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13 November 2014

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BBC Radio Solent Weekday Programmes

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Steve harris

Steve Harris does stand-up

Red Nose Day on BBC Radio Solent

From Steptoe and Son to stand-up comedy, BBC Radio Solent's on-air plans are in full swing for Red Nose Day on Friday 13 March.

Red Nose Day on BBC Radio Solent looks set to be a bumper day and night of fun, with our presenters doing something that tickles their fancy to raise cash for the charity.

We also want you to take part throughout the day and "Do Something Funny For Money" - you can get involved via the usual phone in number 0845 30 30 961 or via e-mail.

Breakfast: 6.30-9.30am

Julian Clegg catches up with fundraisers and looks at the local projects your donations help to fund.

There will be plenty of laughs along the way as his reporters hit the streets to "Do Something Funny For Money". You can also take part by pledging money to hear your favourite comedy songs.  

Mid-morning: 9.30am-1pm

Laugh your socks off all morning as Jon Cuthill celebrates with some memorable moments from classic BBC comedies from Steptoe & Son to Fawlty Towers and The Office.

Afternoon: 1-4pm

Charlie Crocker has a giggle with the best of her comedy guests (including Boycie and Marlene and Linda Robson). She'll also hear how things are going in Portsmouth where the Whoopee Cushion Orchestra will perform on the Big Screen in Guildhall Square.

Drivetime: 4 - 7pm

Steve Harris is bravely learning to become a stand-up comedian, and will take to the stage to perform a routine at a special Comic Relief event in Southampton on 13 March as Steve explains:

"I'm terrified!! The lovely thing about radio is that you can talk to thousands of people without seeing the whites of their eyes. I get nervous even when I have to speak in front of a small room of people, but for this I'm going to be telling jokes in front of a packed bar full of Solent University students and lecturers!

"We're going to broadcast my stand-up debut during Drivetime, so the most important thing is that you send me your best (clean!) jokes. If you hear yours used in my routine, please donate some money to Comic Relief."

Evening show: 7 - 10pm

Roger Day opens up his jukebox in return for donations in aid of Comic Relief.

Late-night: 10pm–1am

Finally, Paul Miller and Talia Slack are warming up their vocal chords for an evening of karaoke and you can pledge to perform!

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You are in: Dorset > BBC Radio Solent > BBC Radio Solent Weekday Programmes > Red Nose Day on BBC Radio Solent

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