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24 September 2014

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Monkey World's newest resident

Have Your Say

What do you think should be done to help save monkeys like Marcel?

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kathleen mcmanus
thank god 4 monkey world.bless all off u .

she is so cute

carol moores


Bob Porter
Bring in legislation to prevent animals like these from being sold as pets with heavy fines for those who abuse the law.


Anne Osbourne
I don't believe there will be any changes until legislation is made to protect all animals and harsh penalties imposed on the cruel owners. So please everyone, lobby your local MPs.

I was deeply shocked at the news of jim's sudden death, he had done a great deal to educate people. I love monkey business, also the up to date one monkey life, and i love monkeys. there should be tight laws starting with the countries that sell the primates on demand thus stopping the importing of them and maybe also people should not buy the monkeys which hopefully would cut down the problems. The people smuggling monkeys who are caught should be imprisoned, fined and their passports taken away.Keep up the good work, but hope one day we will be free of cruelty so easing your job.

Gillian Griffin
To educate people more on the consequences of keeping primates here in England and abroad and if the government would pay for special agents to focus on pet shops, homes, also zoo's etc instead of wasting money, there may come a day when all primates are safe and secure with a future that is normal to them all.

Carol Ainsworth
Tighter controls on the sale of any exotic animal as pets or better still a ban on the sale of them anywhere. I think your work is so amazing and that Jim was a wonderful man and you must be so proud of him and the work you have both done and that you are still continuing. What a privilege it must be to get so close to the primates and their babies as Jeremy does and I envy him his working so closely with them and with you.

Rebecca, 12
Everyone and anyone thats has a monkey or who knows someone who has a monkey should be checked to see if they have the right living conditions. If they dont then they shall have to be taken away to places like Monkey World!

I have just had the opportunity of owning a marmoset. I realise the work that has to go into sustaining their physical and mental well-being. However, it was too easy to acquire her and although I am completely dedicated to her - many are not. I believe the ability to own these monkeys is far too easy and more should be done to stop their plight. I never miss an episode on Monkey World and would like to say to Alison that your work is inspiring and incredible.

Vibeke Rokvist Jakobsen
Hello there. I think that Alison and the well known keepers should make a public statement to eventuel owners or people who know of owners, to help you, help the animals. Let people do it anonymously if they want. I follow your programs with great interest and admire your dedication to your work.Kind regards from Copenhagen, Denmark

keep up the good work in Jims name. also Alison you are wonderful too, you have drive and determination to save all the poor illegal animals that find themself in diffcult places. I wish you and your keepers all the luck in the world. you are a credit to the human race Alison. this is a wonderful thing that you do. GOOD LUCK AND FORTUNE for the future.

vivienne Macdonald
There is sadly not enough done to highlight the plight of all abused and endangered animals, we as a nation of animal lovers should put as much emphasis on the plight of these beautiful animals,by way of media coverage, open days at animals sanctuary's, awareness conservations days and the plight of the animals should starts as early as school days.

diane shepherd
The law should be changed,the keeping ofmonkeys and egsotic pets should be totally banned, only allowing such as monkey world and certain zoos who live up to the necessary criteria to do so.

Holly ,Toni and Lynda
Over the past few weeks we have been watching Monkey Business and we have fellen in love with all the Monkeys at Monkey World.We have just learned about the 88 Monkeys rescued today from Chile. Please keep up the good work Jim would be proud.

i love monkeys of all sorts and would like to work with them when i am older.this should stop as it is not fair and what have they ever done to us? thanx x

Pam Bonaventura
I don't think licences should be given for ANY animal that is not native to the UK.Taking animals from their natural habitat to be sold as 'pets' to the ignorant public is a disgrace and should be banned outright.

nora eaton
I am so sorry for the death of Jim, the world will miss him. I have watched monkey world for a long time and like others it has given me a better understanding of the planet we live on and the wonderful wild life that is not always appreciated. I look forward to all new series with pleasure. My condolences to Alison

Mrs Dorothy Williams
Over that past few months I have been watching Animal Planet, my favourite programme being 'Monkey Business'. I have been captivated and horrified in equal measure. Captivated by the various primates and horrified at what humans put them through. The work you do in Monkey World is invaluable. I hope the continuing cooperation between governments all over the world continues and enables you to rescue the primates in such distressing circumstances. I have just watched this evenings programme and was shocked to see it was in memorium of Jim. He was such a caring person, I felt as though I had lost a friend. For my next birthday the '65th' I have expessed a wish to visit Monkey World as a special treat. So I hope to see you and all your residents next May.

Anna Brandscheidt
All the animals should be registered so that they dont get into the hands of people who have no idea how they have to be kept. I feel so sorry for those poor animals and watch Monkey World very often and can only say what a good job is being done there, they will always find a home for monkeys whatever they are. So sorry to have read about the death of Jim, my sincere Sympathy to Alison Cronin, who is as passionate like her late husband was. Good Luck

Sam Davidson
Trades and sales like Marcel need to be stopped and people responsible should be severely punished and put behinds bars. I cannot believe that people actually see these sorts of animals as pets. Animals like this need to be allowed to be free in their own habitat without fear of being cruelly taken away from it for profit's sake.

Colin Blows
The planet must respect the homes of these beautiful animals and ensure that they are not removed from their families, they must have the help of all peoples everywhere

You are in: Dorset > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Places > Monkey World's newest resident

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