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24 September 2014

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Madonna's house

Sign to Madonna's pad

Dorset celebrities

Dorset's picturesque villages and stunning coast make it the ideal celebrity hideaway - the county has its fair share of the rich and famous who call Dorset home. Here are a few celebs with Dorset connections.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Celebrities don't get much bigger that pop singer Madonna and film director husband Guy Richie.  They live on the £9 million 1,132-acre Ashcombe Estate on the Wiltshire/Dorset border.

In June 2004, the Ritchies partially won their bid to prevent ramblers from walking across most of their estate. They claimed at a public inquiry in May that their human rights would be infringed. The Planning Inspectorate ruling means walkers are not able to go within sight of the couple's home, sitting in the estate's grounds.

In 2005, Madge sustained three cracked ribs, a broken collar bone and a fractured hand after falling from her horse when out riding on the estate on her 47th birthday.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale in Batman Begins

Christian Bale

Christian Bale, star of Batman Begins, American Psycho and The Machinist, was enrolled at Bournemouth School for Boys and lived with his family in the town for four years.  His mum still lives in Bournemouth.

Jonathan Ross

Television star Jonathan Ross once bought a £1.1million farmhouse in Swanage.  The 16th Century house, which has six acres of grounds, is one of the area's most prestigious properties.  It has its own orchard, stables and an indoor swimming pool converted from a cattle barn.


Billy Bragg may have moved South to Burton Bradstock but he hasn't lost any of his political passion – championing causes from opposition to the war in Iraq to musicians rights from his home in Burton Bradstock.

PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey

Fellow musician, indie-blues songstress Polly 'PJ' Harvey also hails from Bridport.

Former footballer-turned-pundit Jamie Redknapp and his wife, singer and TV presenter Louise, live in the exclusive Sandbanks area outside Poole.  Kylie and David Beckham have also been reported to have once looked at property in the area.

Sherborne School

Sherborne School has had its fair share of famous 'old boys' - Chris Martin from Coldplay, actor Jeremy Irons and columnist Nigel Dempster all attended the school while Tara Palmer-Tompkinson went to Sherborne Girls' School.

Comic actor Martin Clunes lives in a converted vicarage in West Dorset. He played Gary in Men Bahaving Badly, alongside Neil Morrissey, Leslie Ash and Caroline Quentin in what became one of the iconic sitcoms of the 90s.

Minette Walters

Minette Walters

One of the country’s most successful crime writers Minette Walters lives near Dorchester – her psychological thrillers like The Ice House, The Sculptress, and Disordered Minds have won her fans and plaudits around the world.

Julian Fellowes

Actor and writer Julian Fellowes is another Dorset-based performer. In 2002 he won a coveted Oscar for his screenplay for Robert Altman’s Gosford Park at the age of 52.

Many of us may dream of getting away from it all and living the the good life in a country cottage.  But Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall actually did it. 

His three year experiment at River Cottage for the successful Channel 4 series allowed him to develop his horticultural skills with homegrown livestock, fruit and vegetables.

Hugh's not the only foodie on the block though. Celebrity chef Lesley Waters hosts cookery days at her home in Evershott.

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Pauline Goldsmith
Have just seen William Boyde - who played James Wilmott Brown in Eastenders and raped Kathy - in City Bay Views in Poole

Cool Guy
Saw Jonathon Ross At Tower Park!

lilly padd
bumped into Orlando Bloom in you do ! I think I need a lie down !!

i have spotted vernon kay

I live in Burley in the New Forest, and Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran) looked at buying the house behind mine and the Redknapps looked at a house in the village.Also, Howard Donald from Take That doesn't live in Talbot Woods.I saw George Sampson in Bournemouth when Britain's Got Talent was here.Oh, and I also saw Prince William in Bliss too.x

walking through Poole town and saw Julian Barry the singer, he's a local artist pretty well known

Went to Christchurch for lunch at the Boathouse and Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) was sat at a nearby table with his family.

Duncan from Blue went to Milldown Middle School in Blandford and has been seen around the area.Pete Doherty is also from Blandford. Sting's son went to local public schoolsDuchess of Cornwall's sister lives in Stourpaine. There are loads of celebs in Dorset.

had dinner in dolphin gillingham actress pippa heywood and family were there too.

benny hill the comedian, actor and musician used to go to bournemouth school (for boys)

I saw Julian Barry the singer / songwriter parking his car in a car park in central bournemouth. I said hello, he's normally polite if you say hi to him!

i saw michael kitchen about a month ago in blandford and martin clunes was in gracies chemist last year and held the door open for me

I saw Howard from take that in Zara - bournemouth once.

Emilia Fox went to Bryanston School in the late 80's. Saw Jonathan Ross on holiday in Swanage on the beachfront

Walter Brennan
HISTORICAL CELEBS: JRR Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) lived in Lakeside Road (near Branksome Chine) for a while... Mary Shelley (Frankenstein) is buried in Bournemouth (along with poet husband Percy Shelley's heart)... Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Jekyll and Mr Hyde in Westbourne... George Harrison wrote his first song (Don't Bother Me) in the Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth...

HOWARD of TAKE THATProud to say he's a customer of my son's shoe repair shop i.e., ATC -Andy The Cobbler - High St., Ringwood - Adj., Johnson's Dry Cleaners - This is fact, as I spotted Howard leaving! A great highlight.Christmas lovePatti

martin clunes at borders in bournemouth

Ruth Tomlin
I sat in awe when Keith Allen drove into the same petrol station in Burton Bradstock as me. I just sat there with my mouth open for thelength of time it took for him to go in and purchase a paper and back out again. As he went to get in his car he smiled and said " Alright!" I must of looked like a crazy person sat bolt upright transfixed. I dont know whether he live in the area or was just visiting. Hopefully, if I ever see him again il speak!

Paul Acree
Under "music" file Fripp, Robert, of King Crimson fame and native of Winbourne.

Sausage balls
Gordon Ramsay is looking at properties in Purbecks (we saw him on Studland Beach on fathers day). Chelsea FC (John Terry, Ashley Cole and other players / staff) were seen at Anvil Hotel in Pimperne staying for the night before a shoot in North Dorset in 2007. I have sat on the next table to Shaquille O'Neill who was dining with Will Smith (of Fresh Prince fame), Bob Monkhouse, Steven Spielberg and Chris Martin (of Coldplay) at the 'Museum' pub in Farnham, North Dorset the day before Madonna's house warming.

i used to work at Chez Fred Chip shop in Westbourne, where on many different occasions we cooked for Sir Jimmy Saville, Jools Holland, Harry Redknapp, Max Bygraves and loads of other famous crooners.

Layla Carter
i have seen matt willis hanging around boscombe in sainsburys.

Mr. N. Stone, Gillingham
I was sat on the next table to Tom Cruise in Gillingham Tandoori about 2 and a bit years ago.He was with 3 other people and they were very subdued, as if they were talking business rather than being out for a social occassion.

Marion B, Leamington Spa
About 7 years ago I saw the bloke who played camp, but married, ballroom dancer Barry Stewart-Hargreaves in Hi de Hi. He was mooching round the shops in Bournemouth and then went towards the winter gardens and pier. That must be the top celeb-spotting story on here!

Mr. J. Roberts.
Billy Bragg bangs on about how wonderful multiculturalism is,but he lives in mainly white Dorset,what a hypocrite.Don't do as I do, do as I say.I wish he would stay in Dorset & shut up.I don't admire him or think he is a celebrity.Tell him to try & live in the inner city, then tell us how great it all is.

i met roxy and ronnie from eastenders in weymouth last week well nice

Can we just get the record straight. Princes Will & Harry were never in Blandford. They were at Bovington & Lulworth. I saw them most days they were there even saw Will with Kate.. when they had ment to have split.There meeting place was up the side of Bovington Motor World.

mick fleetwood went to sherborne school and his mum used to live near sailsbury

Shirley Taylor
Garry Liniker, driving a land rover turning off the round about heading towards Corfe Mellon about six weeks ago, seen twice.

I bumped into Michael Kitchen afew years back in Dorset. I found the courage to ask him for his autograph, made a hasty exit from the shop, heart a pounding and all of a tizzy,and merely, missed getting run over by a wilts and Dorset bus!!The next time I saw him, was at my place of work. He caught me right off guard. If he'd asked me my name.. i would have had to think!!!He's a great actor and g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!!

Alli Purves
I have seen Micheal Kitchen several times in and around Shaftesbury and Salisbury. He is always very nice, and speaks.

Derek Bacon
Aunt Mimi - the lady who raised John Lennon - lived in Sandbanks, Poole. John bought her the house there, and is known to have visited many times. I don't know if all 4 Beatles came with him. The last time John & Yoko visited was 1969 when (apparently) John came to collect his MBE back off Mimi, so he could return it to the Queen in protest at various things... Yoko returned briefly to Sandbanks in 1991 when Mimi died.

Lorraine Rideout
Jason Donovan came to a recording studio in Cranborne where my mother cleans! she had her photo taken with him and got his autograph, he was really nice to her and her friend

Mannon x
Jamie Redknapp and Louise Redknapp came to my school because Harry Redknaps grand-daughter goes there.Also i got the chance to meet him and have his autograph!!

the racing driver Win Percy lives in dorset

I saw Janet Street Porter walking on Swanage promenade last summer and Mark Lamar outside the Imax in Bournemouth with his girlfriend and a very flash sports car. We live a mile from Madonna and she regularly invites us for tea!

OMG! was walking through town and i saw freja howat-maxted! i got her autograph haha!

Steve from Bridport
I met Hermione Norris, who was in "Cold Feet" shopping in Bridport. I have, of course, seen Martin Clunes a lot as he used to live in the old vicarage, Powerstock, (he has now moved, nearby) Mick Jagger, years ago in the Riverside restaurant, West Bay, (his daughter Jade used to live down here somewhere). Also seen Charlie Watts though I have heard he lives in Devon. Hugh Fearnley used to be near Bridport for a while and I mended a door for him whilst doing some work on River Cottage, (he now lives near Axminster) Craig Charles used to be spotted down here but not for a while. John Fowles the author used to live at Lyme Regis, (French Lieutenants' Woman) Jonny Boden of the eponymous clothing company lives near Bridport at an old farm he bought as does the head of the "White Stuff" clothing company. I could go on but I'm boring myself!

I regularly see Howard Donald at Adventure Wonderland with his daughters nr Hurn Airport

jonny borrell from razorlight was in the railway pub in blandford last summer and i once served nicky hambleton jones from 10 years younger in shop in blandford.

chantel coles
Yes what about mentioneing David Essex, he lives in Dorset near Poole. hes lovely how come hes not mentioned then Chantel Coles

Mikew Hill
My father bought a bungalow from Billy Cotton Senior in 1950 at Sandbanks and I used to deliver groceries to him in the period 1949 to 1952. Arthur Bradbury the famous artist lived next door to Cove Cottage in the Horshoe and the Headmistress of Roedean on the other side. Long before the last of the sand dunes disappeared and now the home of successful cricketers and football team managers.

Pedro Mendez who has a daughter who is in kindergatan at my school Uplands in Parkstone,Poole.

Howard Donald from 'Take That' is getting a house built in Talbot Woods near bournmouth in Dorset.His daughter dances at the same dance school as my friend called Stage door of dance and drama!

Actually to whoever wrote about Buster Merryfield. He did live in Verwood but the road he lived on has not been renamed "merryfield Close" It is still called "Manor Road". Merryfield Close is a totally different road that wasn't built until after he died on the other side of verwood.

Sorry Matt but Tamara is correct. Prince William went to Bliss in Bournemouth several times with friends while he was stationed in Blandford.

Jamie Redknapp used to live near by. he went to twynham school. ive met him and his brother. our families were close

Derek B
Tony Hancock used to live in Winton for a number of years - his family I think were big on the local entertainment 'scene', the pub opposite Bournemouth station apparently the spot.

Alexz Allen
Amy Studt frequently attend punk gigs in the area, and has been rumoured to date Bournemouth based band The Taxidermists' member. She also attended a school in the local area and is a local favourite.

Sherborne is definitely the best school on the planet... YAY!!!

My friend used to live in Darren Anderton's old house on Bingham Road, Lilliput. They moved though because it was too dark.

to tamara: there is no way prince william would have been in bliss!! did you also see the queen in bumbels and the duke of edinburgh in FYEO!!!

Where I used to work in Beaminster I would often have to serve Martin Clunes, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Lesley Walters

Billy Bonds is often in the Dorset area as he is fond of the Thomas Hardy books. I have seen him in Sherborne a few times.

i saw myself on the TV.I was doing something for the factory called "Remploy"

I saw Bill Oddie in Dorchester

I met Tony Robinson in Mosterton (near Beaminster) when he was doing a time-team thing in Mosterton. He is really nice !!

Nearly bumped into Michael Kitchen outside a bank in Shaftsebury, while visiting my son and family. Mr Kitchen has a lovely smile,

Mike du'Fell
Just to correct the comment from Dan. Jimmy Savile owned the Maison Royale and the one next door during the 1970's. I know, as I personally sold Jim a sterophonic disco setup for the place. Jim also owned a house at Sandbanks.Max Bygraves (dating myself) used to live out toward Canford Magna as did Diana Dors (Britain's answer to Marilyn Monroe) 1950's boxing champion Freddie Mills (he appeared in a couple of "carry On" films) also came from Bournemouth

Dave - Canford Heath
Midge Ure's brother lives on Canford Heath and his nephew drinks in the local. Martin and Gary Kemps (Spandau Ballet) mum and Dad also live on The Heath.Toyah Wilcox lives just outside Wimbourne and Gregg Lake from Emerson, Lake and Palmer lived by the Tatnam Pub in Poole, he also went to school at Henry harbin (Now Poole High School).

Geoff Barnes
In 1939 Winston Churchill at Weymouth Train Station. Michael Redgrave on Westover Road about 1950. Bob Hope about the same time at the Pavilion. Arlene Dahl and Rex Barker honeymooning at Hotel on Christchuch Hill.

i ve recently been out with frank bruno in bournemouth in DNA.and...prince william in bliss


just seen howard donald, girlfrind and baby at castlepoint

Adam, Poole
I remember seeing Martin Clunes in Tesco Dorchester in 2005 when I use to work there and I also saw John Prescott a few years back in Dorchester walking down South Street.

i saw ken masters from howards way on sandbanks!!! sorry i dont know his real name!

Max Bygraves lived for many years in the Alum Chine area. He was frequently seen around. He often ate at Chez Fred, a fish + chip shop in Westbourne + did many things for various charities. I believe he now lives in Australia, but am uncertain as to where he sold his house here.

Tony Blackburn's mother lived in the ave., next to ours. Tony seemed to like recognition. Haven't spotted him in an age.

christina regler
Duncan from blue grew up in Blandford Forum and is still a regular visiter

Laney from Downunder
I met Norman Wisdom in Weymouth. Also saw Gary Newman in a pub in Weymouth.

Have seen the bloke off "Flog It" in Shaftesbury 3 times now !

Yes, Amy Studt lived/lives in Bournemouth... My house mate's brother went out with her for a time. We're all musicians & local music fans, but she refused to join in our music making at all one night when invited... Why? Wrong attitude? Nothing to offer? Not impressed.

Pete from Dorchester
You have missed out the fact that the late great Ronnie Barker used to live in Beaminster.

hiya x jamie redknapp went to my school! wahey !

Anita Blake
I was at the annual Joseph Weld fete at Dorchester, that Martin Clunes opens. He asked me to hold onto his coconut, whilst he signed my autograph book. - You don't often get to hold a celebrity's coconut!!!!

My mum overtook Thomas Hardy on his bike on the bypass heading for Tescos.

Lynne Chellingworth
Martin Clunes Babette Cole (wonderful children's author)

William Boyde who played James Willmott-Brown whos character raped Cathy in Eastenders, lives in Swanage!

I think i saw Elvis in Chickerell!

Pete Minvalla
Tony Blackburn was born in Poole! Also the amazing guitarist Robert Fripp is from Wimborne.

saw sol campbell at the missy elliot concert at the bic a couple of months ago

i saw darren anderton in the venue in 1996, he used to go out with a girl who went to lytchett

dont you think that they might come to dorset for some peace?

I've met jonathan ross on the seafront at Swanage and me and my friends talked to him for about 20 minutes. I've also met the person who plays Dot on Eastenders at this thing in the carnival at Swanage.

Dorset Seems like a cool place to live !! I live in New-york city and you certainly don't get the fresh air that you do in dorset!I have many celebrity friends and it seems like you are all so excited about a couple of people !! Oh well !! Just remember it's just a job like it is for everyone, except theres is more public !! !! You think it's like living in star city !! it's not compared to knew- yoke catty.. !!

Rik Waller lives in Weymouth!

I think howard donald from take that lived in ferndown with his parents. I'm old enough to remember Take That first time around. If you read all of these, lots of people have seen Martin Clunes in shops all over Dorset!! I reckon that boy could shop til he drops!

Greg Lake from Emerson Lake & Palmer comes from Poole. We used to bop around to his music at Oakdale Boys club

Actually folks - Buster Merrifield lived in Verwood. The road he lived on has new houses on it and has since been renamed "Merryfield Road".

i have seen joe pasquale around weymouth shopping and he often stops and chats to me if no one else knows who im taking to

Peter J
Tony Blackburn went to Castle Court School when it was in Parkstone. How do I know? Because I was there at the same time as him.

Alan James Runyard
I met actor Edward.J.Fox in wareham who is reportedly living in kimmeredge. I have also been in formed that Matthew Kelly lives in Studland.

jack scott
i have seen in swanage the 4th doctor or the 6th but his was the doctor in dr who

the black guy from eastenders who went off with biancia in swanage, the two ronnies at studland, roy castle in corfe castle in the 70s. dennis waterman at the vic club i nswanage in the 80s. dot cotton in the local select and save as she owns a shop in swanage, wilmot brown as he lives oppisite my friends mum. johnathan ross in leos. steve redgrave lived in my uncles house at the bottom of his garden in marlow shelly preston was in bucks fizz she went to purbeck school with me

He's moved now but B A Robertson (remember Kool in the Kaftan!?) was renting a house in Folke. His son went to Milton Abbey as did her boyfriend at the time which is how my daughter got to visit his house and meet him a few times

Leslie Waters the TV chef lives in Old Manor house in Evershot once owned by Toyah Wilcoxs. Harriette Walters the actress lives nr. Dorchester. Matt Lucas from Little Britain lives in Dorset. I saw Edward Fox waiting in sandwich shop in Allington Street Dorchester. Minette Walters lives at Whitcombe Manor. Martin Clunes lives in The Old Vicarage Powerstock. Duke and Duchess of York lived in Manor House at Chideock when they were first married.

Sue French
Actually Buster Merriefield lived in Verwood (Village just outside Ringwood) and both he and his wife were very friendly and generous with their time, especially towards the Verwood CE First School activities. Lovely couple always smiling and waving at passers bye

Duncan from Blue used to live in Blandford and returns quite often.

Amy Studt lived opposite me in Charminster though she has moved on now.

I believe Terence Stamp lives in Lyndhurst. Have seen Bruno Brookes in Parkstone, Ruth Maddoc in Bournemouth, the tall one from Cannon and Ball in Mothercare, Poole, Darren Anderton (footballer) in Toko.

i have seen jamie redknapps house in sandbanks

i was with my mum in the old c&a store in the dolphin centre and we were behind the actor george sewell

sorry i saw alvin stardust in the dolphin centre in 1998

amy studt tripped up outside my beach hut last year and i went to see if she was alright not realising it was her and she offered me and a few freinds to go for a few drinks in town with her that night !!!

Gail,Wayne n Tash
We saw Matin Clunes at Dorchester's 2005 Race for life,Got photo's of us all with him. Very nice guy & approachable. He signed my T'Shirt across my b**bs

Buster Merifield from only fools and horses lived in Bournemouth and he used to come to the cinema when my dad worked there, Ray Dorsey of Mungo Jerry fame lives in Bournemouth his kids went or still go to my old Junior school and according to my dad Manfred Man came from Parkstone. Also Sir Jimmy Saville used to own a coffee bar in Bournemouth, which is now a very popular cafe. And Alan Dunn one time tour manager for the Rolling Stones resides in Dorset and Mick Jagger is known to visit. And one final note Freddy Mills the boxer used to live in a house that backed on to mine its now demolished, his trainer woned my house and his training gym was in the basement of my house.

kirsty !!!
i have seen louise and footballer jamie redknapp in their very exclusive canford cliffs mansion !!!!

eileen hurring
i'm a northen lass my freinds call me a coal-eater!but weymouth is the best place in the country to live by far and its so much warmer than up north!!

Jenny B
Johnnie Walker (Radio 2) lives in the village of Farnham (near Blandford)

Simon, that would be TE Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia. DH was an author. In addition, Evil Kenival probably would spell his name that way if he attended Kemp Welch school.

Geoff Boycott lives in Sandbanks on a private beach!

Jayne Brown
I have seen Martin Clunes a few times shopping in Morrisons. He let me take his photo, really nice guy.

Pippa Haywood (Green Wing) frequently seen in Somerfield (yuk!) Shaftesbury. Surely she can afford to shop at Waitrose. The guy that does the Toyota Advert (estate agent) drinks in the Olde Two Brewers, Shaftesbury (smashing pub, great food!) as does Gordon Haskell (?) singer and Julian Richards. Michael Kitchen's children were at Clayesmore School, now at Bryanston. Bloke from old Bisto advert with moustache banks with Natwest in Shaftesbury, never wears socks! Ken Wharfe's (Diana's bodyguard?) ex-wife runs grotty cafe in Shaftesbury.

Seen Valerie Singleton in Sherborne, Michael Kitchen lives in Charlton , near Shaftesbury, Julian Richards (Meet the Ancestors, BBc2)lives in Shaftesbury, spotted Duncan Goodhew in Sherborne, Sean Connery in The Mitre, Shaftesbury and lead actor in To the Manor Born (forget his name) shops in Waitrose, Gillingham! Anymore?!

Having a meal in a chinese restaurant in ringwood and Howard donald from Take That came in to collect a takeway. He was so very kind to sign a autograph for me thanks to my dad

Howard donald from Take That
Having a meal in a chinese restaurant in ringwood and Howard donald came in to collect a takeway. He was so very kind to sign a autograph for me thanks to my dad

Dave Barnet
The casualty actor Chris Smith lives in my road. And I also know that the olympic shot-putter Adam Maskill lives in Poole.

orlando blooms grandmother is a residant of sherborne addey view nursing home and so he is often seen strolling around the streets of sherborne

Claire Cahill
Orlando Bloom's grandmother is a resident at a nursing home in sherborne so he is often spotted in the sherborne streets

Aswad lived near Max B. Evil Kenival (spelling) attended Kemp Welsh school in Poole. D.H.Lawrence aka Laurence of Arabia lived and died in dorset after a motorcycle accident.Thomas Hardy the famous writer lived and based his works on Dorset. I am from Poole, lived there all my life and i would'nt want to change that, planning to retire to Dorset when the time comes.

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