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24 September 2014

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Around Poundbury

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Have you visited Poundbury? What did you think? Leave your comments below.

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Patsy Foster
A bit bleek However very English which is the aim. I think one would feel safe in Poundbury Good on Prince Charles for having his say . Lucky UK to have him.

Pauline Robinson
It shows what a little bit of imagination and thought can do, it's a pleasure to walk round. Well done Prince Charles.

Margaret Broughton
I like the village and the many ideas which have been incorporated from the past.I like the absence of lamp posts and dreadful yellow lines everywhere.I believe it is most important to keep the level of Housing Assoc. rentals at least as they are now.

What an awful looking place.Why oh why can't it be more like Cambridge Road and Baynards Road ? Then we'd all be happy.

Frank Janowski-Hansen
Having last vistited Dorchester in 1992, all I remember of Poundbury is an ancient earthworks with some cows grazing inside, a wider, flatter Maumbury Rings. I would very much like to see the new development.What a pity Prince Charles does not seem to have any influence on the planning of the new Brewery area. By the way, has anybody noticed that "Pummery" is Thomas Hardy's name for Poundbury?

Resident 94-02
When Poundbury was 'born', the concept and the 'pioneers' of 'The Village' were very keen to adhere to the covenant concerning the upkeep of their own properties and also the roll played by 'MANCO', through the annual fee levied. Sadly, the developers and new arrivals have slowly changed all this. Businesses are very scattered and there appears to be no focal point apart from the original 1st phase square. The 'pee gravel' courtyards of 'parts' of phase one and two are now damp and moss laid, and there appears to be no 'pride' with some residents wether their gates are rotting off their hinges or not. Where is the covenent enforcement? I fear that in 20 plus more years this lovely idea will turn into no more than a 'Dickens' of a place. I only hope that lessons are being learned along the way and changes implemented accordingly for the last phases.

I visited in 1999-2000 and thought it was 'cute' but all that gravel - pity the poor housewives trying to keep that out of the house. Only a man who had never done housework would think that was a good idea!

Ronald Meek
It is truly a beautiful village. We have stayed in the "Old Rectory" there in Dorset. We love England. My wife is from Belize, C.A.

Marianne Hatton
Haven't visited, but after seeing the photo's, would like to. Looks like a charming community.

Sarah Worner
I drive though "toytown" regularly and like to see the latest buildings. People are always saying its too exspensive to live there but how come if 20% is housing association? Why do people always criticise. Have they seen the new building going up in the centre of Poole. Where would they rather live?? This concept is so much better.

onyl problem is when a house is sold the project leaders ask "are they poundbury people", as this development is only deemed worthy for the extremly rich. about 2% of the population of dorchester can actually afford these homes. so basically if you have grown up in dorchester like myself you wont be able to afford a first home anywhere near it or even in dorchester as this has pushed the house price averages for the whole town up.

Rodney Smith
I have to say I like most of what has been done at the Poundbury, but I do worry that it will all be spoilt by over development of the site, each new residence means another car and the space available can not take that sort of pressure, there and many redeeming things poundbury can be proud of the different use of stone and brick, works well the mix of dwelling leads to a modern yet oldie worldly look, I don’t live on the estate nor do I want to, but comparing it with many I pass around the country it is better than most, but the development needs to be rained in or all I fear will be lost. this is case of more is bad.

Michael Bune
When Pounbury was first being occupied, it had its critics.Like that place in "The Prisoner" or "lacking in soul" but this was not from those who lived there. I think it was like any other new development and needed to mature a bit and have that lived in look. It is getting there.

You are in: Dorset > History > Local History > Around Poundbury

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