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Danielle Hope: Over The Rainbow Dorothy

Danielle Hope
17 (18 in April)
Home Town
Greater Manchester
Dorothy Colour

Danielle is a full-time student in Knutsford, and recently quit her part time job as a waitress to focus on her studies and her dream of becoming a renowned entertainer and Broadway performer.

Danielle's family are very large and spread out, but are very supportive of her. They try to remain realistic about her career choices as she gets into the notoriously difficult show-business industry, but they're always there to cheer her on - especially her Nanna.

Her big passion is drama, but she has danced in front of large audiences at local dance festivals, including BBC African Dance Project at Bridgewater Hall, and the Dance House Annual Cheshire Platform. Danielle takes dance classes at least six times a week to hone her skills.

Her Dorothy would be a "fiery character, with a strong opinion and mind".

Danielle's progress

The final

After opening the show with If I Only Had a Heart... and the Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow Danielle went on to impress with her solo performance. It was then time to welcome back some old friends for Empire State of Mind. Lauren finished in third place which left Danielle was in the final two.

While we looked back at the Over The Rainbow highlights Danielle performed Mambo italiano. The tension mounted as both girls sang their version of Over The Rainbow. Then the moment we'd all been waiting for, the result.

Danielle was crowned your Dorothy!

Show 9

After finding herself in last week's sing off, Danielle wanted to gain a place in the final with her version of When You Believe. She also went head to head in a Duet Duel with Lauren and took part in a special group performance of I Can't Say No.

After the last mash up of the series it was time for The Result. Danielle avoided the Sing Off and has a place in next week's final.

Show 8

After receiving very impressive comments from the panel and The Lord last week Danielle tried to top it with On My Own from Les Miserables.

It was musical week and the Dorothys came together for an electrifying version of Defying Gravity from the hit musical, Wicked. Their mission performance was Talk To The Animals. Finishing off the show, the final five Dorothys took to the stage to perform a medley of all things Oz...

Danielle and Jessica found themselves in the second sing off of the weekend performing Take That Look Off Your Face. The Lord delivered his verdict and saved Danielle. Jessica misses out on the semi final. She handed back her slippers and sang Over The Rainbow for one last time.

In the Sunday show the Dorothys mashed up songs from Fiddler On The Roof, Gwen Stefani and Black Eyed Peas with Matchmaker, To Life, Rich Girl and I Gotta Feeling. The Dorothys also got paired up with one the Top five Totos.

Show 7

Danielle pleased the panel with her version of Mambo Italiano.

It was clear from that point onwards that nobody was going to rain on Danielle's parade. She also impressed The Lord in the Dorothy mash up and the group performance of The Happening, and went on to get the best all round comments of the evening

Show 6

Danielle was in the sing off last week with Dani but got saved by The Lord. This week avoided a similar fate with her version of Cry Me A River.

Group performances this week started with the Dorothys opening the show with a unique version of The Tinman's If I Only Had A Heart, from The Wizard of Oz. Sophie, Jessica, Danielle and Steph performed Oklahoma from the musical of the same name. Charlotte performed Enough is Enough (No More Tears) with the Dorothys and then they mashed up Lady Gaga and Fred Astaire with A Fine Romance, Bad Romance, Just Dance and Paparazzi.

Show 5

After John told her last week that 'that was her best performance to date' she tried to top it with her version of Could It Be Magic?. Unfortunately she didn't, and found herself in the sing off with Dani but made it through.

Group peformances this week were Michael Jackson's Ease On Down The Road, taken from the film The Wiz and Buenos Aires, in heels. Mashed up was Losing My Mind from Follies, Crazy In Love by Beyonce and Crazy by Gnarls Barkley?

Show 4

Sung her version of Just A Little Girl.

The Dorothys got together this week for The Wizard of Oz classic, Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead, Judy Garland's Get Happy, Can't Stop The Beat from Hairspray and a mash up of Money and Madonna's Material Girl.

Show 3

Sung Daniel Merriweather's classic hit, Red.

All the Dorothys came together for Merry Old Land of Oz and a mash up of Anything You Can Do and Broken Heels.

Show 2

We got to meet the final 20 Dorothys and watched them perform Follow the Yellow Brick Road and We're Off To See The Wizard. Danielle then appeared in group five with Amy, Emilie and Claire Hillier performing Rihanna's Take A Bow and If My Friends Could See Me Now from the musical Sweet Charity.

Show 1

Selected to be in the final 20 Dorothys from thousands of auditions.

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