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13 November 2014

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Brewery Square

Brewery Square

Dorchester developments

Building work is underway on a £100 million development scheme that will transform the centre of Dorchester. Developers will replace the town's former brewery with 11 acres of shops, restaurants and apartments.

Building work is underway which will double the size of Dorchester's town centre.

Developers plan to update the town's former brewery, transforming the area with 11 acres of shops, restaurants and apartments.

Andrew Wadsworth from Brewery Square Limited believes that the regeneration is long overdue.

Brewery Square

Aerial view of Brewery Square

"These developments will provide Dorchester with all the facilities that one would imagine it has but in fact, it doesn't have."

The plans will turn the derelict brewery in to a 4 star hotel, leading on to a continental-style piazza with a fountain and cafes.

Dorchester South train station will also be transformed to become the country's first solar powered railway station.

"I think it's a good thing for Dorchester," said resident Jon Callan. "But we don't want to lose the town's charm and attraction either."

West Dorset District Council decided unanimously to approve the multi-million pound scheme.

With demolition work complete and building work well underway, Brewery Square should be completed in 2009.

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created: 10/07/2007

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Stephen Hammond
650 flats, Where will all the people come from?Can we have a big park instead :)

Rob Turner
I worked at this site for over 16 years for Eldridge Pope and while it is quite sad it is about time sleepy Dorchester discarded the boring image and moved into the 21st century. It will be great for employment and bring in vast amounts of tourism and make this town talked about worldwide.

Andrew Wadsworth. Director: Brewery Square Ltd
To Barbara Pettard; we are not tearing down any of the listed buildings; they are all being restored and converted to new uses! And there are no downtown Chicago skyscrapers. To everyone else; thanks for your very positive comments; much appreciated. Apartments tend not to attract those with children so the impact on schools should be minimal. About 200 affordable homes are planned of various tenures; Low Cost Market, Shared Equity, Key Worker and Social Rented. The Open Market housing is also designed with a range of sizes to appeal to all. Look forward to seeing you at the Marketing Suite when it opens in April; register on the the web site and we'll send you an invite:

Colin D Jury
it is about time we had some healthy competition in Dorchester looking to see it completed

Barbara Pettard
I think it looks like something from downtown Chicago Illinois, or perhaps Dallas Texas. it appears to be a type of thing we do here in the states, which works here,as we are not tearing down beautiful old buildings to build some thing "MODERN" & NEW" I live in Dorset part of the year & I love it. and to see it turned into a FACSIMILE OF ONE OF THE UGLY American cities, is appaling. and sad.

Keith Horn
So many more apartmenst but still no extra school. Thomas Hardye does a great job but needs to be expanded and modernised to cope with this

Paul Brewer
Totally agree that it's an opportunity for Dorchester to go forward so let's not have another toy town like we've ended up with at Poundbury!

joshua thorpe
really good idea... lets make it better than the horrible eye-sore that is Poundbury! just what dorchester needs.

Chris Byrne Dorchester
Very nice – but will anyone from Dorchester be able to afford to buy accommodation of any sort?

keep the old brewery as it is .

cecilia mcIntyre
Great, especially a theatre. Please, please, please don't ape the architecture from Poundbury. It is out of character for Dorset and its' influence is beginning to filter into villages, spoiling them. Let's have something tasteful to go with the character of Dorchester

jack greaves
Yes this offers a great opportunity, let it not be wasted like Poundbury has which is now a scar on the landscape of Dorset, a pathetic cobbled together fragments of Gloucestershire and poor imagination which should never have been given planning permission, please do not make a similar mistake in central Dorchester

You are in: Dorset > Places > Places features > Dorchester developments

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