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13 November 2014

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You are in: Dorset > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Places > Bridport: 'Notting Hill by Sea'?

Bridport: 'Notting Hill by Sea'?

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Is Bridport the new Notting Hill? Let us know what you think!

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I moved here 3 years ago with my job - Its without doubt one of the brightest and best small towns in the country - I Don't know about Nottinghill - I've never lived there but I doubt its half as warm, friendly and welcoming as I've found Bridport - oh and its the people here that make it so nice - not the 1 or 2 celebraties who live nearby or like to visit. Please stay away if your a looking for something trendy, you really wont find it here, only come here to relax, shop or enjoy some simple uncomplicated fun -

I grew up in Bridport and moved away (to London) I now come back as a frequent visitor. No way is there any comparason to Notting Hill - clean country air is a start. Do you also not know that Bridport is approx 2 miles inland from the sea?

having lived in both I really hope Bridportnever becomes like that corporate theme park. Notting Hill 78 yep. 2008 it sucks big time.

The town is not Notting hill. It's a tourist hotspot, hence all the cappuccinos. The main difference is that we have some of the lowest incomes in the country. We do have some of the highest house prices though. So we're all pretty poor round here. It's pretty bohemian, it's true, but it's not a yuppie sort of bohemian.

NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO If Bridport is so great, then why do most of the youth want to get out as soon as possible. Bridport is great if you're pretentious. Then you will love the arts centre and the Electric Palace.

James Shiels
No way! its nice but where is the stuff about all the fights and drugs and unemployment for most people i love bridport if there was more employment i would be there but alas there are not many jobs.

Come to Bridport-now! The wonderful Bridport Arts Centre is holding a Literary Festival with celebrity authors and fscinating talks and activities including a Big Read for the whole town.

If I could have one wish i would move out of there!

leave notting hill out of it and let bridport be bridport in its own right, its far better.

john Russell
Much nicer than Notting Hill; by the sea, in Dorset and nowhere near london!

Well I always liked it a lot, I spent my first ten years of life in a pub on South Street.I do hope it hasn't turned into a satelite London borough - sadly that seems to be happening to a lot of Dorset these days.-tim (philadelphia)

Bridport is a great place to grow up, my kids love it! walking distance to the beach and the need to to worry to much about their safety. Rather here than a large overwhelming city!

I love getting away from London when ever I can and travelling down to Bridport. I am very tempted to get a second home down there, must be the best place in the south especially in the summer.


There's a carnival every year in Bridport, there are loads of pubs in Bridport, loads of Bohemian types, loads of alcoholics and drug users. Yes, there are parallels with Notting Hill I suppose. And there's also a guy called Hugh who lives there...

Mr B R Davey
I think that the advent of the river cottage series has had an adverse effect on bridport for sure!

Bridpoet has a quirky charm from the array of small shops, the amazing variety of charity shops to the Saturday farmers market and real pubs. Notting Hill - no way!

jean smith
i love bridport and surrounding areas i holiday at westbay every year and have a great time.If I could have one wish come true it would be to live in dorset.As it being the new notting hill i dont really know,as i dont know much about notting hill though i dont live far from there.

michele aston
I have been visiting Bridport since my Mum moved to West Bay 26 years ago. I love it. Notting Hill it may not be but it has a genuine draw to the place. The people are fab, always got time for you. x

Matthew Baldwin
Great photos! It's a shame they don't show more of Bridoprt. Its such a beautiful town, many fantastic buildings old and new. I lived and worked there for 2 years. A great place to be. The people make Bridport what it is.

Simon Sanderson
Bridport looks v. nice i just hope there's not as many Crack dealers as Notting Hil?

Bridport is a Dorset market town with 2 markets a week (Wednesday & Saturday), 3 butchers, 4 bakers shops (representing 3 bakeries) a fresh fish shop, two greengrocers, a real locksmiths, a super hardware shop and loads more. OK it has chain stores too. Oh and then there is the Carnival and torchlight procession to West Bay. But Notting Hill on Sea??? No, it's not. It's not even by the sea for heaven's sake!! But it has got LIFE and real people. It has a cinema, local history group, Arts Centre, stuff for kids including banger cars.I lived in Guildford for many years - it has no butcher or greengrocer or locksmith or fishmonger and when I was last there managed 2 bread shops (but only one bakery). And very little for the kids.I know where I prefer to be.

It's great on a sunny Saturday when the market is on, and the art's centre does good things, it's getting there, it's not Notting Hill, it's Bridportand has more potential.

Its not the shops that make Bridport special but the people.

David Graham
While I am happy to sample the night life of other much larger town, it's always pleasant to return to the charm and comical aspects that Bridport has to offer. No other place has it where the size of the toilets are the last thing thought about when creating a bar, yet when you have had a few drinks squeezing by someone becomes very amusing and gives a night out a very homely feel. I can’t celebrate New Year in any other place and nor can the hundreds of people that return back to their roots from far across the UK every year.

I was born and brought up and married in Bridport, my memories of it do not include such beautiful cakes and pastries. Alcohol at the Palace, I got in trouble for having a bottle of pop!

These pictures make it look a thousand times better than Notting Hill. What a fantastic variety of individual shops.

As a regular visitor to Bridport, I just think of it as a small, high-class country town. Most towns try too hard to look like others, Bridport is refreshingly different.

Jeff Dray
Hopefully that will never be. Bridport still has some style and character.

Well it's a funny little place. I enjoyed some good days there when I worked on the south coast and there's some cracking pasties.

what next? - Weymouth the new Brighton? ;-)

two relatively famous people does not make it a celeb mecca! i expect most towns near the sea can claim some form of celebrity living close by!

I think it is the new padstow

It can't be, Bridport isn't on the sea!

Bridport and Notting Hill?Well I suppose they do both have a rubbish market to their names!

You are in: Dorset > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Places > Bridport: 'Notting Hill by Sea'?

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