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13 November 2014

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Shane Board

Shane Board

A song for diabetics

Singer Shane Board from Poole has seen his treatment for diabetes improve significantly in the 10 years since he was diagnosed. Now he's to release an EP to raise funds for research to improve the lives other diabetics.

Shane Board was 10 when he was told he had diabetes. Then he needed up to five or six injections a day. Now 20, the research has moved on and a special pump has been invented which can top up his insulin when he needs it without the need for constant injections.

The difference the technology has made to his life has spurred him into action, using his talents as a singer to raise money for new research.

He said "This is something I feel passionate about. If I can help make diabetes treatment work better then that would be great."  

Cover of "Rescue Me"

Cover of "Rescue Me"

'Rescue me'

Shane from Upper Parkstone, who's long enjoyed performing, has now raised enough sponsorship and backing to make an EP called "Rescue Me" which is being released by Universal Records in February 2009.

Shane admits he's been lucky to secure the backing of a music label which deals with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Razorlight and Girls Aloud. But that might be because web designer Shane says he has friends in high places.

He told us, "I knew someone who worked with Jools Holland. He (Ian Thompson) liked the track and gave me lots of help but there's also been a lot of luck involved."

Luck has certainly gone his way. As Shane approached companies for sponsorship, he generally received a favourable reception because many of the people he spoke to either had diabetes or knew someone with the condition.

As word spread about what he was up to, he gained the support of the likes of Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers who himself is diabetic and X Factor winner Alexandra Burke.

Pop 4 Diabetes

Shane is no stranger to the limelight or rallying support for his fundraising activities. He started putting on variety shows around Dorset but now he organises an annual celebrity guest list charity ball and auction called 'Pop 4 Diabetes'. Each event has been a sell out.

Not surprisingly his exploits have earned him recognition including being shortlisted for the Young Person of the Year award in 2007. Support charity Diabetes UK invited him to speak at their national conference in Nottingham to tell his story.

Shane has performed at several gigs and organised three Pop 4 Diabetes events to raise money.

Shane has organised three Pop 4 Diabetes events.

Alongside the release of the EP, Shane has set up a Pop 4 Diabetes Facebook page and he's been inundated with messages from other young diabetics wanting to tell him about their condition.

Shane's mother Iris said, "He is not wanting to be famous for the sake of being famous but he would love to be well known for his charity work and use his position to help fund research in any way he can."   

The EP "Rescue Me" is released on 9 February 2009.


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You are in: Dorset > People > Your stories > A song for diabetics

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