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24 September 2014

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Jim and Alison Cronin at Monkey World

Jim and Alison Cronin at Monkey World

Monkey World's Jim Cronin remembered

Conservationists across the world shocked at the sudden death of Monkey World's founder Jim Cronin in March 2007. His widow Dr Alison Cronin spoke to BBC Dorset about her mission to keep his dream alive at the county's ape rescue centre.

Jim Cronin's sudden death in March 2007 shocked conservationists around the world. But none more than his wife, Dr Alison Cronin.

Alison is now in sole charge of Monkey World, the ape rescue centre near Wareham. She spoke to BBC Dorset about her late husband's legacy and how she plans to fight on for monkeys suffering abuse and neglect.

Jim Cronin, founder of Monkey World

Jim Cronin, founder of Monkey World

The early days

Monkey World houses 165 monkeys and apes but it wasn't always so big. It started as a small idea, sparked in Jim Cronin's mind as he worked as a keeper at a zoo in Kent.

"Jim has always been a very passionate person", says Alison. "That word would sum him up in one."

It was while he worked in Kent that he learnt about the plight of the chimpanzees being worked in Europe on the beach as photographers prop. He vowed to find a home for every single beach chimpanzee that was rescued.

Monkey World might have started out small, but the reception the couple received in Dorset was vital for the centre's survival. The level of local support was proven time and again, and allowed Jim to expand the park as he rescued more and more monkeys.

Protecting monkeys from abuse

Protecting primates from abuse and neglect was always Jim's driving force. That ranged from preventing abuses found in the pet industry in this country, to saving the victims of animal smugglers in South East Asia.

A few years ago, Jim and Alison discovered the largest smuggling operation of orangutans in the world. They posed as buyers, going in to the markets and collecting evidence which they presented to the Thai authorities.

Most of the monkeys they have saved have been repatriated to countries like Indonesia. But some come back to live at Monkey World in Dorset.

Alison's promise to Jim

Before Jim died, Alison promised to continue the work of Monkey World. She is looking forward to going to Chile this summer to bring back some capuchin monkeys.

Jim had been planning the trip before he died. Alison says that if this trip is successful, there will be another group of monkeys owing Jim their safety and protection.

Jim's impact and legacy

Royal Marine Jez Hermer is one of those rallying around Alison to see her through this difficult time. He befriended the couple when he tried to rescue a baby chimp in Africa.

Calling Monkey World on a satellite phone on a UN mission, he enlisted the help of Jim and Alison to nurture the chimp back to full health.

Jez says that Jim's lasting legacy is that he changed people's attitudes towards conservation.

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Nick Gould
Alison, like a lot of people,I only recently found out that Jim had passed away. You two made a fantastic team along with the excellent staff like Jeremy at Monkey World. I really admire what you do and may you long continue the great work that you do. We miss seeing Jim but will never forget him.

vera molina
hi alison iam so a sorry abouts jim death my condolances to you and your family vera molina el paso texas zoo volunteer

michelle lavelle
jim and alison cronin deserve so much respect for the work they have done over the years since monkey world opened. With jim gone,alison has done brilliant work in keeping things going. i watch the programme alot and wish i could help in some way. i would go as far to say that if i lived near dorset i would even apply for a job there. keep up the good work alison. your a star!

michelle lavelle
jim and alison cronin deserve so much respect for the work they have done over the years since monkey world opened. With jim gone,alison has done brilliant work in keeping things going. i watch the programme alot and wish i could help in some way. i would go as far to say that if i lived near dorset i would even apply for a job there. keep up the good work alison. your a star!

janet foker
jim has done a wonderful job and will be dearly missed give my cindolences to alison god bless her for continuing his work he will be very proud of her xxx

I have only recently discovered the programmes made about Monkey World. I have become addicted to watching them daily on the Animal Planet channel. It is heart-warming to see the love and care that the late Jim Cronin and his wife Alison gives to the primates in their care. Jim was a very special man and Alison must miss him terribly, however, his legacy lives on at Monkey World. I wish Alison and her wonderful team all the best for Monkey World's future.

Very sad news to here Jim Cronin died.He as done a tremendus job at Monkeyworld saving all the ill treated MONKEYS, Chimps are my favorate animal.I av adopted a chimp named RODDERS i am going to visit him in sept 09 CANT WAIT!!To Alison you are doing a fantastic job.You and your staff are brilliant at what you do.pity i live so far away or i would give you an helping hand.Keep up the great work!!GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

Mo Boothroyd
I know it's 2 years since his death but only became aware of it 3 weeks ago watching Monkey Life which we did not get in Australia on our satellite channels. All I can say is wow, what a wonderful man. He and Alison have shown bravery just be facing the situations they have head on, and their dedication to bring suffering to an end wherever they could. Huge admiration for them both and wish her well in the future.

tracy orrey
i visited your park today 13th june 2009, what a fantastic place, it was a dream to see the monkeys and to see how happy they appear to be, i think the work you do there is second to none and jim would be proud of you all.

joyce o'neil
i did watch monkey world a lot, for a time, & then started to watch it again, i didn't know Jim Cronin, had was heartbreaking to hear, he was a very good person, my heart goes out for his family, & wife Alison, you are doing a wonderful job, looking forwards to coming to monkey world this year,we are very proud of what you both have done, all the very best to you Alison, & your team of workers,you all work so very hard,

Only the good die young! He has done so much good thinks, we love the programme! Alison keep up the good work! love to you xx
estoy triste por la muerte de jim , muy joven . DIos bendiga monkey word, ya todos los que la apoyamos en el mundo (I am sad by the death of jim, very young. GOD bendiga monkey world, already all the ones that we support it in the world)

jane charlton
It took me several episodes before I reslaised Jim did not appear.As a recent widow but after 55 years of marriage my heart goes out to Alyson and the only comfort I can offer is that the pain does get ess acute and work is a great help. All the very best with Monkey world and keep the programmes coming.We shall never forget him.Jane Charlton

Helen from Holland
Monkey Business is my most favourite programme on Animal Planet and once again I am reminded of the great team looking after primates and making sure they're well taken care of. We should all remember the great work that Jim started and continue to support his work and support Alison in her struggle to rescue primates. We all love what you're doing and admire your efforts and continuing struggle. We love the programme and learn so much about it. It's great. May God bless you and your work.

Elrine Greig
Bless you, Alison, for the courage to go on - in South Africa, the Monkey World show is one of the favourite programmes - hang in there, Honey!

love what your doing may god bless you both

Margaret Lavender
Absolutely amazing and wonderful work which gave Jim much happiness when he and Alison rescued a chimp and the others after seeing them in appallingly sad situations.I am so enjoying re-watching Monkey Business and Monkey Life on Animal Plant.It's wonderful to see through the years, the small babies grow in strength and independence due to Jim, Alison, Jeremy and all the dedicated staff at Monkey World.What a dreadful shock it must have to Alison to lose Jim but I hope the strength of his convictions, and your own Alison, has give YOU the strength to carry on your dedicated work. I know what you are missing as my husband died unexpectedly 4 years ago. Today (24th May 2009) would have been our 51st wedding anniversary.I send you all my very sincere good wishes - love fromMargaret Lavender


Marina Dorscia (Hull)
Like those very special few we lose for example like Dian Fossey, Steve Urwin, Jim will always be rememered as so many have said, and he will indeed. Its been just over two years now since Jims death and i hope Alsion is coping and carrying on the good work. Remember Alison behind every good man or woman stands a very special some one who also has that passion and drive, as Jim did. Our love to you Alison as you continue with yours and Jims work. I am sure there have been some dark days but as you know,when you look in to the eyes and the expressions on those little faces that you see every day will keep you grounded and strong as well as focused. look after you and keep up the good work. much love xxx

Kelly Cooper
I have enjoyed all the programmes. Monkey world has helped so many apes may it long continue

I wish Monkey World all the best for the future. Keep on the good work and go for it.

Sharon Grant (South Africa)
I watch Monkey Life on animal planet and think the work you do is fantastic!!! I take my hat off to you!Well done Alison.

I was shocked to to see In Memory of Jim Cronin. I trial to find som explanation, but this happen. I`m whit Alison. I believ that she continues her work at Monkey World.

helene aitken
So so sorry to hear about jim the beloved protector of the primates. He loved them so and his joy could be clearly seen whenever he and Alision would finally succeed in any of their hard fought rescues. Just couldn't believe it when I saw the film was dedicated to his memory. Be strong Alison so that you could continue the good work which you and Jim have done. Those darling primates need you all the more now. Rest in peace Jim even though you would continue to look over the Monkey World and give your loving spiritual guidiance to everyone there that give such devotion and dedication to those wonderful charges. The world has lost a good good man and you were a great inspiration and would be sorely missed. Please let me know how to make a donation.

Eileen Helen Uppheim
Jim Cronin's passing is such a loss for animals, however I'm sure Allison will meet the challenge of saving monkeys and apes with the same passion as her husband. I've yet to visit Monkey World but it's high on my list of things to do the next time I'm home in England. Good luck and well done to everyone at Monkey World! Keep up the fantastic work!! :-)

Sheila Bennett
We love the programme and watch regularly. We think you have all done more to educate people about the plight of the monkeys than any other programme.We love Jeremy and hope Alison can continue with and expand the programme to rehabilitate monkeys around the world.What happened to the Capuchin monkeys from Chile - we are waiting to see them arrive in the UK!

wilma blackley
it was so sad to hear of the death of jim alison and jim were like family to me and my husband sadly missed,im sure alison will carry on the good work,but she will miss jim terrible they worked so hard for all primates.good luck allison and all the workers love you all,i will watch you every day all the very best from wilma from stockport, xx

kelli jones
Just been watchin monkey life and was absolutly shocked to learn that jim had died 2 yrs ago.I think they are all wonderful people that work at mokey world but if it wasn't for jim and alison it wouldn't be a reality.I send my condolances to Alison keep up the spectacular work girl sorry for your loss
keep up the good work ... thanks

Sue and Dave Hankinson
We still miss Jim on the programme. It just didn't seem fair that God would take such a good man so early in his life. Alison must be so proud of the achievements at Monkey World which we visited last summer. Keep up the good work everyone - it is very much appreciated by all your visitors and we're sure by all the inhabitants at Monkey World. God Bless Jim for all his wonderful work.

Maivy Byggmark Sweden
We are coming to Monkey World in september and we hoipe to meet you Alison and to give you a warm hugh and thank you for what yo u and Jim has done, and we pray that you will find strenght to carry on.

Janice Shell
I also was shocked to see In Memory of Jim Cronin and found out on the internet when Jim had died. I can't believe it is nearly 2 years ago. Such a shame, I feel so sorry for Alison. The programmes are so funny especially Jeremy and the chimps. I'm sure Alison will make Jim proud as she continues her work at Monkey World.

mary terzza
my son & my self love to watch monkey world, it shows that ther are some good people in this world, keep up the good work

Brenda Shepherd
It was with shock that I read in the credits "In memory of Jim Cronin". I regularly watched this programme as my late father Bill Collard, also rescued and bred chimps and orangutangs on a smaller scale. He was the first person to breed orangutangs in South Africa, I do not know under what circumstances Jim died but it was a great loss to the primate world. What I used to enjoy most was the excitement and enthusism on Jim's face. Please give my heartfelt condolences to Dr. Allison and congratulate her on carrying on her husband's dream. She is a remarkable woman to take on the plight of animal cruelty mostly due to ignorance.

Neil Robertson
I've had the very great pleasure to visit Monkeyworld twice and on both occasions it left me wanting to visit the park again. I, like most people, found out about this pogramme from watching Monkey Business on Animal Planet and from there my admiration for Jim and Alison began.

Steve Foo
Jims passion for the Monkeys and the work he did was inspiring and with alison and her team i am sure it will continue. RIP Jim

james g
i love monkey world i am 11 and watch all the time my mum said it is very sad that jim passed away but also said that when you pass away your spirit is always present in all that you have acheived in your life so jim must have a very big one because he has done alot and helped alot of primates just the same as alison if i was her i would be very proud of finding such a good man to be her soul mate and tell her he is still around helping her she just cant see james gillies

Jim Cronin and Steve Irwin must be having a great time together! Thank God for sending angels like them to earth to champion the cause of animal abuse.

Ingrid Lewis
It is a sad day for me. For a long time I have not been able to watch Monkey World on Animal planet, and today I watched and enjoyed the program but missed Jim's presence. I was taken with sadness when at the end I saw that the program was in his memory. Alison I will pray for you and Monkey World as I believe in what you are doing. Stay strong, the primates of this world needs you. Ingrid

brian whittaker
alison keep up the good work

Hi there, we are following Monkey World on telly on a regular basis and will come and visit in May 2009. Can't wait to see the place in person. Our kids are very impatient. So are Mum and Dad!!

maggie kendall
your programme has given me such pleasure and i watch it every evening . It is so uplifting and infrmative.I was so sorry to hear of the trgic death of jim cronin.My sympathy and condolances to alison.

Joan Cue
Jim is such a miss on the programme. Its still hard to believe he's gone.

corry attanasio
geweldig werk doen deze mensen ga zo door ik heb veel respect voor deze vrouw. (Rough translation from DUTCH to ENGLISH: Great work these persons moved so through I have much respect for this woman)

Claire in Ireland
Sory to hear about Jim. You both have done amazing work to keep the place running. Truely Amazing x x

pedro m.gomez moreno
Dear Sir/Madami m a apassionate manfor the monkeys.i would like to work with you .what can i do?
Your work made a big influence in my life! Te way I see the animals being used as a pets or in the movies is completely different than before , //thank you

Jim will never be forgotten,keep up the good work Alison & all the wonderful staff

Diane Howes
Hi Alison i have watched your programme for about two and was very shocked and saddened by Jim`s death my husband and i came down for my birthday last week a lovely place reconized some of the monkey`s keep up the good work well done to you all x

Dom Youles
we (my wife and i)met/saw him at monkeyworld, you could sense the passion he had for his work.

nico de reus
what jou and jour husband have don is so good keep going on save they apes
need to connect to Alison re continuing Jims and your work in the Middle EastRegardsDom

hello i watch your program all the time and ive just lernt off jims death ,i think Alison and jim did a great job ,and i love your program so much,and i lwill always watch more

jenny ansell cornwall
I just love monkey world.its wonderful to see how close the staff are to theircharges,I wish it were do a great job. I planto visit soon.

Sandra Wilson
This man was an inspiration to each and every one of us.He had true compasion and love for the creatures he rescued I wish I had met him.What a lovely man he was.

i watch all the episodes of money world and think that what alison and her late husband jim cronin do is absoluetly outstanding i have never been to monkey world yet but would love to and will soon hopefully be visting .

Sandie Wingvist
I think Jim Cronin did a really excellent job at monkey world and I really admire his work and the work of Alison and all the rest of the people at monkey world. Keep up the good work.

alison garvey
sorry to here about alisons husband.the last time i went to monkry world i found it was a nice& natural place for the animals to live i hope to go back.

Karl Stimpson
I am shocked at finding out about Jims Death so long after.What an amazingly kind man who with the support of his wife and team have changed the attitudes of many.Blessings to his family and team. Keep up the righteous fight.Much Respect.

Carol Marais (KZN - South Africa)
An Amazing couple. Jim's legacy lives on in Monkey World. Sympathies to Alison and all the wonderful staff at Monkey World

linda Ward
What a fantastic guy, I watch Monkey world every night on Chanel 5 ans I am fasinated. Well done to you all I am sure that Jim would also be proud of you all

Karen Powell
I watch your program everytime it comes on and i love the work you do for the monkeys. You and Jim have done s well to find the abused and ill treated monkeys everywhere best wishs Karn Powell

wendy trounce
I feel passionate about the work being carried out at Monkey World and nothing has captured my heart in quite the same way. I hope to visit this year and really cant wait. I was saddened by Jim's passing and I feel elated that Alison is carrying on without him. Yours most sincerely

Emma Burnett

Michelle Collett
I am a regular visitor to monkey world and admire all the work that Alison and her late husband Jim have done. Monkey work is a credit to them and i hope to see all the chimps and orangs again this year. Keep up all the good work.

i had the great pleasure of meeting jim at monkey world and the shock of his death was devastating, but what he has left behind is hope and love to all the monkeys apes etc out there and to prove to this so cruel world that man is apes best friend xx sadly missed xx well done all at monkey world a great job x

elizabeth holmes
i am sorry to hear about jim death me and my husband come to monkey world 3 week befor my husband in 2005 i hope i get change to come and see you again because you and jim was very nice to me and my husband we talk to you and jim in your office i send my best wish to you and all the staff and wish you all the very best love elizabeth

Joanne and Terry Davis Liverpool
What a special bond Jim had with the chimps and primates. How can we have rapists, murderers living into old age, when somebody who has done so much good dies? He set up a good educational and conseration centre at Monkey World which his lovely wife and visitors and viewers to his programme will, some in a small way, continue his work and love of innocent primates who, because of man, have been mistreated and robbed of their freedom. His family must be very proud of him. We know we are. His life was very worthwhile.

Carol Wing
Hi Alison so sorry to hear the sad loss of Jim it was such a shock I've been watching Monkey Business for a while Iwatched Monkey Life on sky last nite and at the end it said In Memory of Jim I was in shock So glad you and the rest of your colleagues are keeping up the good work and his memory living on in the monkey world I love watching Jeremy in with them too Keep up the good work Alison Take care

Karen Doughty
I was socked to hear of the death of Jim Cronin. It will be a great loss, I was glad to hear his lovely wife is carrying on their woderful work and I wish her all the very best.

Vivienne Murphy
How many of us will be able to say our lives have made a difference - Jim has certainly made me realize life must have some real meaning - a wonderful wonderful educationalist - May You Rest in Peace

I love watching monkey world and at the end of the show saw in memory then just went on here to find out. What a shock so much he and his wife has done. Rest in peace Jim your wife has been a true and dedicated lady to the zoo.God Bless all who work there

David & Jane Cole
As with many others we are hooked on Monkey World TV and the amazing work Jim & Alison with their team are doing for our close relatives! Jim will always be remembered for making his dreams come true.Alison keep strong and we all look forward to many more years of reading and viewing the superb work you and your team will complete.

nina ahmed, essex
ive been watching monkey business and been hooked on it, hardly ever missing an episode. today watched monkey life on sky and noticed at the end of program in memory of jim cronin. i didnt know he passed and such a tragic loss as he has done so much for these primates. loved the program and the people who have made monkey world what it is now. all the best to monkey world and all the best to alison.i would have loved to have been a part of the team who has achieved so much.i love animals especially primates.sorry for your loss alison, jim lives on in you

Peter Newey
A very late follower to Monkey Business on the Animal Planet satelite staion. It did not take long to become an addict. just discovered tonight on Chanel 5 that Jim was dead. So shocked. What a passionate man he was for all primates and all wild life. He opened my eyes and brain to a greater perception of our cousins. A great man who will be sorely missed. Thank you Jim

Steve Batey
The passion and love for the task in hand always shone through.

Craig McBallard
Jim Cronin was amazing and will be missed! Glad Monkey business is back on!

Sharon Green
I couldn't believe on seeing, at the end of a programme from Monkey World "In memory of Jim Cronin. I am absolutely shocked and so very sad. What a wonderful man and what a tragic loss to us all. His care and empathy with these exceptional animals was an absolute delight to watch. I wish Alison well and hope she will have the strength and courage to move forward as she is doing with Jim's amazing work.

'To live in the hearts we love is not to die' Carry on the good work Alison, Jim will be with you every step of the way.

Ansie van Zyl
Will there be new series of monkey bussiness? is Charlie still alive,the old toothles one?I am very sorry for him.So sad Jim is gone,best wishes Dr.Alison

I watch Monkey World on Sky and then I saw it was also on Five. It was here that I read "the late Jim Cronin" what a shock. Bless him & Alison for the wonderful work they do & Alison will continue tod

ann rush
to all the staff &allison u all do a great job i love the program so much i watch every day. me & my disable hubby is comein to monkey world this summer i cant wait to see u all am very sad to here charli passt away on feb xxxx i love you alllll & jarmany x

tina mcauley
jim and my husband were both ill at the same time alison and i both lost a love one,both were called jim,they will walk beside us both for ever,god bless you alison.xxxxxx

dawn espin-smith
i have been truely moved by the work jim yourself and the team have n are doing and look fordward 2 seeing you all soon i feel like i know you n the monkeys so well im just sad that i wont be meeting jim keep up your good work ailson x


Elizabeth Close
Jim and you are doing great work, I have only just found this site(new to computers) sorry to hear he has gone, take care Alison and comfort in all you both acheived together.

Jack Hamilton
To Alison and all that do such wonderful work at Monkey World... You are an inspiration to all of us who care about the plight of these wonderful souls. I feel as if I have come to know you, the staff and most of the Chimps at M.W. Your work is so important to the survival of these beautiful creatures. Jim and Charlie are so missed by myself and my family. They have touched our lives in the most profound way. We will keep them and you in our thoughts and prayers always.

Rachelle G
Monkey World is cool and Jim's work has paid off

carole davies
been setting my sky plus to record two episodes of monkey world every day. i fell in love with charlie, thought jim and alison were fantastic human beings to be doing what they do to save all these apes,i admire them sooooo much. i have just read about the death of jim .i am so shocked, please send my love and thoughts to alison and well done to her for carrying on this wonderful work. im also upset at the passing of charlie, but thanks to monkey world he had a good and happy life. i would also like to send my love to jeremy, who is such a good mate to the apes,monkey world has now become a huge part of my life and i wish you all well and hope to be meeting some of you this summer when i will be visiting monkey world.carole xxx

Jeanette Beaupain (Holland)
Now it's februari 2009, and still I find it hard to believe that Jim is gone. I'm writing this because he just 'made me think of him' a few minutes ago, and I felt I had to act on it somehow. I'll just say what I wanted to say the first time when I saw your work: You make me proud to be a member of the human race (wich isn't always the case), thank you with all my heart! Yours sincerely, Jeanette.

Caroline Hawkridge
I have been watching the programe on Animal Planet for weeks now and I decided i would look it up on the internet and to my shock I find that Jim had passed away in 2007. Alison you have done a wonderful job with your late husband I hope the good work that you do carries on. My best wishes go out to you and your team at Monkey World. God bless you. Caroline X

melissa edwards
i am absolutlety hooked on the progrmme, i think what jim and alison and all the keepers at monkey world do is fantastic,i am really shocked to find out that jim has passed away, such a loss for everyone,i hope monkey world continue to do their amazing,life-changing work they do for monkeys everywhere.

I AM SOOOO SORRY to have just read about the death of Jim , what a wonderful man he must have been . I watch monkey world every day and decided to look on the internet to find out where it was and got the shock of my life to read Jim was dead . I wish I lived near you Alison as nothing would give me more pleasure than to help you and your staff in any way possable I could . Keep up the good work and god bless you all for your brave work . Deborah x

piet from holland
what a loss.hope he will inspire more people

Anne Osbourne
I was saddened to hear of the death of Jim Cronin. My sympathies go to his wife, Alison and I wish her and her wonderful team all the luck in the world. After watching Monkey Business on TV in Australia, my views and understanding of all primates have changed for the better. Keep up the wonderful work.

I had the pleasure of once meeting Jim and Alison while in Dorset , their passion for the plight of these poor primates was moving , I would put on my boots and work at the sanctuary at the drop of a pin , it is not often enough in life we meet such wonderful people .

michelle thompson
myself and my husband andy would like to say how sorry we are at your sad loss what a wonderful man

sandra wilson
what a wonderful,wonderful man. God speed Alison in keeping his dream alive.

Maureen Sudell
I have been watching monkey world recently and have only just heard of the terrible death of Jim. What a man, so passionate and determined to make a difference to the monkey's of this world. Alison, you must be so proud of the man you married, keep up this good work you are doing. My very best wishes to you, and the team at Monkey World

Brenda Martin
Jim Cronin was a wonderful person I watched him on T.V. with the primates and how much he loved and cared for them. His sudden death was such a shock I lost my own husband 21 years ago and know what a loss it is. I am so glad that his wife Alision and his staff are carrying on his good work. I live in a Northern Ireland but the next time I am in England I will visit Monkey World. I am so looking forward to seeing more of Monkey Business on T.V.God Bless you all

Barbara Murray
I have watched Monkey World on T.V. since it started. I have always felt passionately about wild animals in captivity. I would like to thank Jim and Alison for hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the right way to undo wrongs against these magnificent animals. I found myself shocked and upset to learn of Jim's death, it seems so unfair. With the best felt respect to all the staff at Monkey World, and especially to Alison.

leighton kay
we visited monkey world 3 months after jims passing , as a family of 4 children and we really enjoyed the day there we travelled 150 miles that day we were all so sad about jim , he was a truely great guy

Emma & Stephen Dunn
Currently watching the series on Aniaml Planet and just so awed by the work of everyone. Its such a shame a place like this needs to exist &the animals cant live in peace in their own environment, but thank goodness for people like Jim &Alison. The work that Monkey World does is fantastic. Long may it continue. Hopefully, we will get to visit the centre at some point.

Lynn Cobbold
We as a family always watch Monkey World and would like to say what a good person Jim was and carry on with the good work Alison.

Tina Spasić
Jim was an amazing person. What he did for all those monkeys is unpresidented. The day that he died is one of the most darkest days in all of history, because all animals have lost their ambasador. Like Dian Fossy and Steve Irwin, Jim will be 4ever missed.My condolences to Alice and all of Monkey World. For the future we should all try to make Jims dreams/vision come true. Let's make a better day with Jim in our hearts. Tina, Slovenia

Jacqueline Smith
I visited Monkey World with my husband and two young sons in the first few days of its opening,it was very quiet at the time and we were met by a really nice friendly American guy with dark curly hair.He proceeded to give us a personal tour of the site answering our and the boys many questions as it was the first time we had ever seen apes in such free and open living conditions.I could tell from our conversations with him that he was a man with a dream and that Monkey World was just the beginning of that dream.It was nt until I left that I remarked to a lady working there what a great time I had particularly recieving such personal attention that she told me that the man was the owner Jim Cronin.I hope that he managed to achieve in his lifetime some of that dream and that Alison who I can see from the TV programmes also shares that dream can carry on the good work that they both managed to achieve so far.

val gillott hucknall notts..
hello alison keep up the good work. jim will always be remembered.

Marilyn Harrison Newport South Wales
We love monkey world, it's the second time the series has been on television and we are loving every second of watching it again. We send all our best wishes to Alison and her team keep up the good work. Do you have an adopt a monkey programme I would love to adopt one.

David Denton
I just watched an episode of Monkey Life and noticed that it was dedicated to the memory of Jim Cronin,I visited Monkey World a couple of years ago and met Jim and Alison, what a lovely couple to talk to and what a lot of good they have achieved. I feel very sorry for Alisons loss but as long as there is a Monkey World his memory and his work will go on.

Mark & Rebecca Harris
We visited Monkey World on 30th August 2008 and we both had a fantastic day and had no idea that there was a television series on monkey world until we returned home to Cardiff and we now watch as many programmes as possible.we will definately be going back to Monkey World again and in the meantime keep up the good work.You all do such a fantastic job

Brian Rayne-Pickering
Iv been watching monkey world on tv the last few months, and what a shock to find Jim as died a sudden death.... its not right that some of the best animal men like Jim and the late Steve Irwin of this world have to leave us so suddenly my utter most condolences to Alison and the team at Monkey World. Will see you all soon.Deepest sympathy Brian

Sonja Mollink Stolze South African
We were so shocked to read about Jim. we enjoyed the program even though we see it so much later in south africa. Alison keep up the good work and remember God needed a good person in Heaven and then He saw Jim. He is still there looking after you all.

Ash south africa
I have been watching monkey business for many years and just watched the first episode of monkey life. I was shocked to see it was dedicated to the memory of jim cronin. I respect the work he has done and the legacy he has left behind. My heart goes out to Alison and others close to him. He seemed like a lovely man. Regards from SA

My heart goes out for alison, but jim did a great job and has affected the lives of many - man and monkey

Alan & Barbara Smith - Liverpool
We are both shocked and very saddened by such a great loss. Both of you have been the source of great entertainment over the years and Jim will be sadly missed - and always remembered as e great man.

Antonio Villasenor
From Mexico, I Think that With people Like Jim and Allison they have good opportunity to survive in the future.

Kerry Corrigan
A true ambassador to the plight of all primates. I was introduced to Monkey World by the wonderous technology called DSTV quite recently. Monkey Business being by far my favourite. Jim, Alison and Jeremy have inspired me to want to do more anyway I can. Many a tear I've shed watching the programme, be it a birth or learning the sad histories of these beautiful intelligent creatures. Jim Cronin lives on in this amazing safe haven. I wish Alison and all staff all the very best and can only hope South Africa can one day build a sanctuary like Monkey World. After all, what is Africa doing for its primates. South Africans need to be educated in this field. Many thanks, Count always your blessings and never your losses.

pat crosbie
you are good people may GODbe with you alison as I knowJim is always with youbless you.

Martine Royal
I'm so sorry for your loss Alison, you two made a wonderful team who saved many primates and touched many, myself included. I've only just read of Jim's passing and wanted to express my sincere condolences and sadness and know Monkey World will miss Jim dearly. All the best to you Alison, I'm happy to know monkeys in need still have you.

Martine Royal
I'm so sorry for your loss Alison, you two made a wonderful team who saved many primates and touched many, myself included. I've only just read of Jim's passing and wanted to express my sincere condolences and sadness and know Monkey World will miss Jim dearly. All the best to you Alison, I'm happy to know monkeys in need still have you.

moira & drew brabender.
how we enjoyed jim's enthusiasm and laughter as he worked and plated with the chimps. 'charlie' was our favourite and through jim's dream, we now know a lot about their behaviour and how they are treated. we miss his smiley face already but his memory will live on. thanks jim. thoughts for alison, jeremy and mike are here too. jim was a joy to listen to.

moira & drew brabender.
how we enjoyed jim's enthusiasm and laughter as he worked and plated with the chimps. 'charlie' was our favourite and through jim's dream, we now know a lot about their behaviour and how they are treated. we miss his smiley face already but his memory will live on. thanks jim. thoughts for alison, jeremy and mike are here too. jim was a joy to listen to.

Bilal Teffaha
I would like to extend my sympathies to all at Monkey World and to Alison Cronin. I only started watching Monkey Business recently and was very intrigued by the show and the humble and noble Jim who I thought was inspirational. I jumped on the net to learn more about the show, I was taken back by the sad news, even though it is more than a year later. Just goes to show how much impact Jim still has.

simon atherton
just been watching the new show and saw the 'in memory' credit for jim cronin. very sad to hear of his death and i am sure he is sadly missed. wathched all the 'monkey businass' episodes and both he, his wife and the staff at monkey world have such passion and a down to earth approach that is so refreshing. this is all down to jim and he deserves his legacy to be long lasting. rip jim.

Suzanne Tatman
I regularly watch monkey life the staff are so dedicated and compassionate was saddened to hear about the death of Jim Cronin such a loss feel so sad for Alison God bless you.

ken birmingham
I`m sadened & shocked to hear of Jim`s death, I watch Monkey World every morning here in South Africa & look forward to all th re-runs, keep up the great work that you all do at Monkey World

Diane Cookson
May God bless Jim's soul and give Alison the strength to continue their amazing ministry with animals.


may mehus norway
he is a legend. best wishes to his wife, continue to fight the abuse of the chimps. love the tv series

Susanne Olsen (Denmark)
I was shocked to find out about Jim Cronin.It´s so sad to lose a man like that when the world is in desperate need of such people.My heart goes out to alison,and the rest of his family and friends.

Helena Torrao
My wife and I, have been so inspired by watching your fantastic work on Monkey Business, we would like to know what we can do. We live in South AFrica. We feel so strongly about the plight of primates, that we are prepared to wait another two years for our daughter to finish school and sell up and find a place where we can be of service. my email address: helenashelley@yahoo.comWishing you the best

Shannon Lyons
I'm really upset now, I've just found out Jim Cronin died when I was watching Monkey Life on Animal planet last night, I started crying when the news broke out. I hope everyone at monkey world are ok, Jim was a great man. He stuck to his dream and made monkey world, and now Alison is carrying out his dream.God bless them all.

sabine thomas
I am so sad to hear about Jims death. a great loss he is to the world. I always watch Monkey World and love it. My heart goes out to Alison, family & friends. He was a wonderful man. God Bless you Jim and give Alison the strength to carry on. Love Sabine. xxxx

You were an amazing man jim what you have done for the apes and monkeys is truly remarkale, yours and alisons work will never beforgotten.Your icon so sad that you have gone but happy at what you have acheived.I know it seems hard now alison but your passion and love of jim will make you stronger, and money world will go on and you and your team will continue with jims dreams.god bless alison you truly are a wonderful person and we are all lucky to have known jim cronin and the wonderful things his has done.

Mark Poole
I only found out after the renamed shoe Monkey life said 'in memory of' and I was shocked.With Steve urwin and Jim cronin gone the world is a worse place.He was a truly great man and an inspiration, I am glad alison is carrying on Jim's work and hope her all the best.

Bethany B
what a legend.when i heard about it, i couldn't believe it. He and alison have done sooo much for help all those monkeys and take great care of them. He will be remembered by those around him and all those who watched the programme. I always enjoyed watching and seeing how he shared such a bond with those animals, it was really amazing!My heart goes out to alison.x

mrs campbell
Jim was wonderful man,and will be greatly missed.i will be visiting monkey world in september and hope to see you around alison? keep up the good work XXX

JIM will always be in monkey world watching over all of those he loved dearly god bless you alison

Christopher Turner
I have only been watching the program a little while but thought the plight of both of you to save monkeys was impressive to say the least. Only the good die young , it's true.

Susan Seeger
I am ashamed to say that it was only today watching Monkey World with my 12 year old son that I realised that your husband had died. My sympathy to you and all your family. I wish you strength to continue and I have no doubt that you will.

Ian and Julie Martin
An inspiration and a leader of rescusing primates all around the world he will be sadly missed. To his wife Alison goodluck with all your work .

claire and kids....
alison,in 2005 me and my 2 children where havin a very wet 2 weeks in weymouth,it was on the wednesday,still pourin with rain,when i said "come on kids,were off to monkey world"and as soon as i drove into a place called wool,the sun came out,and WHAT A DAY WE HAD..unforgetable...all 3 off us stood on a balcony,rite at the front,it was feeding time..we will never forget CHARLIE,.and alison,we will never forget ur jim...what a great man he was.insperation to us all..u keep up all good work alison,i know he would have wanted u to..god bless ya..

Alison i am so sorry for your loss of a great husband, and a great human being. The world has suffered a A GREAT LOSS ALSO

danny connor
sorry to hear about Jim's death he will always be remebered and missed by all of us

danny connor
sorry to hear about Jim's death he will always be remebered and missed by all of us

claire voutsinas
So sad to hear of jims untimely death.What a legacy to leave behind.So much he still had to do.My condolences to Alison. my prayers are with you. claire

jim has left the most loving kind work any one could ever do .i did not know he had passed away till last prays go with you and his workmates .you are wonderful people the world would be a lovely place if there were more like you and jim .god bless xxxxx

Pat and Alan Gwynn
We have watched Monkey World with interest over a long period of time, and have always been filled with admiration for the work of both Jim and Alison Cronin and all their staff. When we heard about Jim's death we were greatly saddened. The world of Conservation has lost a real friend. Although we have not yet visited the Sanctuary, Jim always seemed such a lovely man, and we feel as if we knew him. I know that Alison is continuing his work and I hope she gained strength at a very difficult time by knowing that so many people admired Jim. Keep up the good work Alison - the world needs you even more now.

peter watson
The world was a better place with you in it Jim,say hi to Rodney for us.

margaret gunn
so sad to hear of jim passing away,my husband and i watch the programe all the time good luck alison,follow jims dream

Dear AlisonWe are watchng the series only now in South Africa. I love the way you and Jim have taught me to love the Chimps.My heart is sore to hear th sad news on Jim passing over.Thank you for all the work you do to save these wonderfull animals.ALL MY LOVEcINDY

my visit to monkey world was fantastic, i adopted "old Chalie", all the staff were friendly and their talks were full of information. will be making lots of returning visits.

Jodie S
With greatest sympathy for alison i've been watching all of the monkey businesses on animal planet and the all new monkey life and i cried as they talked about jim. Jim has been a fantastic rolemodel for me and i idolise him for that i to would like to help save the primates from cruelty and sufference when i am older.God bless jim and God bless alison and thank you for keeping the park open and keeping jims dream alive.

jane taylor
i love the program but when is the next seriers on last seen when alison has a new baby chimp arriving

i just happened apon this site tonight, how can Jim be dead, he is my hero, god bless alison, long live Charlie.xxxxxxxx

jackie campbell
what a great man who showed these animals how to be monkeys and to get back to there roots he is greatly missed

catherine gamba
My heart goes out to you Alison on your sad loss. Jim was a wonderful man, and you are a brave good and wonderful person. God bless you. Catherine

Maureen Smith
I feel so very sad at the news of Jims death,i have watched Monkey Life on TV and always look forward to the next show,what a fantastic thing you all do.My wish is to visit and see all the monkeys that i feel that i have come to know.I would just like to send my condolences to Alison,familyand everyone who do such wonderful work.

Paula Barrett
I have just heard the sad news of Jim Cronin - it is just a sad loss for his family, and the world and good luck to Alison whos carring on with passion on saving many more primates. I have been watching Monkey World since taking my children (born 1991/94) there when we visited Dorset over many years, saw many fabulous changes and had so many memories in the park - and so many many hours just walking around. I would like to pass on my sincere condolences to his family & friends/Colleagues - another great conservationist has been took before his time. RIP Jim - you will be certainally missed by many.

janet jury
My family and I live in staffordshire but i originare from kent.My grandson partner and i watch with such awe and wonder at the fantastic work you do and have done both as a team you two and now alison we watch as often as its on and are planning to visit you in the summer holidays and I for one cant wait we are proud of you and all you do its time people cared and you are such fantastic ambassodors much love and best wishes keep up the great work and we will see you soon jan dunc and josh xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

john hanlon
ive just watched the episode were jim realised he was getting kuki and the sincerity and passion he showed is never lost how many times its repeated.everytime im humbled. god bless him

jim scott
only just found out that jim cronin had died when a tribute came on at the end of monkey life, shocked to say the least, my wife, son and i were lucky enough to meet him on a visit to monkey world in dorset on our honeymoon and we had a lengthy chat with him, very down to earth and a sad loss

Robert Carne
A brave and nobel man who will be missed by all,Wishing alison every success in the future

Denise McNay
I have been watching Money Business and have been overwhelmed at the love and care the monkeys receive from the staff at Monkey World. I have just found out about Jim Cronin's death when accessing the website for the first time today. It made me feel very sad for his family and friends and the monkeys too. He and his wife have done marvellous work helping endangered species. I am glad to hear that his wife intends to carry on his work. My condolances to her and all his friends and family.

Gillian Enkel
He's work was inspirational, the monkeys and apes of this world have lost a true friend. My family will remember him for ever. Truly very sorry for your loss.

Hi, I'm living in South Africa, and your ZOO In Bloemfontein is going to close and I'm very worried, not knowing what is going to the apes and monkeys

vidya shirdish
one of the best couples in the world. Wish Dr. Alison Cronin all the best in her endeavours. Kindly show more episodes of monkey business (not just repeats). This makes children and adults more fond of these animals. We would like to know more about these individual chimps and others.

Gary Harper
You are all at Monkey-World living 'Saints' for the commitment, effort, time, understanding and above all else, the love and care you show to all your most preciouse 'guests.' God bless you all and keep going. I can only say that I have nothing but the upmost respect and admiration for each and every one at the centre and will wish you all the very best,(staff and guests alike)and a special thanks to a great and careing man-JIm Cronin.I'm sure if the animals could talk they would be saying "thankyou" to you all, each and every day!

Bill Western
What a wonderful person Jim was and Alison still is. Such warmth and compassion displayed by both. They had the courage to tackle major issues with animal cruelty and there is so much of it being swept under the carpet.I hope Alison has the fortitude to continue the great work at Monkey World.

Michele Burland
Jim Cronin is the Patron Saint of prime-mates, his work will continue, because not only was he an Angel working on earth, he is an angel working from Heaven.

Jodi (15,liverpool)
I'm really love the animals in monkey world and i have Jim and Alison to thank for thats they have made me relsised about the cruelty to the monkeys around the world and i hope to grow up with the same dream as the pair.I am heart broken jim has passed on.R.I.P Jim - you made it happenJodi x

Kay Hoyle From Halifax West Yorkshire
It's true what they say - only the good are taken so young!! Jim was a true gem of this world and has regained my faith in mankind having just watched all the Monkeyworld series. A huge & sad loss but thankfully for Monkeyworld and Jim there are Alison and all the dedicated, wonderfull & hardworking staff who can carry on the fantastic work. Please let me know where donations can be made which will be secure.

mrs g bell
absoloutley marvelous man,and his wife alison .i love to watch monkey world .and so glad that there are people like jim was to save these monkies from cruelty all over the world,i'm so happy that there are people like them ,because those monkies deserve a better life. i was very sad to hear about the death of jim ,it was a shock when i learnt of all the staff and alison ,keep up the good work.

Liz Handley
A truly inspiring human being who gave so much of himself to the conservation of primates. I am totally in awe of his work and his death reduced me to tears. Good luck to Alison and everyone at Monkey World

Sue McQuilliam
I would just like to say that i've been following the Monkey Life series on Animal Planet and have only just discovered the very very sad death of Jim Cronin. It's a sad loss for the family, monkeys and for anyone interested in ending the cruel practise in the trade of primates....or any animal. I know that the Monkey Sanctuary will continue as per the promise made, however, to have lost such a driven and passionate individual will certainly have left a large void in the community.Finally, my condolences to Alison and the family, also to all those who worked tirelessly with Jim & Allison to save the lost primates.

karen mitchell
the work jim and alison also everyone who works there do a fantastic job i have watched every series of monkey world and hope there will be more.keep doing the good work xx

kris, nyc
I just realised that Jim Cronin died. I came t watch Monkey World while living in Dublin and quickly came to love Jim & Alison and the work that they do. I know that he is with all of the angels and Rodney in heaven. I great guy and a fellow Italian Bronxite! He will be missed and we shall remember.

shiela ionescu
through his well televised monkey business programmes, i felt as though i knew him and loved his passion for the well being of all his rescued monkeys and apes, the world has lost a truly great man and he will be sadly missed all around the world, i wish his wife all the best in her future without him and hope that she finds the strength she needs to continue in her work,

the standard and passion has been set for future generations to follow and build on. Alsion, Jim and their dedicated staff have done a fantastic job in Dorset. Jim's passing is a huge loss but Monkey World is in Alison's very safe hands. Can't wait to visit this summer.

you do great things for monkeys im proud for you keep going and help more furry indangerd frainds

Ann. Denton Manchester
Good luck to Alison and all your wonderful staff Jim was a special man sent to do a special job and he has certainly done that and I think he will go on to impress our future generations God Bless Jim.

marita brammer
iam so sorry and shocked at your loss i always watch your program and you all do a fabulous job with the primates may you all continue

Dawn Jeffers
I am shocked at the passing of Jim. I watched the Monkey world programmes and thought he and his wife were a unique couple dedicating their lives to protection of primates and the stories of Monkey World which I have always found fastinaing. I would like to pass my sincere condolences to his wife who has also worked tirelessly in their cause. He was a brilliant guy and I am really pleased his wife has continued their dream.

Amanda Harris
I visited monkey world last week and saw first hand the great work they do there - the keepers were all so knowledgeable and dedicated. A very sad loss, but an amazing legacy.

Not many people would take on the kind of things Jim did..he was fearless taking on governments and fighting for the good of the chimps...he will be sadly sorry Alison.

cha'miane,Co durham
I hve just found out that Jim had died and I was very shocked to say the least. I have never seen such dedication to wildlife as were jim and alison I pray for jim and also for alison who must have thought her world had fallen apart.Rest in peace jim your work and dedication here in england and around the world will never be forgotten.

chris hart
the world have lost a great kind man r.i.p jim with all your primates up their you saved, keep your kindness going alison x

Ruth Reynolds,Sydney Australia
One of my dreams is to once again visit Britain to see for myself Monkey World, the place I have visited so many times on TV. I hope that Alison is faring well in spite of the sad loss of Jim, one of the few in this life who did what we others only speak and think about. May the legacy of Jim Cronin live on and may Alison, her dedicated team and Monkey World continue to help those that cannot help themsleves. RIP Jim

Gloria Mc Gaw
I was very shocked and sad to hear the news what a great loss to the world his friends and family never missed an episode of monkey business.

your love of jim and the work you did and continue to do will give you the strength to carry on

sandy l smith
i cant believe i have only just heard of jims sad and my late husband gray who only died just ten months ago,really enjoyed watching your programme.we always hoped to visit but sadly ran out of time.alison i know what its like to lose a loved one too soon,my gray was only 58,i like to think all these good people who passed too soon are now able to meet and carry on helping there good work.hope i can get to visit soon and see the wonderful work you have and are doing. god bless.

I've only just heard and I am so upset about it. I'll do what I can to support Monkey World from here on.

what a wonderfull gift to leave the world

mandy smart
jim has done so much for these animals he gave them a life that they never had he will be sadly missed

Jan Kupler
I'm so shocked to hear of Jim's sudden passing.Alison must be devestated and my heart goes out to her. I got hooked on the TV series after the rescue of Trudy.The Cronins and their dedicated staff are a blessing - if we had more of them on this earth it would be a better place for us all.Rest in peace Jim - and be strong Alison- you are loved by so many.I'm so very very sorry for your loss. Jan

jane ford
what a wonderful man if only every body in this world were like jim what a wonderful place it would bew.

Mavis Coxon Leeds West Yorkshire
I was so sad & shocked to hear of the death of Jim what a wonderful man taken far too soon. Love to Alison & the rest of the team you all do such a wonderful job. Jeremy please look after Alison with tender loving care the same as you do to the monkeys. He will be missed by all RIP Jim & look over Alison & all at Monkey World. Love to all Mavis x

Diane and Peter, Sutton in Ashfield
We were both shocked and saddened to learn about Jim's death. Jim has left behind a lasting legacy of worthwhile work. A vision which Jim created and together with Alison continued. He made his mark in this world before he left it and the real winners, all the rescued primates will thank him each day they are safe and happy in their fantastic home at Monkey World. He raised awareness about their plight and did something about it. I am sure you are watching over the centre. Well done Jim you have made a difference.

tania blackpool
well done to every one at monkey world for the fantastic work you do especially alison for carrying on the work which her husband started i admire you and your staff so much keep up the good work R.I.P JIM
Have been watching recent T.V.especially rescue/arrival of the 88 capuchins from Chile.No follow-up are they O.K? I admire your work and will be sending you a donation. Mrs Lesley FILER.

Hi Alison me and my mum have watched monkey world save monkeys all over the world for a very long time and still do.We were very shock when we found out Jim had died we were really upset but none of us will feel how you felt.Bye Taraxxxx

Nicola, Peterborough
Me and My Husband first started watching monkey world on animal planet and we have been hooked ever since we haven't been to visit the centre in dorset yet but we are planning to go in the future,What Jim and Alison have done in highlighting the plight of Primates in the world is amazing with the help of Jeremy,Mike and the other care staff and people behind the scenes of Monkey World Long may people continue to support them so that Jim's legacy can live on.

Sarah Tomkins
You were an inspiration to me and i will always be in awe of the incredible work you did and selflessness which you showed in dedicating your life to caring and rescuing abused primates. God Bless.xx

Donna stephens
I was shocked to hear about jim. I have been watching monkey business on sky. Keep up the good work alison. Myself and my daughter are coming up to see monkey world in august. Cant wait to see charlie and gordon.

sue clarke
i have been watching monkey world on channel 5 for the past few weeks and what a lovely programme and what wonderful work all your staff do to make life so special for the monkeys etc congratulations. I have never been to monkey world but will make sure i do soon i have been to John Apsinals many times in canterbury and hythe and also Jersey zoo and like you they all do splendid work.

Brian, Lowestoft
I was so very sad & shocked to hear of Jim's death. I visited Monkey World about 9 years ago & spoke briefly to Jim. What a wonderful place he & Alison have created. I have told several friends about Monkey World & after visiting they also thought the same. It is so good to know that Alison is continuing the work she & Jim founded. Rest in peace Jim. Your work will never be forgotten.

valerie parker
So very sad the death of such a good man.He made a great impact on animal lovers the whole world round.We just think it..Jim did it!!Forever in our thoughts and minds and trust you to carry on the good in peace..good job done.

Sue Nicholls
Alison & Jim were a wonderful team and a pair of visionaries. It is good to see Alison and her team of helpers continuing to do such great work.

Barbara (Gateshad)
I will be visiting Monkey World for the first time at the end of June. I will be adopting a monkey as well. I will let let everyone know what it was like and who i adopted. Alison keep up the fantastic work you and your staff are doing, Jim will be so proud of you as we all are.

Melanie Smith, Zimbabwe
I never miss an episode of this fantastic program. My deepest sympathies go out to Alison and the rest of the team. Keep up the good work!! I think Jeremey has an amazing touch with this apes!!

I would like to congratulate the team on the tremendous work that they do. i can only watch from my living room at what you manage to achieve. To carry on after the sad loss of Jim, is in itself an act of bravery, and devotion to the cause. May i wish you all the very best for the future.

mary stone

Edit Zusmanovith
I know its been a year, but for many years to come the loss of your Jim will be felt throughout the primate world. Being a Primate Keeper myself, my heart goes out to you and yours and to all the primates in Monkey World for his loss. I'm sure that you will keep your dream alive and have all the help you can get. If you ever need something from this side of the world (Israel), dont hesitate to ask. Thank you for all you do.

Andrew Coleman
i was wondering where jim had gone, after watching the last few episodes on channel 5, only last nite (02/06/08)did i notice the dedication to him during the credits. logged on in the hope that i'd read it wrong, but no. can't believe it, i'm devastated. the world would be so much better with more people like jim in it. as usual, the best ones leave us too soon. but his legacy will of course live on and thats the most important thing. god bless you Jim.

Sarah Bradford & Paul Waldron
Alison and her trusted staff will be able to look after them in a safe enviroment.We hope to visit again soon.

mrs cheryl clark
love the programme have been watching for years even though we live in spain.hope to come and see all the staff and monkeys soon. so sorry to hear of jims death such a wonderful man but he will be watching you alison wherever he is now. lots of love from charlotte my grandaughter and myself.

dawn gourlay
very sad my thoughts are with Alison and his daughter long may his fantastic work carry on

linda blower
what wonderful people you all are, love to everybody concerned with monkey world, please keep up your amazing work with all your super primates

Fay Bates
Dear Alisonplease keep up the wonderful work that you do you are an inspiration.Jim was a wonderful man he will always be sadly missed love to jeremy and mike

Janet Blank
My friend and I was very shocked to hear about jim's sudden death, but we were wondering how did he die

lynda powell
was so sorry to here about jim. Love watching the shows and feel like i know everyone. I hope alison can stay strong. Hopefully i will get to visit before long. best wishes to you all and keep up the excellent work

lisa jefferies
im so sorry to hear about jim i did not now he past away.alison keep up your good work love u all

Tracy Bartley
another one of the good guys gone early. Jim's contribution to Primate welfare was second to none and will never be forgotten


alison you are a very brave lady and you are doing Jim proud keep up the great work.your team are a credit to you and the TVprog is riveting


jo welch
i too love watching monkey world and was so shocked to see jim had passed away.I wish Alison courage to carry on the fantastic work.

June from Jersey
Jim knew the true value of life be it human or animal, he spent his time on this earth trying to put right what many of his fellow humans got so wrong.

June Whitelaw
Jim's early passing confirms what he had achieved in this life, lessons learned. He knew the true value of life, be it human or animal and dedicated his time on this earth to put right a bit of what his fellow humans got wrong.

mr and mrs peter marr
we have been regular visitors to monkey world, and now our daughter is old enough we will be bringing her with us.....i only met jim once breifly but his passion for what he loves was evident, he was a credit to his wife and the plight of the chimpanzees,

wendy shaw
alison our hearts go out to you both yourself and jim were a good team im pretty sure jim will be keeping an eye on you a nd watching the good work you are doing i live in nottinghamshire and wish i lived nearer to you i would love to help out it would be my dream just to hold one of your primates in my arms also alison would you give our regards to jerramy who to me is your right arm god bless you all at monkey life xx

jan richardson
Jim will be sadly missed but with Alison and her great team atMonkey World it will grow and will be forever popular and Monkey Life now on t.v. is just as brilliant.Please keep it going.

sue mcAllister
Thank god for wonderous folk like your Jim ,a true ambassador. May each day , you find continued strength to carry on .God bless you all.

gemma gilvary
just found out jim died im so shocked.i never miss monkey buisness amazing job u both did keep on going alison in jims memory

Malcolm Davies
I always watch Monkey World and it insoires me. I keeped seeing In Memory of the Late Jim Cronin MBE. I did not think it ment the Jim I had watched so much with his dear Wife.My cat Fluffy and myself send love and wishes Malc. RIP.

Anastasia Harris
I think it was very thoughtful of him to take the time out to help the monkeys. Most people wouldn't care to do that.

I am spellbound by your television programme and am humbled by your dedication to the rescue and welfare of these primates.I wish you continued support to carry on this work so selflessy.I am sad to see how much weight Alison has lost since her very tragic bereavement, and hope that she will remain strong to carry on.

Barbara Humphrys
thanks for such a good programme love the monkeys visit monkey world every year such a great placewell don Alison and team

Tamlyn from South Africa
I realise I am repeating what the whole world has stated, but I am truely sorry for your loss. Keep your heart strong and determined, continue to touch the world with your amazing work. You have made me look closer at cruelty to animals instead of turning away in fear. Good Luck to you Mrs Cronin, you have the love and support of an entire nation, may the Lord be with you.

linda lefevre
what a sad shock, a wonderfull program and a wonderfull person just like charlie a great personality and he will be missed by all

Mr & Mrs Symons. Cornwall
We are both saddened by Jim's Sudden death. We visited Monkey World 2 years ago and it is out of this world. We would like to pass on to Alison our heart felt sympathies for her loss, and we are pleased to hear that she is carrying on Jim's good work. We are coming back to see the new changes and bringing the granddaughter with us this time. Your heart made be heavy but both of your love is all around in Monkey World and may it always live on. Keep up the good work Alison and know that Jim will always be there to guild you through.

nicky rowbottom
My husband and i were very saddened to hear the news about Jim. We have been advent followers of \monkey World and the amazing work that you and Jim have done. We are very sad and shocked to hear the news and we send our sympathies Alison and friends.

neil morris
best day out we have had in a long time .so sad to look at the memorial but he left a lasting legacy.

Sue & Billy (Merseyside)
Having just watched an edition of Monkey World tonight, we are both so very shocked that Jim has died. What a sad loss to all. He will always be in our thoughts - it's a pity there's not more like him in this world. Condolences to his wife Alison & family.

liz Valente
My thoughts go to Alison and all Jims family. I know she will keep their passion alive and keep givig us all such pleasure

Melissa Henfrey
I am in shock that Jim has passed away so sudden. The works carried out by Jim and Alison have been amazing. I pray that Alison will continue to keep Jim's dream alive. I love the program and i had one wish and that was to visit Monkey World so my partner took me. I still have my post card of Jim and Alison on my pin board. Alison please keep up the good work and Im sure Jim is watching over you and with you always....

I just wanted say how I and all my family have enjoyed the Monkey World Series and for all the wonderful work Jim, Alison and their team have done over the years rescuing these wonderful primates from suffering and how wonderful they have all found a secure safe home at last. Keep up the good work.God Bless You.

Mrs mandy osborne
i would like to say i am so sorry that jim has gone i came to the park but you both was a away a the time it was nice to see mike on my birthday i know it will be had alison with out jim but me and my husband think taht you are doing a good job keep on helping the monkey i know jim would like you to keep on going from mandy osborne

Mrs. M. Lund
I have watched all of your documentaries and you have done a great job. I am now watching your present series and was upset to see how much weight Alison has lost, grief is a terrible thing l know l lost my husband 7 years ago after 49 years of marriage, please Alison take care of yourself and always know he is there guiding you and watching over you,so look after yourself, and l look forward to many more series of Monkey World.

Shona Giffen
A good man and a tragic loss

Helen Rea
Really love the programme on channel 5 the dedi cation of all the staff is absolutely wonderful. Hoping to bring my grandchildren to Monkey World very soon.

hi my name is chantal and I have adoped pip the littel chimp.

Sandra Rimell
I have recently seen the re-runs of the programme and what a fantastic couple. I appreciate what Alison is going through as I lost my husband suddenly this Feb again suddenly. I can appreciate she is throwing herself into the sanctuary to keep this going as Jim would like. Good Luck to you Alison - go for it.

Deborah Pilgrim
23/05/08 (Australia) My hubby, Mal and I are planning a trip to Europe in August. I love Monkey Business so decided to look up exactly where it is, so we can visit. I had no idea about Jim. I am devistated. I can't believe it. Alison my thoughts are with you xx Jim has bought so much peace into the lives of so many primates, now it's his turn, rest in peace Jim xx From the monkeys of the world Jim, thankyou xx

mrs b evans
iam so sorry to hear about jims death he will be gratly missed.we have just come back from spain and we saw little monkeys still being used to take photos of tourests inthe markets once again my heart gos out to you for your loss may god bless you

Marion Lomax London
Hope the goood work continues. Jim will be missed by a lot of people across the world.

I am so sorry to hear of the death of Jim, His work and dedication to the primates was fantastic.I hope Alison has the strength to carry on his excellent work.Good luck xxxx

i am deeply shocked to hear about jim it really is sad that good people like him are taken away to soon. My heart really goes out to Alison and i hope she'll keep on helping to save primates.

David Worthy
Like many others, i had not realised that Jim had sadley died. The end credits in memory of Jim, was a sickening shock for all of my family. Alison and Jim were a wonderful partnership, my family send our love and condolences to Alison and Jim's family.

marie prendergast
i think you are doing a great job keep up the good work i wish i lived closer to help

Jenny Hall
Only this weekend, after watching Monkey World on Animal Planet, did I find out about Jim's death. This is such sad news, I love the programs & greatly admite the work he did. My sympathies go out to Alison, he will be very gretly missed.

mandy sankey
i didn't know of jim's death 'till ive just seen the credits on one of your programmes, my family and i have had so much pleasure watching monkey business, such a fresh approach in teaching us to be more aware of what our actions can cause to animals, jim will be missed but also not forgotten,all the best for the future.

Carol Ann Bates
Alison i was shocked to read about Jims passing it was'nt even mentioned on our local news how can the world press not know what a great person he was and not give him due coverage...please keep up your good works Alison the world needs people like you all my heart felt love to you and your staff.. at Monkey World love Cazxx

Allen Machin
An amazing person and animal lover thank you for caring for these poor animals and giving them a home Alison you were so lucky to have had him be lucky

wendy and john webb
I'm so sad to learn that Jim died and pass on my condolences to Alison. We watch the program every day and love to see all the personalaties develop. We watch the program every day, it's our daily SOAP.eep up the good work Alison!

Candy Seymour Pietermaritzburg RSA
Dr Cronin, you and your dear husband did more than save these facinating animals from the abuse and translocation they suffered at the hands of ignorant people. More than that you renewed my faith in some of humanity: and gave us all the bonus of added insight to these cousins of our, from the sad to the happy. I am 70 Years old and thought that I was beyond shocking, but each day brings new horrors from so-called Homo SAPIENS. You and Jim gave us the other side of the coin. As a widow I feel your grief, but am consoled that you are carrying on the wonderful world that must surely set you down in conservation history. All my fondest wishes for your continued success in all you do.Also my good wishes to Mama Jeremy, He has sorely tempted me to send s few of my more rumbunctious grandchildren to him for a good upbringing. The younger they are, the closer they are to their simian cousins.Candy Seymour

Ana Alvarado
It was so sad to hear about Jim, I was sory about you Alison, too. I really hope that his love will be with you for ever

I am shocked to have only just learnt of the death of Jim..he was such a vibrant happy man.and with his lovely wife who cared so much for these animals.God Bless.

i admired everything all the team did to help the apes

Sylvia Randell
The tv series has brought the Monkey World family into our homes and we feel we know all the staff and rescued monkeys. Jim Cronin is a big loss to the monkeys and us all. I am a big fan of the programme and have visited M.W twice and thoroughly enjoyed each visit.

i think that his work is nice and kind to all the monkeys there and i have been there 1 time and i wound like go back one more time

so sorry to here about jim. i have lived in spain for two years now and have only just found out. i hope you keep up the good work. to alison and all the team at monkey world.

helen black
so very very sad to learn of jims death,god must have been missing an angel,keep up the great work alison,god bless you dear

Pat Bell
I love Monky world I watch all the Monky Busness,I was sorry to hear about Jim. But i know that Alison will do just as good on her own, keep up the good work

emma Graham-Yooll
What an amazing man Jim was I had no idea he had died, so shocked, All my fond thoughts to his wife and friends. Love watching the humanity to the animals.

Sally Ann Loveday (S. Wales)
I was lucky enough to visit Monkey World, last month with my family. What an extraordinary place it is.. We had a fantastic day going from one enclosure to the next, the primates were incredibly entertaining. I was also lucky enough to speak to Alison by 'Peanuts' house, and I was able to ask Alison about 'Peanut's family group. Thankyou so much for taking the trouble to speak to me, it made my visit. I was walking on air afterwards, my family said that just the fact that both Alison and then Jeremy spoke to me were worth the entrance fee alone. My family and I are avid Monkey World fans and now that the new series is on Channel 5, I have it on auto view.Well done everyone there, it is a fabulous place, and I recommend anyone to actually go and see for yourselves how happy and content all the animals are there.The talks were very informative and my own children have promised they will sponsor my name-sake for me for either my birthday or xmas, I truly hope so, Sally is brilliant. I have a screen saver on my phone now of Sally grooming Ash...AhhManys thanks again, we all hope to come back again soon,Sally xx

Rickus van Deventer South Africa
I am from South Africa and have been following the TV programs every week. I am not sure how up to date we are in SA with the reality, but I still watch every night. I love Ro Ro, Paddy, Charlie and all the other animals - especially the babies - and would like to say how shocked I was when I heard about Jim's death. I am just happy to see that Alison is carrying on with this very important work they started so long ago.Good luck an keep up the good work.

gillian walls
What jim did for these beautiful animals is outstanding you both put them first before anything else. Keep up the wonderfull work Alison which i'm sure you will, jim's memory and his legacy will go on for a very long time. Good luck and god bless.

Just over a year since Jims death,I hope Alison is starting to come to terms with her loss. Jim was a very special person, one who had the ability to do something about what he felt strongly about. Most of us feel a passion for something but it remains just that. Jim made us all sit up and see the wrong being done to primates round the world.He personally rescued many primates from a miserable unnatural existance,he then gave them the best chance of a near normal life as he could. While doing that he gave us lesser humans a chance to see some of those apes in monkey business. I love seing the same regular faces and following their progress. They arive bewildered sometimes with terrible mental and physical scars and thanks to the care and dedication of Jim and his amazing team they blossom and thrive .I hope Alison can now look forward and see a brighter future for herself. I know she will have imersed herself in work but now she needs to be kind to herself and relax and let her team of dedicated staff support her. She deserves it

Maureen Clee
The programme "Monkey Life" rules our time at the start of the evening. Such wonderful people to devote their lives to animals in danger. I would love to have been able to do this,but now time is passing me by so carry on the good work Alison and Co.,

mags newton
we all have so much to thank jim for, opening our eyes to the plight of all these amazing animals,still hurts knowing he's gone xx

Shirley Shilleto
I never missed a programme and even watched 2nd showing I love everything you all do My family took hubby and I for holiday after we lost our son and as a wonderful suprise they took me to your monkey world I thought we was on our way home !! It was raining all the time but i wouldnt have missed it for the Worl loved every minute Jim should be proud of what you have all achieved since his sad passing .Power to you all Nannyshir xxxxxxxxxx

sharon banton
i don,t understand why there are still so many people still don,t no that jim has died.i was also one of those people who did not no jim had died one of the monkey worlds programes and read it at the end. tim was and is one of the most respected human beings that ever lived his death should have been more head lined to let the world know of his death he deserved it for all his hard work and dedication . god be with alison you have lost such a great and wonderfull man he will always be watching over you. god bless you.

sarah hannant northumberland
my husband and our son sam aged 7 have become hooked on the program on tv.we were so shocked end sad to see the lovely man jim had died.alison and jim are amazing at what they have done they are so clever, the staff jeremy are so talented.. we hope to visit in the near future...x x

Deborah Eaton
I visited Monkey World back in 2001. It amazed me at the content way the monkeys lived in their enclosures and how natural the habitat was for them compared to other "zoos" i have visited. I have never forgotten the visit, and how I left feeling entirely different about primates. I was educated for the better. I wish Alison all the best for the future, Monkey World is in good hands! The world has lost a wonderful, caring, exceptional man.

ya doing a great job there , took my kids there last year they loved it and we will be back, take care all

Karen Annakin
How can someone who does such a great job be taken?? Alison you are a credit to Jim, he will be so proud as you are such a strong woman. My 3 year old son loves your program so much that we plan to visit Monkey World this year. Keep strong x x

One of my favourite programmes is Monkey Business,on DSTV South Africa Alison hope you go from strength to strength and you are in everyone's thoughts

nicola beales
I am so sorry to learn of Jim's death. He was truely a great human being and is sadley missed by everyone. My heart felt wishes to Alison.You were a great team and I know how hard it must be for you without Jim. He would have been so proud of you, Alison. I know the work you do is amazing and more people should help too with this important work. No animal should have to do a humans bidding and be treated as a slave. I think all animals shoild be treated with respect as we have much to learn from them. Thank you for keeping the fight up and resuring these beautiful primates.nicki

Condolences to all of you Monkey World.Jim's and your work is very inspiring for the love and care you have for the monkeys in your care.

kerry keen-bunce
i am sorry off your loss my little girl kelly has adopted ash and she loved her trip to monkey world. even though when we went it was pureing it down with rain. she loved it so much that she can not waite to return and see ash. i hope you are keeping well. the work you do is fantastic

Jean Marti
We are shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Jim Cronin. We have watched Monkey World many times and been so touched by Jim and Alison's dedication to these little primates. God Bless you Alison, you are in our thoughts.

I think Jim and Alison have done a brilliant job. And I'm so glad that Alison is keeping her dear husbands dream alive. I wish you all the luck Alison and I'm sure Jim is watching over you and seeing what a great job that you are doing. All the best for the future

rebecca&yvonne cooper
we are so sorry for ur lost he was a lovley cariing person and it showed may he rest in peace

i have only just heard the news of jim's passing and may i say how saddened i am to hear the news. my heart goes out to alison and jims family and friends, he will be sadly missed.jim would be proud of how alison is continuing the work that jim was so passionate about god bless you and all the staff at monkey world for the fantastic work you do !!Teressa Wolverhampton England

alex williams
the fantastic work you have done and will continue doing will be a lasting memorial, the work you do is fantastic, the dedication of you and your team is superb

Susan Shaw
With Jim Cronin gone it's more important than ever that we all help Alison Cronin and colleagues to fight the fight to save apes all over the world.The sight of any animal in trouble is horrifying but seeing baby chimps & orangs being used as pets and props is sickening and heart breaking.

sue millband
so shocked to hear the sad news about jim. why do the good people in this world go to soon. the likes of jim and steve irwin should have been around for forever to keep up the wonderfull work they did.

Gill Boulden
having watched monkey world for the first time this year 2008. I was sorry to hear about Jim passing away. Keep up the good work Alison You are truly a wonderfull person Monkey world is lucky to have you.God Bless.

Susan Giles
Alison, your husband was a wonderful man. Watching him you knew he would achieve what he set out to do, such was his determination and his passion for the chimps.Jim was to Monkey World what John Aspinall was to Howletts and Port Lympne. Jim will never be forgotten

Ounooi Roodt South Africa
I love watching monkey world and was shock to hear from Jim`s death , Keep on with this work

maureen mitchell
i find it amazing in this world we now live in there are still some people who take the time to care its amazing jim will be sadly missed alision be strong sorry for your loss

L Lim
I am truly saddened to learn of Jim's passing away.Deepest sympathy to Alison and prays she finds the strength to carry on his dream

Marisol Brown-Greece
I was so sorry to hear about Jim's death as i have seen all of his dedicating and passionate work. Seeing him being so caring and devoting to these amazing animals made us understand them, love them and care so much for them. His loss is deaply felt and may his great soul rest in heaven.

Elve Latham
Jim was a very impressionable guy. He accomplished so much along with his wife and his close colleagues. I'm so pleased to see theres a new T.V. show to be aired. To Alison and the team.. I wish you every success in the highly important and great work you do.

I have just realised that Jim died.One thing i will never understand,why the best people so wonderfull people always go so early.He was something special.God be with you Alison.God rest his soul.

Therese Duggan
I was saddened to hear of Jim Cronin's death. He seemed like such a nice guy, why the good ones?

June Ebanks
Dear Alison im shocked on just learning of Jims death you both had a passionate understanding of the care and needs of all primates my heart goes out to you in your sad loss of jim i know how you are feeling i have just lossed my husband to good luck for the future Alison x

Patricia Horne
Jim Cronin carried out the work on primates that the rest of us only dream about. While we read about animal rescue in books and shake our head at the television he and Alison were working the long hours actually doing the work. I have watched Monkey Life for many years and admired the dedication of both Jim and Alison. We all think how great it would be going on adventures and saving the animals but they lived the life they are the doers and people like me are the watchers. Good Luck to you Alison please find the strength to carry on without him. Regards Tricia

Joe McGrath
I was shocked to hear the sad news that Jim Cronin Passed away and I wish Alison good health and the very best in thoes difficult days ahead.

Elizabeth Green
i am watching maokey world on sky so programs are over year old I was so saddened to hear of the passing of Jim a wonderful work you do

Angie Flanagan
Oh Alison honey - I am so sorry to hear what happened to your Jim When I saw the credit to Jim on a recent episode last evening 03.05.08 - I couldnt believe my eyes. I know how passionate you both are in Monkey World - my Late Father was one of the people who piloted Operation Noah Mission - rescuing ALL wild animalswho were marooned on the vicious Zambesi River in Africa when the animals had to be taken to higher ground. I bet your Jim, just like my late Dad are busy in heaven rescuing all the little animal souls who perish in their millions from the needless butchering being done on our planet daily. You and Jim will have a very special place in heaven for what you have done in your lifetimes. Alison go outside tonight and pick a star in the sky - and name it Jim - because you will always know where he is, and that he's safe and sound in the Best hands Heaven can provide. God Bless you Honey. and a big hug from me.

maria sidebottom
watched the programme right from the start,would love to visit with kids one day,keep up the great work love seeing the cheeky monkeys happy.sorry for alisons loss,my dad passed away last april,shock to everyone,keep up the good work.

joy fox.
I love to watch they do a wonderful job. They are so dedicated it was such a shock they say the good die young its true in his case.He will be remembered & good luck to Alison.

Elaine and Josh Guymer
We have just sat and watched an episode of monkey world and the rescue of capuchin monkeys from a dealer in wales.We were stunned at the end of the program to see in memory of Jim Cronin M.B.E.I was so saddened at that news .My heart goes out to Alison on her loss .I am sure there is far more work for her to do in Jim's memory at monkey world .What a wonderful legacy he has left us all with monkey world .our thoughts are with you Alison and all the friends and colleagues at Monkey world

hi i am sorry about jim i lost my sister when i was 7 and we both love monkeys and i promised her that one day i will meet a orangutan just hoping i can keep my promise like you have to jim he would be so proud of you, you are amazing x

Julie Davidson
Jim and Alison do work at home and abroad that most people could only dream of doing, they have changed the lives of so many primates and people alike who were lucky enough to encounter them or watch the program on Animal Planet. Through their eyes my children have a better passion not just for primates but for all animals alike, and i just hope as they grow they remeber that animals need respect also and not take them for granted. So i would like to say a big Thank You to Jim and Alison for helping my family grow and for all of the laughter and tears you have brought to me that sort of experiance you cant pay for. I am so so very sorry Alison for your loss, we feel as though we lost Jim also. And we hope when you look around Monkey World and see the wonderful work that you both started i hope you do it with a proudness in your heart because you and Jim are both hero's in my eyes and i wish there were more people like you xx Keep up the great work Alison and just be proud to know that you have lots of friends who have got your back xx

Hi i love watchin Monkey life its great to see the work that the Cronins do rescuing the monkeys who are in desperate need of help and vital care keep it up..

nicola young
saw credit last night 1-5-2008 in memory of jim cronin shocked to hear of the sudden passing of a man passionate about conservation, alison keep up your husbands fantastic work.

julie hodgkinson
I was saddened to hear that jim had died. I watch monkey world on animal planet and I think jim and allison do a wonderful job as all the monkeys have been resuced from humans who have been abusing them and jim and the rest of the staff give them love and care to live as normal as possible. I hope one day i will be able to see what wonderful work you do for myself.

Marilyn,Hannah Brown
my daughter and myself love watching monkey world,you all do a wonderfull job in saving and protecting those amazing animals,our thoughts and prayers are with you.

rosalie garrett
a truly wonderful man. he will always be remembered as such.

Jacky McDonald
I have only just realised that Jim died and am very upset, he was a fantastic person and his work was second to none, I wish Alison all the best in her continuation of the work, and thank them both for such a wonderful wildlife work.

Ann Melia
What a wonderful man he really loved what he did and thank goodness his dream will carry on with Alison and her great team

Mo Hull
My Husband and I met Jim in the cafe when monkey world had just opened.We signed the form to help save the spanish chimps.Jim and Alison and their team have done so much to change peoples view of these wonderful animals. My heart goes out to Alison I hope she finds the strength to carry on the good work with the knowledge that so many people support her

Walter Bulmer
I have been a great fan of Monkey World Watching with great interest The passion and dedication that jJim and Alison gave to the Fortunate Apes they rescued. Whilst watching lately and seeing the credits about Alisons loss I am greatly sadend and wish Alison well and hope that Jims Dream never dies. god bless you Alison

eleanor heaney
i have enjoyed watchin monkeyworld and the work you both did to save the monkeys of the world. :)keep up the good work

Thelma Warrington
I have watched the monkey world programs from the very begining and have come to admire and respect all that Jim and Alison have achieved. I wish Alison all the help and strength to carry on the dream. My heart goes out to her.

mrs m woodcock
I was saddened at learning of the death of Jim Cronin I only recently found this out.He was a wonderful man and it is the best animal show on tv, long may his lovely wife continue with his work.

People like you & Jim should live forever, and in my eyes you will. The very best of luck to you and your team in the future.

You do a great job, petty there isnt more people like you in the world. We are going to lose all wild life at some point because of our selfish ways, what a mess we have made of this plannet. At least there are people like you in it that will make a differance. You should be very proud of you and jim. Its true what they say only the good die young.

Helen in Sunbury
Jim's death is an absolute tradegy. Monkey World is an amazing place and the work that Jim and Alison have achieved is inspirational. I hope Alison finds the strength to carry on their dreams. Jim is truely missed by all the lives across the world that he touched, but I'm sure Rodney, Mona and Olympia were wsiting for him with open arms !! Sleep peacefully Jim xxxx

Mrs M E Robb
I would just like to say how I am sorry to hear of the sad loss of Jim he was such a good man for what he has done with his life my heart goes out to his wife and all who worked with him please go on doing the work he loved God Bless you all

margaret green
alison sorry to here about jims death i loved your program and still do i watch the repeats i think you both were fantastic to all the apes in your park rest in peace jim xxx

denise gill
iv only just found out about jims death and it realy shocked me.he was a very caring man and you could tell that through hes work to save all them apes. i will one day visit the park and meet all his sympathy to alison and keep up the great work.

frank best
i just wanted to let you know how sad i was to hear of jims death he was agreat man and will be missed i am glad that allison will keep his dream alive god bless

Ann Rossette
I felt a terrible sadness last year on hearing of Jim Cronin's death - Monkey World looked such a wonderful place full of happy animals and dedicated people - I believe it's not just a job to everyone who works there - but a calling !! I loved watching the programme and will continue to watch the next series - All my very best wishes to Alison on continuing with Monkey World and rescuing many more primates - sometimes they are so funny - and so very very humanlike.CheersAnn Rossette (Scotland)

michell cooper
i was in shock when i found out he was a legend sadly missed thoughts are with allison x

Julie Randall
Great job!! Well done Alison = Jim would be prond! well done to your team... it great seeing the monkeys happy and Well care for!! look forward for monkey world coming back on tv! the program touched my heart xx

Lavelle Davis
Although it is thirteen months since the untimely death of Jim Cronin, I became aware of this tragic event recently. May I take this opportunity in wishing Alison all the very best in the future for carrying on with this wonderful work at Monkey World

i was so shocked to hear about jims death,i have only recent found out,dontknow how i didnt hear before,jim and wife have done such a great job,glad she is still carrying on with monkey world.

Nick Chivers
The chimps, orang's and other primates lost one of their best friends in the world when Jim passed on. Their other best friend, Alison is so brave to continue to work so hard for them at a time when she needs so much support for herself.Well done Alison, you are a truly amazing woman and I hope the pain eventually numbs for you as you were both obviously so much in love.God bless you Jim and Rest In Peace knowing your work continues.

joanne and john
Alison are thoughts are with you a very sad loss can only imagine your pain

I cried when I heard the news of Jim's death. His passion and dedication were unique. I hope we can all add a little to that memory by adding our bit to help the apes and monkeys around the world that Jim loved.

Sarah De Winne
Have been to Monkey World and it was fantastic. Was shocked to just discover Jim died, really can't believe it! Heart goes out to Alison - sure he is watching over his special place every day.

Brenda Larkin
I have watched so much about Monkey World and everyone feels like friends. I had no idea Jim had passed away and am deeply saddened. I can truly feel with Alison as I lost my husband and best friend too. Keep up the good work guys. I admire you so much. Will donate some cash when I canh afford it.

Fiona Jennings
I had no idea about Jim's death until today, why my husband and I had never heard about it I'll never know because we watch the programme all the time! We are extremely shocked to hear of his death as we were when Steve Irewin died. We're so very sorry Alison as we had planned on bringing our grandchildren down later in the year and will of course keep this promise to them no matter in respect of Jim!Yours SincerelyFiona & Ray Jennings

Sarah Montague
Its so sad to hear that Jim had passed away. My favourite moment is when Seamus is let back into the nursery and gets the biggest hug from Sally, I think, correct me if I am wrong. Anyway, if life was full of moments like that for Jim and Alison, then Alison has a lot of rich memories. What an inspiratioin to us all.

Linda Twine
I think the work done by Jim and Alison is outstanding, Jim was a truly remarkable guy and Alison must feel a very luck lady to have shared a very important part of his life with him. I was sadened and shocked to hear of Jim's sudden death, my heart goes out to Alison, I wish her well for the future with the continuation of her good work.

Helle Hansen
RIP Jim Cronin.

Mary and Gwynne Morson Tanzania
Like so many others we only saw recently that Jim had passed away. We have been watching Monkey World for years now and have admired the work that Jim and Alison have done. Our condolences go to Alison, Jim's family and all at Monkey World.

way to soon i´m sad to know that Jim has gone.. But he will live in ouer spirit.. From Copenhagen denmark RIP

Alison, i have been watching monkey world for many years now, and have admired the wonderful work you and Jim have done in helping the poor monkeys that have been mistreated, i have only learned today while watching, Ten years of monkey world. that your beloved husband has passed away, what a terrible shock, my thoughts go out to you, and may God give you strengh to carry on your good work. best wishes and thoughts, Teresa Birmingham, Enland

wilma campbell
I would just like to say i think jim done a wonderfull job and I watch every eposode of monkey world

Alison, i have been watching monkey world for many years now, and have admired the wonderful work you and Jim have done in helping the poor monkeys that have been mistreated, i have only learned today while watching, Ten years of monkey world. that your beloved husband has passed away, what a terrible shock, my thoughts go out to you, and may God give you strengh to carry on your good work. best wishes and thoughts, Teresa Birmingham, Enland

Barbara (Gateshead)
so sad about Jim, Goodluck to Alison and all her wonderful staff. Hoping to have my first visit to Monkey World later on this year.

hannah burt
i am just so shocked a year on and i have only just found out that jim passed away just sitting hear watching 10 years in monkey business an then at the end its say in memory of jim. i think alison is amazing for what she is doing carrins it a on by her self (with the help of the staff aswell)i am realy up set an whish alison and every 1 well xxxxx

Mavis Eklund
A passionate caring human being who lived for the animals he loved I admire him and Alison and wish her every success in the future to carry on the great work Jim began, always remember their are a lot of people who really care.

Jo Brown
How I admire the way Jim and Alison cared for the apes. It is wonderful that someone believes in them and gives them a decent life.

deborah gallagher
So sad to here Jim had passed away. Myself & my sons watch monkey world all the time. Alison be strong you do a fantastic job & i wish you well. x

Laura Franklin - Gauteng South Africa
Dear Alison, having watched Monkey Busines over and over for years now was also shocked to realise that Jim had died. You were a wonderful couple and sure you will miss him so much but know that you will continue his wishes. One day I will get to England and visit the centre. Love and hugs Laura

brian goodchild
after watching monkey world for weeks on tele i feel i have lost a good friend in jim so sad to here of his death

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