Entrepreneurs - James Nash

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An entrepreneur in the Den

2010 Entrepreneurs

Watch all the latest from 2010 and have your say.

Other Entrepreneurs in Week 5

Jane Rafter pitches Slinks

Jane Rafter

Sandals with a selection of interchangeable uppers.

Paul Ward pitches Germwarfare

Paul Ward

Cleaning products that can kill hospital superbugs.

James Nash pitches Wine Innovations Ltd

James Nash

Pre-filled, single serve, ready to drink glass of wine.

Carol Savage pitches MyDish.co.uk

Carol Savage

On-line community for people who want to share recipes.

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Evan Davis

Evan Davis on this episode

Evan looks at Paul Ward's time in the Den and examines the ritual of the haggle.

Meet the Dragons

The Dragons

Meet the Dragons

The multi-millionaire investors eager to invest in the Den.

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