Doctor Who

Tales from the Moon

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  • Smith and Jones

    Smith and Jones

    In this tense moment from Martha's debut story, aliens land on the lunar surface to confront the transported occupants of the Royal Hope Hospital. A Judoon platoon on the Moon! There. Someone had to say it.

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  • Moonbase

    The Moonbase

    In this clip from a 1967 adventure, the Second Doctor faces the Cybermen as they open fire on a beleaguered lunar station that controls the Earth's weather. But when the attack fails it gives the Doctor an idea that might just save the day. Hurray!

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  • The Lost Boy

    The Lost Boy

    In this episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, the Xylok attempt to smash the Moon into our planet. Alan, Maria and Sarah Jane must act fast to prevent chaos and carnage. The end of the world is almost upon us... and so is the Moon...

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