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13 November 2014

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Sandbanks property is worth millions of pounds

Sandbanks property is worth millions

Welcome to Sandbanks

Even in the current market, Sandbanks remains one of the most expensive places for property in the world. BBC programme The Truth About Property took a look around.

Sandbanks is known the world over as one of the most exclusive places to live.

Property is said to be more expensive to buy here than in places like Monte Carlo, Miami or the Maldives.

The houses enjoy spectacular views

The houses enjoy spectacular views

Local estate agent Tom Doyle calls it a 'developer's paradise', even in the current climate of uncertainty and depressed prices in the property market.

Houses and plots of land are up for sale for millions of pounds, but as Tom Doyle points out, it's nothing more than the laws of supply and demand at work.

"If people are still buying, then it's worth what people are prepared to pay for it - and that's the value [of the property]."

Is there a limit?

He says it was back in around 2000 that Sandbanks first gained its reputation as a property hotspot.

Sandbanks estate agent Tom Doyle

Sandbanks estate agent Tom Doyle

Says Tom: "We sold a property on the beach, it was a 1,400sq ft apartment, and we sold it for a million pounds, which worked out at £695 a foot, making Sandbanks the fourth most expensive place in the world."

"Is there a limit to property prices here? ...yeah, but I don't think we've reached that yet."

Watch an excerpt from the BBC programme The Truth About Property as presenter Jenny Scott visits Sandbanks and takes a look at some multi-million pound properties.

More information and further clips from The Truth About Property can be found here:

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Have Your Say

Have you been to Sandbanks? Would you like to live there? Or is property just ridiculously overpriced?

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my dad lives dere, its nice

My uncle owns a flat in sandbanks, we visit every year with my friends from liverpool. It is the best possible place to have a holiday home with everything you need close. Obviously i mean this for a holiday not an every day palce to live. As soon as i have enough money i am going to invest in a prperty there. It's perfect.

Robert Evans
Yes we would dearly love to live on Sandbanks the propertys are amazing. What really amazes me though is how these developers gain planning permission for there lavish propertys. I am an honest working man living in a council property. Every penny in my pocket ive earnt it genuinely.I bear no grudges against those that live on Sandbanks jolly good luck to them all.

Gary Walton
I visited Sandbanks July'08 and was surorised how much it has changed, the character has been diminished, character properties being replaced by flats, the overwhelming feeling is a lack of space between the properties (understandable because of their value), but it is still a detrimental effect upon what was quite a special place a couple of years ago. There such a lot of properties up for sale, I just wonder if the attraction of the area has been tainted somewhat ?I now find Studland and Swanage much more relaxing and appealing, maybe this is due to my advancing years more than the change in Sandbanks, but it has now lost it's No1 spot in my desired places to live, I will catch the ferry to visit the gorgeous beaches or stay in Studland. It's a pity and a shame.

The area has been subjected to much publicity of late and has, I feel become somewhat of a status symbol and an overt statement if you have a house there. The infrastructure cannot cope with the demand placed on it during the summer months and is a place to be avoided due to conjestion, overpriced parking and a ring road that becomes clogged with too much traffic.I am fortunate enough to be well travelled and have to admit living in Dorset is one of the best places in the world to live in my estimation. As for the misplaced hype of living in Sandbanks you can keep it! If inclined I can drive there in 15 minutes and enjoy the same views for free. Alternatively drive round via Wareham to the Purbecks and enjoy much better views, walks and range of beaches and diverse shorelines than Sandbanks.

You are in: Dorset > Places > Places features > Welcome to Sandbanks

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