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13 November 2014

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The Zorb experience has been in Dorset since 2000.

The Zorb experience

The Zorb experience

If the idea of rolling down a hill inside a huge PVC ball sounds like fun, then the Zorb experience could be for you. We followed two daring 'zorbonauts' as they gave it a go.

It might not be everyone's idea of fun, but the Zorb experience, based near Bockhampton on the outskirts of Dorchester, is fast gaining a reputation with thrill seekers visiting from across the country, and beyond.

Imagine a huge inflatable PVC ball bouncing down a hill, with you inside, and that, essentially, is the Zorb experience.

Paul Knight, Dorset's Zorb guru

Paul Knight, Dorset's Zorb guru

Created in New Zealand and brought to Dorset in 2000, local Zorb guru Paul Knight is the man in charge, and an expert on the experience.

He says: "There are two types of Zorb. One involves the person inside strapped to a harness; the other, known as a 'hyrdo zorb' involves sloshing about in warm water.

Harness and hydro

"The harness Zorb is probably slightly more extreme as you go a bit faster because you build up momentum, but the hyrdo Zorbs are probably a bit more fun, like a water slide mixed with a rollercoaster.

"But both can reach speeds of around 20 - 30 mph."

Sophy Edwards and Philip Egan - 'zorbonauts'

Sophy Edwards & Philip Egan 'zorbonauts'

Trying both examples of Zorb-based fun were Sophy Edwards, from London, and Philip Egan, from Birmingham.

You can see how they got on in the videos on this page, but judging by the smiles on their faces at the end, they found the experience to be a whole load of fun - which is a fairly common reaction, says Paul.

People love it

"People love it," he says, "we get people coming back for another go, and they bring their friends along.

"We get people from all over the country, from Europe and America, coming to try it because it's so unique.

There's an element of 'extreme sports' to it, but it gets people out in the Dorset countryside, and it's just a lot of fun. It's great."

The Zorb can reach speeds of up to 30mph

The Zorb can reach speeds of up to 30mph

But can I buy one?

A lot of you have been asking BBC Dorset if it's possible to buy a Zorb for yourself.  The simple answer is no.

According to the official manufacturer's website they do not sell Zorbs as they are expensive to construct and not considered viable for personal use.  Zorb Ltd say:

"We need to be sure that all Zorbs are used in the safest possible manner and that people do not harm themselves.  It would be like buying a bungy rope - what do you do with it? Where's the bridge to jump off - how do you get yourself back to the top when you're dangling on the end.

"Similarly with Zorbing - you need a safe location and all the equipment to support activities.  We therefore only supply Zorbs to licensed operators."

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created: 13/10/2004

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i think they are mint i want 1

Robbie Craig Wallace High
I am writing to you from Wallace High School. We here at the school are having a fundraiser to raise money for Uganda. Every bit off money we make it is going to help vulnerable children in Uganda, providing basic needs for them such as for food and water. We are asking if you could donate some off your zorb balls in order for us to launch the Water Challenge successfully. We are going to have a launch party in the school, pupils, staff and the press will be invited to attend.We hope you take this opportunity to generously contribute to making the Water Challenge a success for our school and to make to difference to the children in Uganda. Please contact us at

How old do you have to be ?

fiore y chu
it's a excellent experience !!!!!!!!!!kisses guys !!!

chrisps Macboner
whoa man! this was one of the best things iv ever done!

Alexandra Sharpe
absolutely amazing!!! i went on it three times and had to be dragged off!!! completely loved it!! thanks to everyone who worked there it was great!!!

I like zorbing

I did it in Rotorua NZ the other day and had such a laugh - everyone should try it! (with water is best)

margaret walker
my son went zorbing for his 30th birthday & enjoyed every second of it. He'd love to go again

I loved it!

donna harris
l am a grandma and l cannot wait to do it again

Sam Clark
ive been zorbing loads of times. i love to Zorb! Everyone should try it!!

Totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!Looks a Load of FUN!!!!!!

i think that they should make personal ones.So we can enjoy them at home.

gr8, zorb balling was the best thing i ever did! i recomend it to people that like a good thrill. XD

wow zorbing is so much fun. i absolutly love it. you should try it some time!

It's fab done it here and New Zealand, definately faster in the Uk Fantastic!!!!

I am going Zorbing in New Zealand in two weeks! Can't wait!

i was meant to be doing it yesterday but it got called off :(

SO FUN!go to new zealand, the one there is way better!, no offence though :D

looks like so much fun!!!! that's something i'll definately try if i ever get the chance!!!!

i have been zorbing! its awsome! i went down zigzag bymyself wif water 1st, then down the straight wif my m8 wif water! it was awsome! LOL

It Looks Fun .I Thank Iam Not Going To Eat a Lot before I go Zorbing.

i want a zorb where can they be bought

im going zorbing at the weekend should be so much fun i cant wait !!! but i really want to buy one ! how much are they ? and where can i get one from ? help!!!!!!! i will tell you if it was great or not but i sure think it will be amazing

i would like to buy one money is no concern but i can not find one or any for sale????? help???



i first did zorbign in new zealand and it was an amazing experience. we had water in with us, which made the experience even more fun...

where can you buy one of these!!! somebody please releave my pain!

i have a zorb!

Has any1 over gone off a drop in a zorb?

Hydro Zorbing is the one worth doing especially if there is 2 of you in the Zorb! You get soaked but you will not stop laughing!


Where can we buy these balls???? how do i go about it.. help we want one!!!

Johnny Smith
I have never been zorbing but i want to buy a zorb ball

how much is it?

Where can u find a Zorb??

dear god above, that looks freaky.

Can you buy a Zorb?

that looks soooo much fun i whant to do it.

It was awesome. I went in a wet zorb and just screamed all the way down. It was a fantastic experience and everyone should try it.

wayne o
can i buy a zorb ball ?

Joanna Kidner
We are doing an enterprise challenge and we have chosen to do zorping. Could it become an olympic sport? Could it break your back? We really want to win and I think we can. Can you race Zorbs?

it looks fun!!! i wna go now!!

how do u stop

Fun Fun Fun!


You are in: Dorset > Places > Places features > The Zorb experience

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