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13 November 2014

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Master Baker Aidan Chapman

Master Baker Aidan Chapman

Making bread the hard way

Dorset may have dozens of bakeries but few can boast making every loaf by hand. The master baker at Town Mill Bakery in Lyme Regis is a man who's passionate about doing things properly.

Town Mill Bakery started in a garage two and a half years ago but it soon became apparent that more space was needed so it moved into a shop in Coombe Street. 

Creating a bakery using local, high quality ingredients required a baker who knew what he was doing. Aidan Chapman had been the master baker at the famous Celtic Bakery in London but he saw a move to Dorset as his dream opportunity.

Slices of bread

Each loaf uses local ingredients

Aidan said, "I've always wanted a bakery of my own. Somewhere where everything will be hand-made and shaped.”

Unlike a conventional bakery, everything is on show. Aidan starts baking early in the morning and anyone who visits can talk to him as he works and watch him create loaves of every shape and size.

The key to his bread-making success is leaving the dough to ferment for a long period of time. 18 hours is the minimum.

The dough is left to ferment for many hours.

Dough is left to ferment for at least 18 hours.

Some the breads he creates require a sour-dough that's left for longer and requires no added yeast - just the yeast that’s created naturally by a long fermentation time.  

Aidan is so enthusiastic about his trade that he runs bread-making courses at the Magdalen Project, a rural crafts education centre in South Somerset.  He also publishes recipes in a local magazine.

"One of the top 50 things to do in life is to make a loaf of bread", said Aidan.

As a result he's inspiring people to have a go. They're now coming to Town Mill Bakery especially to tell him about their own bread-making experiences.

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You are in: Dorset > People > Profiles > Making bread the hard way

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