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28 October 2014

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You are in: Dorset > Nature > Nature Features > A wind farm for Dorset?

The windfarms are 125m high

The windfarms are 125m high

A wind farm for Dorset?

Plans for a six turbine wind farm in the Dorset countryside have been announced, and it's hoped the farm will provide power for up to 10,000 local homes. But what do you think? Have your say.

Wind turbines twice the height of London's Nelson's Column have been proposed for an area in rural Dorset.

If the construction of six 125-metre high turbines goes ahead, it will be the first wind farm in the south.

The wind farm is proposed for East Stoke

The wind farm is proposed for East Stoke

It would be capable of providing electricity for up to 10,000 homes in the area.

The site selected is a quarry called Masters Pit, in East Stoke, between Wool and Wareham.

The men behind the scheme - the owner of the quarry, and the energy company Infinergy - believe the wind farm would make a useful contribution to the area.

"We have to invest in renewable energy"

Esbjorn Wilmar, the MD of Infinergy, which has wind farms in Europe, says "Wind is a source we have to make use of to protect against climate change and invest in renewable energy."

But local resident Geoffrey Edwardes is concerned about the visual impact on Dorset's countryside.

He says: "The impact here would be a beautiful valley dominated by the turbines almost the height of the Purbeck hills themselves."

Local support of the project, named 'Alaska Wind Farm', is crucial as a similar wind farm proposal back in 2004, for the Lower Winterbourne area of Dorset, were scrapped after opposition.

The local authority, Purbeck District Council, has previously stated it has a commitment to encouraging renewable energy sources.

The plans are currently subject to a period of public consultation. More details of the project and consultation process can be found on the project's website.

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created: 02/01/2008

Have Your Say

Do you think this wind farm should be built? Leave your comments below.

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

what the hells wrong with them it could save the next generation we need these they will help and i don't see why people don't like them they WILL HELP all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whats all the fuss, its a great way of getting reusible energy and it doesnt harm the enviroment...and you cant say its 'visual pollution' cos there way 2 cool i mean have you seen them, there pretty damn awesome you have to admit i wouldnt mind one!

Feelix Mulhern
I think wind turbines are pretty and remind me of teletubbies

I have lived in Dorchester near Weymouth all my life and I think wind farms are a good idea. Just because they are put where we live we cannot suddenly think badly of the idea. I think that wind turbines are akin to sculptural artwork in a way...i think that they would look wonderful out to sea. And in any case, who are they impacting on out at sea? I never want to see nuclear power in the is it a renewable clean idea to produce nuclear waste that will remain radioactive for millions of years and will have to be buried or dumped at sea for future generations to deal with. I would rather have a wind farm on my doorstep anyday.

Take one of the most scenic parts of the country an ruin it by erecting wind turbines......sums up everything that is wrong with this country.

Abbie pagen
I think they are good environmently but when it comes to beautiful scenery their not very good i think they should decorate them

I think it is a very good proposal and should be built. Wind turbines would look a lot nicer than the redundant Winfrith Nuclear power station and would be a lot easier and cheaper to remove if a better form of electicity production was found. Winfrith Nuclear power doesn't produce electricity any more. In comparison not only does it look awful but with radioactive waste, is going to be dangerous in itself and cost a fortune to manage. I really hope the Wind Farm wins.

Jane Thomas
There are other more efficient ways of producing this energy, whilst I am not against wind farms this location is totally inappropriate being in the centre of such a sensitive area that is an area of outstanding natural beauty. there are other locations in the country or out at sea that would be more suitable.

Wind farms all the way! They look pretty impressive. I'd prefer to see wind turbines than manky old coal or nuclear stations polluting our countryside. Stop being grumpy old negative buggers and support it. Think to the future!

Rosemary Cutler
They are too close to Houses, also are not suitable for the area as The Purbecks are something special in terms of outstanding natural beauty.

i think that wind farms are an excellent idea. i can't think why anyone could be against them. They are not ugly and will not ruin our countryside views. What will ruin our countryside is global warming, people are just far to ignorant to realise, they are more interested in themseleves than the welfare of the world. ABOUT TIME SAVE OUR PLANET

Michelle Warren
The only people to benefit from these wind turbines is the landowner and the company provding the turbines. The little electricity produced from these turbines goes back into the national grid and does nothing to help purbeck residents at all. People need to be given actual and correct facts as to the noise of these things and the cost and not lied to. A lot of people in the surrounding area will lose money on their properties which they have worked very long and hard for. So before we say what is all the fuss about think if you would like an actual turbine in your back garden!

These wind turbines are not to be judged on their elegance! Objectors can argue that they disfigure the countryside, which is what they do.You cannot argue that you want these turbines because they are pretty, you can only argue as to whether they produce electricity efficiently or not. Even six hundred windturbines will not produce the energy of a nuclear or coal fired station. What are you going to do on becalmed days? are you prepared to foot a 29% increase in your power bills before they even get built? do you think the British economy will be revitalised because they will be built in this country, wrong. They will be built in Holland or Germany where they are already being dismantled as being proved to be a useless inefficient form of energy. Your argument is childish and naive, and on a hot night when your windows are open and when you can hear the sound of them , what then? so the directive from the EU is to build 20,000 of them by 2020, -not 600!! how lucky you are to have grown up with peace and quiet and uninterupted views and the freedom to enjoy a wide variety of birdlife etc.Let us all concentrate on being less wasteful with our energy, put more jumpers on,dry your clothes over the bath or line when it is dry outside. switch off lights and computer and TV etc when not needed. Use a coldwash detergent for your clothes wash.Make sure your hotwater tank is free of limescale. use a filter for your water to use in your kettle. Have an efficient fridge and freezer. encourage the business area you work in to turnoff aircon turn down the heating and switch everything off at the end of the day. By using less power we are then doing the right thing!!

b e cramp
people should not be allowed to object to wind farms

David Burland
Waste of space, put a nuclear station back at Winfrith!

I think wind farms are a blot on the landscape

Jemma Kirkbride
Having grown up in wool and knowing the area well I have often wondered why we have not invested in wind farms and welcome this proposal. I myself do not think that they greatly disfiguring the countryside, infact quite the opposite. They offer an elegant and hypnotic means of providing renewable energy and as a yound adult today i would much prefer to see 600 windturbins across the coutryside rather than one nuclear power station regardless of its location.

Dave Maidment
Can anyone explain to me how I can switch on a light or cook a meal if the wind is blowing?

Mad Margo
Wind Farms are ugly looking contraptions and create a huge negative impact on the countryside. Over the last couple of months where I live, in the beutiful dorset countryside, there has not been enough wind to dry my washing, let alone drive a turbine. Nope, as ever, this is all about the landowner seizing the opportunity to make money from the now depleted resources of his land!!!!!

MJ Sanders is quite right. Tell us how often these monstrosities actually produce their quoted small output. You would need to cover Dorset completely with these things to match the output of even a modest nuclear power station. Buid them well offshore if you like, then you might get a meaningful utilisation factor, but not so much money to be made? Oh dear no. On this subject, statistical truth should make the decision easy, but trendy ignorance may well prevail. Very sad.

Kate Watts
About time, SAVE THE PLANET!!!!!

Dave Upton
Wind farms are not the answer.They are inefficient and are about 30% efficient.When the wind does't blow or is to fast what happens then?We have a coast line so use tide power.

Mary Bonner, Wareham
How exactly do they make these giant monstrosities? Surely the amount of pollution they cause whilst being produced far outweighs any environmental benefit they might have.

Alistair H.Cooke Master Mariner
Yes they should go ahead, off Amsterdam there are numerous Wind Farm Installations & they provide electricity to a lot of houses in Holland. When I have finished installing the 70 there we are moving the Barge to offshore Sweeden to do the same there

M J Sanders
Wind farms are an expensive and unreliable method of generating a trivial amount of energy whilst greatly disfiguring the countryside wherever they are installed. The Alaska project should be stopped and a new generation of nuclear build started urgently to produce large quantities of power, safely and reliably and at affordable cost.

Gilly in Weymouth
Yes it should be built - and more. We have just come back from Gran Canaria where there are a great number of turbines and they can only be for the good of the planet using the wind to make power. Windmills have been used for hundreds of years so what is the difference? It is stupid not to use energy that is freely available. I am all for them.

Surely the resources should be spent on educating the local people on energy saving techniques and supplying energy saving light bulbs rather than ruining a place of natural beauty??

You are in: Dorset > Nature > Nature Features > A wind farm for Dorset?

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