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The Dark Side of the Moon

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Like humanity, the Moon has a dark side. Throughout the Doctor's adventures we have seen alien fleets concealed there and battles for Earth fought on its cold, airless surface. The Moon has made werewolves awake and Silurians sleep. Who knows what danger it hides or attracts? Keep watching the skies and reading this feature...

Doctor Who got to the Moon about three years before Apollo 11, with the TARDIS touching down on its barren surface in a 1967 story called The Moonbase. It featured the return of the Cybermen who were attempting to seize control of an important lunar station using sugar and moonbeams. The scheme wasn't as twee as it sounds. The moonbeam in question was a deadly laser and the sugar was poisoned, spreading a lethal illness that almost gave the Cybermen victory...

In this early adventure mankind has established a working presence on the Moon, but the Earth's nearest natural satellite remains an awe-inspiring enigma. Things were different in The Seeds of Death. Here we see that in the late 21st century rocket travel has become obsolete and humanity grown blasé about the Moon. Journeys are achieved using an instant form of transportation called T-Mat. But when invaders from Mars, known as the Ice Warriors, strike at a vital T-Mat nerve centre on the surface of the satellite, the Doctor is forced to return and defeat the Martians.

In The Frontier in Space we find that by the twenty-sixth century the Moon is home to a kind of lunar San Quentin. A penal colony has been established and after being mistaken for a spy, the Third Doctor is condemned to this 'inescapable' jail. In a shock twist he was rescued by the Master but years later the Doctor was again sentenced to do time on the Moon during the events of Bad Wolf.

The Doctor's most recent visit to the moon came in Smith and Jones. Whilst investigating weird goings on at the Royal Hope Hospital, things got a lot weirder when the entire building was transported to the Moon by the Judoon. It transpired that these 'galactic policemen' needed the hospital away from Earth as the planet does not come under their jurisdiction. The Doctor was able to assist them in their inquiries and the Royal Hope was returned to England, along with all its bewildered occupants. Why don't we ever see cool stuff like that happen in Holby City?

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