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24 September 2014

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Drama Best of 2002
Celebrating the year in television drama.

Best Actor

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=29: Ben Daniels
[Cutting It]
Chris Walker
Colin Buchanan
[Dalziel and Pascoe]
David Harewood
David Morrissey
[Clocking Off, Murder, Out Of Control]
Derek Jacobi
[The Gathering Storm, The Jury]
Don Gilet
Fraser James
Hywel Simons
[The Bill]
Jack Ryder
Phil Davis
[Fields Of Gold, White Teeth]
Steve McFadden
Tim Healy
[Auf Wiedersehen, Pet] (0.47%)

=27: Nick Berry
[In Deep]
Ian Kelsey
[Casualty] (0.62%)

=25: James Bolam
[Born and Bred, Shipman]

=21: Peter Firth
Ralf Little
[Paradise Heights]
David Suchet
[NCS Manhunt, Poirot]
Ricky Tomlinson
[Nice Guy Eddie] (0.94%)

=19: Wil Johnson
[Babyfather, Waking The Dead]
Jonathan Kerrigan
[Merseybeat] (1.09%)

=16: Ioan Gruffudd
[Hornblower, Man and Boy]
Jimmy Nail
[Auf Wiedersehen, Pet]
Stephen Tompkinson
[In Deep] (1.72%)

15: Christopher Eccleston
[Flesh and Blood] (1.87%)

14: Hugh Dancy
[Daniel Deronda] (2.03%)

=11: John McArdle
Jason Merrells
[Cutting It]
Timothy Spall
[Auf Wiedersehen, Pet] (2.18%)

=9: Damian Lewis
[The Forsyte Saga, Jeffrey Archer: The Truth]
Joe McFadden
[Sparkhouse] (2.65%)

=7: Warren Clarke
[Dalziel and Pascoe]
Trevor Eve
[Waking The Dead] (3.59%)

=6: Hugh Bonneville
[Daniel Deronda] (4.68%)

Matthew MacFadyen 5: Matthew MacFadyen
[Spooks, The Project] (4.84%)

Your Comments

"From Warriors to Spooks! Totally versatile! And incredibly sexy!"
Kate Cassel, Buckinghamshire

"Great performance in Spooks"
Stephen, Essex

"He was excellent in Spooks and also in The Project - really strong lead to these dramas."
Hannah Lamb, Worcester

"The restrained way in which he tackled this role in Spooks was a real treat."
Matt Buckley, Oxfordshire

4: Martin Shaw
[Judge John Deed] (6.08%)

Your Comments

"What is it about this actor? He has been a favourite of mine for almost 30 years and is still great. He is over looked far too often. Thanks BBC for putting him back where he belongs."
Lin Reid, London

"For bringing humanity to the judiciary."
Alister McClure, London

"His range of acting amazes me the more I see of him. From the womanising side of the Judge, to the son, who is devastated to learn that his dying father is not his biological father. Never overplayed and always totally convincing. He is our best British actor."
Susan Warren, South-East England

"Wonderfully dry as Deed, not bad looking either."
Kat, Luton

"Simply the best actor ever."
Sara Hursey, Suffolk

"His portrayal of the Judge battling between the law and his own instincts was incredibly entertaining and a joy to watch."
Heather, Northamptonshire

"Charismatic, intelligent, sexy, charming. and warm. He has a way of drawing you in, and certainly makes Judge John Deed the success it is."
Michelle, Manchester

Martin Shaw
Albert Finney 3: Albert Finney
[The Gathering Storm] (7.02%)

Your Comments

"A masterpiece of acting as Churchill."
Keith Cummings, Midlands

"The Gathering Storm was fantastic and he was great!"
Debbie Smith, Essex

"Excellent in The Gathering Storm. He brought alive what is now history and gave humanity to possibly the greatest Briton of all time."
Fiona Beer, Eastbourne

"I was spellbound by his emotional performance"
Rebecca Clarke, London

"One of our greats."
Simon Barnes, Essex

"Like a good wine - better as he gets older!"
Marion Hughes, East Sussex

2: Alastair MacKenzie
[Monarch Of The Glen] (7.64%)

Your Comments

"He has potrayed Archie in Monarch of the Glen very well and as always has been fantastic. He now needs recognition for his work."
Ruth, Hampshire

"He plays the part of Archie to perfection - the scenes in the last two episodes where he learns about Paul being his half brother are superb."
Caroline Lindsay, Fife

"What can I say - Sunday nights were never so good before Archie hit our screens. You just have to love him!"
Kathryn, Germany

Alastair MacKenzie
Kiefer Sutherland 1: Kiefer Sutherland
[24] (17.63%)

Your Comments

"Pulling himself out of the dark, dank pit of straight to video hell, his performance as Jack Bauer was unforgettable. One minute exuding a disturbing sense of anger, to being deeply emotional, he has shown himself to be one of the best actors of his generation and I cannot wait to see more of his great range in the second series of 24 and other projects he will be involed in."
Eamon Hennedy, Northern Ireland

"Brought real depth and reality to the whole 24 premise"
Theresa Luff, Sheffield

"Brilliant actor, very versatile."
Pam Hussey, Bedfordshire

"His great acting made 24 a hit."
Andrew Dunlop, Northern Ireland

"A great performance that kept me on the edge of my seat. It is a pity that he does not do more television."
Derek Sprague, Wiltshire

"The phoenix rises from the ashes."
Peter Harrison, Devon

"Back to his best."
Karl howe, Cambridgeshire

"His acting drew the viewer in and was believeable. He conveyed the various extremes of emotion felt by Jack in 24 with poise and expertise."
Mairi McCallum , Glasgow

"No-one has such a slick voice or cuts the tension in the room like glass."
Jennie, Mancheseter

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