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Business - Doug Richard on Episode 2

Julie & Doug's Den reflections

Doug Richard & Julie Meyer

Each week in the 2010 series Julie Meyer and Doug Richard offered their take on some of the key moments from the TV Den.

Kirsty Henshaw pitches Worthenshaws

Catch up from Red Button

A glimpse behind the scenes with investment reactions.

Kirsty Henshaw pitches Worthenshaws

Dragons' Den Roadtests

Dom tests this week's products with the public.

Meet the 2010 entrepreneurs

Kirsty Henshaw in the Den

So far in the Den..

Missed any action? Watch, read, rate and have your say on the class of 2010.

Other entrepreneurs from this episode:

Stuart Archbold and Andrew Leslie pitch Shopbox Systems Ltd

Stuart Archbold & Andrew Leslie

A shopping container

John Jackson pitches EDH Washing Line

John Jackson

A rotary washing line

Angela Newman pitches Vintage Patisserie

Angela Newman

A retro hosting company

The Online Den

The Online Den

Highlights from the Online Den

Missed any action? Catch up and find out more about the Online Dragons.

Apply for Dragons' Den

Money in the Den

Need cash for your business idea?

Apply to enter the Dragons' Den.

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