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28 October 2014

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Drama Best of 2002
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Actress

5 | 4 | =2 | =2 | 1

=26: Christine Stephen-Daly
Natalie Cassidy
Jenny Agutter
Susan Hampshire
[Monarch Of The Glen] (0.95%)
=24: Kacey Ainsworth
Michelle Collins
[Ella And The Mothers, Two Thousand Acres Of Sky] (1.11%)

=20: Celia Imrie
[The Gathering Storm, Sparkhouse]
Sarah Smart
[At Home With The Braithwaites, Sparkhouse]
=20: Anna Chancellor
[Tipping The Velvet] (1.27%)

19: Vanessa Redgrave
[The Gathering Storm] (1.43%)

18: Amanda Holden
[Cutting It] (1.58%)

=16: Jodhi May
[Daniel Deronda, Tipping The Velvet]
Sally Phillips
[Rescue Me] (1.90%)

15: Romala Garai
[Daniel Deronda] (2.06%)

14: Elisha Cuthbert
[24] (2.22%)

=12: Pauline Quirke
[Being April] (2.54%)
Tamzin Outhwaite
[Out Of Control] (2.54%)

11: Leslie Hope
[24] (2.85%)

10: Sarah Clarke
[24] (3.17%)
9: Sue Johnston
[Waking The Dead] (3.33%)

8: Julie Walters
[Murder] (3.49%)

7: Amanda Burton
[Helen West, Pollyanna, Silent Witness] (3.65%)

6: Haydn Gwynne
[Merseybeat, The Secret] (4.12%)

5: Liza Tarbuck
[The Hound Of The Baskervilles, Linda Green] (6.02%)

Your Comments

"She's down to earth and this is evident through the way she acts."
Charmaine Rowe, London

"A natural on screen, especially as Linda Green."
G Carson, Northern Ireland

"She is a breath of fresh air."
Vikki Cartwright, Devon

"Excellent in everything she
Sharon, Durham

"I think she is fantastic as Linda Green. An excellent, funny and extremely talented actress who deserves so much success."
Matthew Lloyd, South Wales

"A woman for the 21st centruy."
Emma Edwards, The Falkland Islands

4: Sarah Parish
[Cutting It, Sirens] (6.66%)

Your Comments

"Breathtaking all the way through Cutting It, but especially at the end when she realised Ruby was her daughter and then the agonising choice between Finn and Gavin - she nearly made me cry."
Sarah Bourne, London

"Excellent in Cutting It."
Kelly, High Wycombe

"Her versatility amazes me."
Alix Kelman, Glasgow

"Sarah's performance in Cutting It was brilliant. She went through the complete range of emotions. Your eyes never left her when she was on screen."
Brian Haig, South London

"What an underated actress. She is brilliant and natural in everything she does."
Sonia Windsor, Kent

"Sarah Parish is a marvellous but underrated actress. She is great in whatever she is in and helped to make Cutting It a success."
Jonathan Lighthill, Manchester

Dawn Steele =2: Dawn Steele
[Monarch Of The Glen] (6.81%)

Your Comments

"Her portrayal of Lexie in Monarch Of The Glen is fantastic. The character has gradually evolved over the four series and is wholly believable."
Janey Bromley, Buckinghamshire

"Beautiful and plays the role of Lexie in Monarch Of The Glen brilliantly!"
Therese Heslam, Australia

"Great actress, always makes you smile."
Jenny Francis, Warwickshire

"Quite simply one of the best actresses on BBC at present."
Karen Clarke, London

=2: Keeley Hawes
[Spooks, Tipping The Velvet] (6.81%)

Your Comments

"Fabulous in Spooks, outstanding in Tipping The Velvet."
Fiona Wood, Northumberland

"This talented actress deserves to be credited as one of this country's rising new stars."
Denise Parnell, Manchester

"Incredible acting in Spooks as she faced her professional dilemma, and in Tipping The Velvet she offered a believeable character"
Alex Johnston, Warwickshire

"Fantastic actress."
Jane Hale, Essex

"Always good in whatever she does."
Julie Maude, West Yorkshire

"Her portrayal of Kitty Butler in Tipping The Velvet was immaculate and can only serve to raise the profile of this actress."
Diane Cook, York

Keeley Hawes
Rachael Stirling 1: Rachael Stirling
[Bait, Tipping The Velvet] (10.78%)

Your Comments

"Totally mesmerising, and utterly endearing. An extraordinary ability to convey subtle emotion. I hope she goes far."
Julia, London

"As Nan, she was top class in every scene, with facial and voice expressions to match all occasions, as well as a good singing voice. Not often can an actress combine all these attributes."
Trevor Smith

"What a change to see a new face in BBC Drama. Her talent and freshness was a delight to see."
D Nelson

"Made Nan come alive, acted well, looked good, and made the story believable."
A Mclaren, England

"Breaking the boundaries with her superb acting in Tipping the Velvet. Will do anybody proud."
Xmon, South Yorkshire

"Beautiful actress - talented and with a great attitude. Made the screen come alive - amazing."
Mark, Hampshire

"This lady is the most addictive actress to watch. She is mesmerising, you feel compelled to watch her. She captured the hearts of thousands this
Kerry Smythe, Sheffield

"So convincing in the role, you could believe it real."
Keith Cummings, The Midlands

"Miss Stirling is simply the most sensational and beautiful young actress to grace our screens in years. She was perfect as Nan."
Kevin Farrell, Kent

"She did a wonderful job in her first starring role in Tipping The Velvet. I really liked what she brought to the character, and thought her believable throughout."
Katrina Wallace, Edinburgh

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