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28 October 2014

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UFO over Maiden Castle -Rod Dickson/David Kingston

UFO over Maiden Castle in 1998

Unexplained Mysteries

When experts from around the world - specialising in UFO, crop circles, government conspiracies and the paranormal - gathered at Dorchester's Corn Exchange for an Unexplained Mysteries conference, all were agreed: Dorset's a mysterious place!

Taking part in the conference was, among others, an extraterrestrial abduction researcher from the USA, a modern day Indiana Jones who's been to Egypt and an animal healer.

And according to the advertising blurb for the Unexplained Mysteries conference:

"The truth is not out there - it's in Dorchester"

Dorset has more than its fair share of mysteries with their roots deep in local folklore, and conference organiser and UFO and Crop Circles expert David Kingston ran through some of Dorset's most mysterious places:

Singing Longbarrows

A set of longbarrows  - ridges in the hillsides which are very ancient burial sites -  extend along the Ridgeway between Weymouth and Dorchester.  At certain times they emit strange sounds  - a bit like singing and have been nicknamed the 'Singing Marys' by the locals years ago.  And that is something that can't be explained - no satisfactory answer has ever been given.

Marching ghosts

An old Roman Road runs through where Thorncombe Woods, near Dorchester, is now, and there have been several reports, including one from a policeman, of ghostly apparitions of Roman legionnaires marching along the road.

The effigy of T E Lawrence by Eric Kennington

Effigy of Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence's pub

What was the Antelope Public House in Dorchester town centre - which was pulled down when the area was pedestrianised - had a story of a motorcycle figure which would appear by the old fireplace.

It was strongly thought  to be an apparition of Lawrence of Arabia who used to frequent the pub.  And even now the shop on the site, the staff find strange things happening on the shelves where the goods are on display.

Maiden Castle Hill Fort

Maiden Castle Hill Fort

Maiden Castle

The hill fort outside Dorchester is a magnet for UFO sightings - one as (relatively) recently as November 2004.

According to David, a lot of people say there are a some very ancient ley lines that run through the site and it could be that they are attracted to the energies from that.  From his research, David says it has normally been an energy centre like military masts or nuclear power stations which attract them.

Crop Circles

Dorset had nine crop circles around Maiden Castle in 1995.  We found that the seeds and the heads were totally deformed but the funny thing is the following year they grew without any water and without any light - so it can't be explained away by a stomping board.  There are less reports now as farmers are against people tramping over their fields without permission so seem less likely to report them.

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created: 23/03/2006

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christin harris & jamie gaston
i always considered aliens as "real" but always wanted to see proof. Now i havnt exactly got proof of Little green men. But both me and jamie have witnessed extremely weird lights around maiden caslte at the time of 4:09 am on august the 8th 2008.we had just passed the bridge going over bypass. and was passing the house. and was walking along the road to maiden caslte talking about how the others wimped out in going up with us. Half way down the road just before the car park, 2 lights appeared from the top of maiden caslte & from the right handside ridge. Jamie commented that i was joking around. so we carried on walking until, these lights just went flying up infront of both of us. its was as if a car with hi-beam was on maiden castle and it just took off. At this point, i doupt i have ever ran so fast screaming. Im sure jamie will agree.straight away i rang sean up. jamie rang peanut (real name jamie aswell) neither of them beleived us. so stupidly we decided to go back again, without wimping out. by this time it wasnt a 4:26 when the sky was dark blue, no stars veiw able, except exactly above maiden caslte, one light was above the right handside ridge. the over directly on top. we could tell its wasnt a plane. 1. because there was no jet stream. 2. no noice.3. The are no planes at 4 in the morning which fly so low over maiden castle. although another conclusion could be the surgestion of a dog walker. But i have 2 questions, How any dog walkers have lights stronger than a cars hi-beam, and who walks there dog over maiden castle when there has been reported vanishings.and for a fact.. there was not one car in the car not saying it was an alien.Im saying it was an unidentified flying object.and it scared me lifeless.Thank you for reading my comment.

You are in: Dorset > Places > Places features > Unexplained Mysteries

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