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24 September 2014

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You are in: Dorset > Nature > Nature Features > Monkey World rescues 88 Chilean lab monkeys

One of the 88 monkeys now safely at Monkey World

One of the 88 monkeys

Monkey World rescues 88 Chilean lab monkeys

Eighty-eight monkeys in a South American laboratory have been brought to the UK by the world famous Monkey World primate sanctuary in Wareham.

The Capuchin monkeys were removed from single cages - some less than a metre square - in Santiago, Chile, by Monkey World.

They will now be rehabilitated in purpose built houses at the sanctuary in Wareham, Dorset.

Alison Cronin from Monkey World says: "The monkeys are all unique individuals so some handle it better than others: some are quite gregarious and others are more shy and frightened.

Chilean monkey

Chilean monkey

"But we will have to keep a close eye on them and see what develops."

Alison founded Monkey World with her late husband Jim who helped get this rescue mission project.

Says Alison: "Hopefully Jim's watching and can see what's going on. It's exactly what he would have wanted to have seen - all the rescued monkeys living happily together and getting the opportunity to have a natural life as they should.

Read the full story from the BBC News website and watch the report from BBC South Today.

last updated: 17/04/2008 at 15:10
created: 31/01/2008

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I am so glad this was done!!! I really feel ashamed of the Chileans who have done this. This should be completely banned and enforced by laws!!!

jean murray
thank goodness for compassionate people like jim & alison. monkeys do not belong in cages, especially lab cages where, not only are they deprived of natural behaviour but have pain & cruelty inflicted on them as well.this is a wonderful rescue but need not have had to be carried out if humans hadn't exploited the animals in the first place.

i love monkey world i've been there and will go again i miss jim and cried when aris died xx take care alison xx

Thats alot of monkeys all in one place, but thank god for the monkey rescue centre. Now they can be monkeys as if they were in the wild. Pysciological speaking they are mentally scarred but as you work with them they could overcome problems that may arise. There is no need to research on monkeys these days and any products that are tested on them should not be brought.

shiralee cox
i think that the work that you do is amazing,and i can only envy the fact that you can do what you so obviously love doing

You are in: Dorset > Nature > Nature Features > Monkey World rescues 88 Chilean lab monkeys

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