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24 September 2014

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Drama Best of 2002
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Drama

'Tipping The Velvet'No.2: Tipping The Velvet (11.66%)

The most popular British drama in our poll, you praised everything about this production from the writing, the acting, the production, the soundtrack to the website.

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  • Your Comments

    "Without a doubt, the best drama of 2002. Visually impressive, strong acting performances, and it even stayed true to the book! Kudos to the BBC for showing such an entertaining 3 hours of drama."
    Elaine, Ireland

    "Absolutely brilliant - but what about a sequel?"
    Diane Cook, York
    "Despite what the critics may say, this drama successfully reached deep into the hearts of the gay female population, and despite being set in the late 1800s touched with immense emotion and skill upon many of the issues that such women still face today. The actresses were both beautiful and extremely talented and portrayed their characters in a sensitive and sincere way. Absolutely brilliant - but what about a sequel?"
    Diane Cook, York

    "BBC, please make this a regular series. Will Nan stay with her chosen love? What happened when they met the parents? What is their life like with a child? Will Kitty ever find true love? What about their mates from the bar? The world needs to see lesbians as talented, loving, and yes, ordinary, people - not criminals (Bad Girls - ugh!) or neurotic, purely because they are gay."
    Nancy, London

    "The best drama since Pride and Prejudice."
    Kevin Farrell, Gillingham
    "This is the best drama since Pride and Prejudice in 1995 and contains in Rachael Stirling, the year's Best Actress Performance. It does what so few dramas do: it makes the viewer care about the characters in the plot; it opens our eyes to a world rarely seen and has laughter, tears and very little violence. It's really about searching for love, regardless of gender. It is beautiful, poignant and unforgettable."
    Kevin Farrell, Kent

    "As humans, we are still a little bit shy when it comes to subjects which we have no or little experience. Not only did Tipping the Velvet cover the subject of lesbianism beautifully but it also was a darn good piece."
    Georges Didier, Sweden

    "Fantastic adaptation! Funny, sad, happy, sexy, with wonderful acting and introduced the wider world to the wonderful Rachael Stirling."
    Mark, Hampshire

    "A complete delight: outstanding acting and production values, and great fun! Tipping the Velvet made paying my licence fee a pleasure."
    Julia, London

    "The Victorian Music Hall numbers were the icing on a very luscious cake."
    Lynn Ward, West Yorkshire
    "A superb, atmospheric and well crafted production. Absolutely unmissable with charismatic performances from Rachael Stirling and Keeley Hawes. The Victorian Music Hall numbers (which I understand were, in the main, specially written for the screen) were the icing on a very luscious cake."
    Lynn Ward, West Yorkshire

    "It opened my eyes and made me cry, weep, laugh and smile. Thank you to Andrew Davies (and the BBC!) and mostly to Sarah Waters for sharing such a fantastic story."
    Miss Dark, Kent

    "Tipping The Velvet was a huge step forward for drama on TV! This drama deserves to be recognised. It has clearly touched many people. I only wish there was a sequel."
    Amy Connolly, Dublin

    "The BBC and everybody involved in bringing Sarah Waters' unique novel to the screen should be very proud and satisfied with this production."
    Sue Coldwell, Liverpool

    "I am hoping the Beeb are planning to repeat this sometime on BBC Choice."
    Katy, Lincolnshire
    "I absolutely love Tipping The Velvet. I am hoping the Beeb are planning to repeat this sometime on BBC Choice, but I'll settle for the VHS. I thought all three actresses: Keeley Hawes, Rachael Stirling, and Jodhi May portrayed the roles fantastically, had me glued to the screen."
    Katy, Lincolnshire

    "The whole series was a total joy to watch. It caught the imagination of everyone across the board, whether straight or gay. I wish there could be a sequel."
    Indira Patel, London

    Your Comments

    "It was great to see a drama that was funny and touching and dealt with sexual situations in an adult way. I loved it. More lesbian themes please!"
    Bec, UK

    "The BBC and everybody involved in bringing Sarah Waters unique novel to the screen should be very proud and satisfied with the production."
    Sue Coldwell, Liverpool

    "Just utterly brilliant."
    Deborah Hercun, London

    "Tipping The Velvet was THE drama I had waited all year to see - and I was not disappointed!"
    Hermione G, Lancashire

    "I do not believe there has been anything on any channel that could come close to this drama."
    Claire Wickens, West Midlands

    "First rate acting, wonderful directing and photography. Three hours of sheer fun. Loved the Victorian Music Hall numbers."
    Trevor Smith

    "An excellent, really well produced and acted adaptation of a brilliant book."

    "Well done BBC for making such a wonderful period drama which has touched many people's lives."
    Denise Parnell, Manchester

    "Well done to the BBC for screening this drama. It was a wonderfully romantic tale, and I loved it from beginning to end."
    Katrina Wallace, Edinburgh

    "This is the best thing to have happened to the BBC in a very long time."
    Helen, Scotland

    "Pacey and fun!"
    Marion Hughes, East Sussex

    "It was different and original and I hadn't seen a programme which kept me to my seat 100% of the time!"
    Bonny, Essex

    "Ground-breaking, extremely well-written and acted. Wonderful costumes, wonderful EVERYTHING, and well, I couldn't get enough of it!"
    Janet Stewart, USA

    "It was funny, romantic and a brilliant drama. Well done to all the cast."
    Jane, Nottingham

    "Absolutely super, glad that the Beeb finally put on quality drama - more like this please"
    Sally James, Berkshire

    "This is the best drama I have seen in years, full credit to the BBC for undertaking a programme with such a controversial storyline, and thank you for putting it on our TV!"
    Laura Eves, Liverpool

    "Absolutely outstanding,"
    Davida, UK

    "A wonderful adapted drama from a great novel. Enjoyed it immensely."
    Sam Banh, Scotland

    "A glorious mixture of style,reality and a little fantasy. Brilliant"
    Paul Conley, Liverpool

    "Absolutely fantastic."
    Leanne Niblett, South Wales

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