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13 November 2014

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You are in: Dorset > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Places > Homer Simpson on a hill

Homer Simpson on a hill

Have Your Say

What do you think? Is it harmless fun or disrepectful of the Cerne Abbas Giant and the countryside in general? Leave your comments below.

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Totally harmless fun.

that is so funny

i love the simpsons and i think this is funny

Homer attracted more people to Cerne Abbas than I had ever seen previously,so must have been good for village finances.

cool i love the simpsons here is one fact u may not know - the person who does bart simpson's voice is a woman!

oh dear, all this about homer and the cerne giant and now they give him a red nose, whatever next?

sorry for some of you guys, i,m from barnsley and appreciate the cerne giant but its only a bit of fun (homer), lighten up.

Nick Elwood
Yea, it is amusing but I wonder what would have been said if the advertisment was for a car or a brand of floor cleaner rather than Homer.

Barbara Snowberger
I think it's funny... The World seems to be losing it's sense of humor; we need to laugh more.

sexy bexy
Weird! Oooh!

it is disrespectful and spoils the sheer tradition of the giant. i think it should be removed and anyone who thinks it shouldn't has no respect cos Homer is a dumb idiot who drinks eats and says d'oh.

Lol they messed up Homer's eyes but still cool nontheless.

I don't c anything wrong in having /teasing others. That is why there is so much tension between religions. People are too wound up these days and they take every thing to heart. Pagans put this up (arguably) to advertise there beleifs and it has been done again, this time in the 21st centuary to advertise a film. If anything this is a compliment to the way the pagans promoted themselves without the use of modern technology. Finally will the grass grow back? If so, who cares!

Mr Giant.
As you can see, my husband is a fine upstanding man!!

I doesn't understand what the man to the right is doing on the same picture with Homer...

steve murray
This is the coolest thing have ever seen i am going to worship it from now on Homer my god

I think its pretty a kid myself why not keep it there?

Wonderful, can't they put it there permanently? Why not? As a Simpsonian I defend my right to have a Homer in the landscape too. If you are offended just look at the right half of the picture only and get a life.

i think that's very cool ...

mr sandu
yeah its a bit cool sont ya think ?!?


Josh Gordon
Being offended by this is a joke in itself. I think the giant Homer is absolutely brilliant. All you who moan about this and treat it in such a serious manner need to take a step back.

in my opinion homer is just a bit of a joke and it's the guys own land isnt it? so why cant he do it. i can understand people may think its disrespectful but come on have a sense of humour, its not like it'll be there forever, i bet some people think that the giant cerne abbas isn't the nicest of things to wake up in the morning and see but they dont complain because they respect the people that believe in it..

alex lover

Can't you people take a joke?? Seriously get a grip.

Would it have been more appropriate to desecrate a Christian site in hopes of gaining publicity for a Simpsons movie or perhaps a South Park flick....because really that's about the level of class we're dealing with here, aren't we? Sacred Sites are what they are for a reason. To vandalize them in ANY way for ANY reason is not appropriate. There is no excuse. If the site had been a site blatantly Sacred to ancient Christians, there would have been an almighty uproar. Yet it seems more and more Pagan sites are put upon to just "take it" and look the other way whenever someone chooses to do such things to Sites sacred to ANY Pagan Tradition. Cases in point: Tara Hill in Ireland and the proposed brand spanking new "rocky road to Dublin", the idiot-children who like to tell people what not to wear going up to the Large Man and try to appear as if he has breasts and a dress on, "Fathers 4 Justice" vandalizing sites (thus proving they deserved everything they got in court!) and now this......there is no excuse for ANY of this. Just because Homer Simpson has a donut in his hand doesn't make it right. Just because someone lied and said it was biodegradable paint and that someone would make a few pounds off of this doesn't make it right either. It's vandalism, pure and simple. THAT, folks, is obscene.

Still there as of 7/9/07. In fact it looks like its killed the grass. What paint did these idiots use?

We were told it would wash off.Well the homer simpson image is still there.So much for biodegradble paint being used. So much for it'll wash off, and it wont damge the grass.Well the grass has been damaged by the paint. It obviously was'nt so biodegradble after all.And has it really generated so much business to Cerne Abbas.The giant is quite capible of that without morons painting stupid commecialised cartoon charactors next to him.And no lets not go down the line of defacing our countryside with worthless commercialised rubbish.Our countryside should be protected from such abuse.It's already suffered as it is.And how about a little respect for others beliefs.Yes lets all laugh at pagans.Well did they firebomb anything, send letter bombs to people, preach hate and violence.No they did'nt, so why the micky take.It does seem that people care more about some american cartoon charactor than about their own heritage.No wonder this country is a mess.No respect for anything any-more.

I think its pretty good and maybe if it wasnt next to the giant then it would be nice in the Dorset countryside permenantly. i do like it.

Barbara Pettard
As long as it is temporary, it doesn't hurt ... of course I do hope that the village of cerne abbas got a few pounds out of it.

andy dennis
some people still follow pagan belief systems . imagine the christian reaction if this was next to a cross . imagine the muslim reaction....maybe not

Ian Wright
The figure of Homer Simpson is an icon of branded merchandise he represents an exploited, hapless US worker & is an object of ridicule.The context is a world heritage site that some consider spiritual.It is understandable how people may be offended by the American cartoon figure in such a context.However it is not beyond comprehension that many (Americans or feminists perhaps) may find the 180 foot tall giant with an erect penis wielding a huge club equally distasteful, albeit for different reasons.It is probably unintentional but one thing the juxtaposition brings into question is the concept of masculinity in today’s society. There is also reference to fertility symbolism; the doughnut shaped accessory carried by the obese Homer is somewhat reminiscent of an oversized contraceptive device.Although I am not offended by the temporary figure I would prefer not so see any more heritage sites used for mindless publicity stunts for commercial gain.

Great! Glad to see there are people in rural Dorset with a sense of humour.To those who dislike it - tough. It's painted in biodegradeable paint and will be gone soon anyway.

Brian Day
It looks like Homer is at the Weymouth carnival, at a hoopla stall. Wots he aiming at?

Mike Sibley
Not really funny and yes, it is disrespectful. Do we as humans have respect like it was in Victorian times... or was that too far when one had to cover up the legs on a piano.


You are in: Dorset > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Places > Homer Simpson on a hill

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