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28 October 2014

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Weymouth Beach and Pavilion

Weymouth Beach and Pavilion

Pavilion redevelopment plans unveiled

Proposals for the redevelopment of Weymouth Pavilion have been backed by local councillors, despite a 7,500 signature petition in protest which called for a public enquiry. As the detailed plans are released, have your say.

Plans for a major £135m redevelopment of Weymouth Pavilion and ferry terminal have been unveiled.

Read more details on the plans, plus video, from BBC News:

The development plans have a controversial history. Despite some local opposition, back in June, a meeting of Weymouth and Portland councillors to decide if they should back the proposals resulted in a 'yes' vote, much to the disappointment of those against the scheme.

Much of the site is looking quite rundown

Much of the site is looking rundown

Campaigners against what they describe as the 'over development' of the site had collected 7,500 signatures on a petition calling for an independent public inquiry into the project.

They recently took the petition to 10 Downing Street in the hope of further support.

Although few people would deny the neglected-looking site in Weymouth needs improvement, protesters said the development proposals in their current state are just too big for the area - they had hoped for further options to be explored.

337 flats and a 290 berth marina

Developer Howard Holdings and the local council have been working on plans to build 337 flats up to eight storeys high, and a 290 berth marina.

Robert Veale from the Our Weymouth protest group said of the plans: "Not on the seafront, not on the sand - which is exactly where it will be. All the people who come to Weymouth, to enjoy the sand, swim in the sea, won't come here in our view [if this development goes ahead]."

Along with the flats and marina, included are also plans for a heritage centre, a new hotel, better sea defences, a new ferry terminal, and a refurbished 1,000 seat theatre.

Jonathan Hulls from developer Howard Holdings says: "I think the vast majority [of people] will be pleasantly surprised.  Not only are we giving a civic provision but with the retail and restaurants it will become a 'destination'.

"It will be a big asset to Weymouth - I'm convinced of that."

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Have Your Say

What do you think of the development proposals? Leave your comments below.

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Way too big. I've been to the pavillion area and there's just going to be soo much traffic in that area. You probably won't even be able to move. The Beaches are crammed anyway during the summer. There's not going to be any point in putting a Ferry terminal if all the people can do is just stand around.

I`m not from Weymouth,but have holidayed there many times,& loved the place.It`s a quintessentially English seaside town,with a beautiful beach.I dare say it does need some re-developement,but,PLEASE don`t over-do it!The view from the beach is LOVELY-a panorama of sand,sea & sky- shame to lose it by building too high!Another thought,I seem to recall awful traffic in that area of town at times-how will the roads cope with the extra traffic?Perhaps re-develop,but on a slightly smaller scale?Also,the flats being planned-are they for local people,or rich people with yachts?I hope nobody minds an outsider proffering an opinion?

Went to the meeting last night and it is interesting that those against the scheme in the main, tend to be the older residents and those in favour, tend to be the younger residents. Let us move forward into the 21st century and look after the future generations.

It's about time the small minded local councilers and the comunity got behind this and many other schems to put Weymouth on the map. Get a life and wake up and smell the coffee. It needs to happen ! Stop living in the good old days. Time moves on, if you don't like it. You should move on to

Norman Petty
Initially I was in favour of the then proposed Pavilion site development...NOT ANYMORE!THIS latest HH proposal is a monstrosity and Weymouth doesn't need it or them!

bernie berry
Too big a development which will lead to too much traffic in this old part of town wher there is no space for additional roads to handle all the additional traffic created. re-develop yes, but on a smaller scale.

Glenn Thirlby
Please don't spoil Weymouth beech

chris rod
Too many flats, too many floors,too much extra traffic, too big a marina.

The ring-leaders of this protest group are a bunch of hypocrites whose main objective is to preserve their house values and views! Their disinformation and propaganda is scandalous and they offer absolutely no alternative. Think of the future for once!

Linda, Wyke
I agree the Pavillion does need some improvements, but not on the scale that the developers propose. I totally disagree with the proposed developement. Also, as has been pointed out on numerous occasions, our roads infrastructure cannot handle the traffic congestion we get now, so god help us if this new development gets the go ahead. I'm surprised a heliport hasn't been suggested, at least this way the people who can afford to live in the proposed flats (obviously the locals have not been considered), will be able to fly in! Weymouth is a traditional seaside town, this is what draws the tourists back year after year, not a haven for the rich (although I suspect the local council would prefer this). Please don't change Weymouth beyond all recognition. The developers have had a hey day on Portland, and look what has become of that!

You are in: Dorset > Places > Places features > Pavilion redevelopment plans unveiled

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