 October 2014

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Drama Best of 2002
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Villain

5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1

=20: Richard Hillman
[Coronation Street]
[Out Of Control]
Jack Edwards
[Paradise Heights]
Walter Bliss
[Tipping The Velvet]
Diane Letherby
[Tipping The Velvet] (0.57%)

=18: Paul Tibbenham
[The Project]
Paul Lawton
[Sparkhouse] (0.76%)

[Daniel Deronda]
Nadia Collins
[The Secret] (1.53%)

=13: Trevor Morgan
Stanley Baldwin
[The Gathering Storm]
[Linda Green] (1.72%)

12: Richard Bolton
[Sparkhouse] (2.10%)

11: Phil Mitchell
[EastEnders] (2.49%)

10: Teresa
[Linda Green] (2.68%)

9: Jeffrey Archer
[Jeffrey Archer: The Truth]

8: Mia Bevan
[Cutting It]

7: Ira Gaines
[24] (5.74%)

6: Patrick McCann
[Spooks] (6.12%)

5: Guy Morgan
[Merseybeat] (6.31%)

Your Comments

"So nasty, pretending to to treat Susan like a 'victim' knowing all along that he raped her! Then sleeping with her - that man is truly my best villain."
Hannah, Yarm

"The man's pure evil, but is played by a very talented and lovely actor. His character had a difficult storyline but Mark Aiken made it really believable."
Claire Walker Lancashire

"Guy is a evil man, who ruined Susan's love life and career! He convinced her into seeing her again having the odd drink after work, trying to get to come out more after she had been raped! And then it hit her, it was him that had raped her and she wasn't going to let him get away with it!!"
Kylie Smith, Devon

"He was so good, I had no idea it was him until the last minute."
Kerry, Scotland

"Really made you hate him."
Heather, Northamptonshire

"I have never hated anyone more."
Laura Balfour, Glasgow

Guy Morgan (Mark Aiken)
Finn Bevan (Ben Daniels) 4: Finn Bevan
[Cutting It] (9.37%)

Your Comments

"Evil, Evil, Evil man!!! But, he's the main reason Cutting It was fantastic!"
Sarah Lawson, Northamptonshire

"Ran off with Allie and didn't care about poor Gavin."
Gemma Anderson, Birmingham

"He was the most two faced man on tv."
Sophie Lawrenson, England

"He's a rotter."
Katy-Leigh Davis, Liverpool

3: Victor Drazen
[24] (10.13%)

Your Comments

"An old fashioned villian we love to hate"
Alix Kelman, Glasgow

"Dennis Hopper made 24 even better with his role of a villain."
Steven Greenhough, Derbyshire

"Perfect blend of danger and ordinariness."
Pam Dini

"Dennis Hopper does baddies like no other, and this was his finest."
David Hammond-Williams, Swansea

"Killing his innocent family friend to get Jack Bauer proved he's the best villain."
Phil Roberts, Harpenden

"A nasty piece of work! Very convincing."
Joyce Broster, Chester

Victor Drazen (Dennis Hopper)
Henleigh Grandcourt (Hugh Bonneville) 2: Henleigh Grandcourt
[Daniel Deronda] (11.66%)

Your Comments

"What a fantastic villian - a real nasty piece of work"
Bev Wharram, London

"Total opposite charcter from Hugh Bonneville's typical role. He plays him perfectly!! Grandcourt is manipulative and pure evil. a brilliant character."
Anna Stafford, Northamptonshire

"What a character he is on Daniel Deronda, especially when a big contract is made towards the role Hugh played in Tipping The Velvet. A great actor."
Sandra, Manchester

"Hugh Bonneville plays the character really well."
Debbie Smith, Essex

1: Nina Myers
[24] (14.34%)

Your Comments

"How could she!? Who is she working for?"
F. Russell, Glasgow

"First you thought it might be her. Then you definitely knew it couldn't be her - and then it was her!"
Alistair Cook, Dartford

"Played so well, to a brilliant script."
Jamie, West Sussex

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist..."
Mark Browning, Norfolk

"She didn't have to kill Teri!"
Yvonne Smith, Chepstow

"As so much emotion was invested by the audience in Nina, it was devastating to discover just how bad she really was."
John Cahill, London

"Cold, calculating and totally cold blooded - just as any good villain should be."
Julian Bailey, East Sussex

"Pure evil."
Jade Smalley, Darwen

"Manipulative, heartless, crafty and selfish. You couldn't ask for more."
Em Harris, Winchester

"She was really cool and then...she was simply ice."
R Davies, Buckinghamshire

"Brilliant actiing - brilliant evil stare."
Jenny Jones, Worcestershire

"Nina in 24 pulled the wool over almost everybodys eyes - nasty bit of work."
Mark, Hampshire

Nina Myers (Sarah Clarke)

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