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House Rules

Please remember that our audience - and by extension your audience - are from all age-groups, including the very young. Language and content should reflect this. Due to the nature of this blog, we ask you to be extra vigilant in avoiding anything approaching bad language, bullying, discourtesy, comments of an 'adult' nature, posts relating to personal details and personal criticism of anyone.

You must promise to stick to the house rules
Every message is read and checked by moderators to make sure it is suitable. If you break any of the rules or try to sneak things through, then your message will be sent to the cyber-bin! The rules in full are:

Keep personal details private
Surnames, school names, sports club names, addresses, telephone numbers and details of specific places where you hang out are NOT allowed on the boards. Any information that could identify you will be rejected for your own safety. However you CAN tell people your first name, age, height and the name of a big town or county. For example "Alex/M/Birmingham" is cool but "Jo Smith/F/villagename" is not.

Never give out email addresses, Instant Messenger ID's and personal websites
As in Rule 1, this is for your own safety.

Screen name must be suitable
No flirty names like Hotbabe, singlenlookin, lushbod, sexy, foxygirl, or fit_lad! No rude or offensive names. No FULL NAMES! Please never give your surname out online. Also we don't allow just copying stars names: NO "David Tennant" but you can have "David Tennant Fan". No names longer than 25 letters as it will stretch the boards!

No dating or flirting
This means no looking for girlfriends and boyfriends online. Respond to comments, but no flirting, please.

No unofficial spoilers!
As we follow the progress of Dreamland it's inevitable that details about the plot and characters will emerge. It's fine to discuss these points but please remember there can be no discussion of unofficial spoilers.

Remain on-topic
The Dreamland blog is very specific and evidently this is a blog about Dreamland. Although other episodes and elements of Doctor Who will inevitably be mentioned in passing, the primary focus must always remain this animated story. By extension, please avoid discussion of people working on Doctor Who projects but not related to Dreamland.

No discussion of race and gender within Dreamland
Not here, please. These threads can evolve into conversations unsuitable for our younger audience.

Talk of previous Doctor Who animations must be relevant
Just to clarify - this is a blog about Dreamland, and not animation in general.

No nasty, rude, offensive or argumentative messages
A good discussion is always cool but nasty or mean messages that wind others up will not be accepted.

No discussion of non-BBC websites
We can't allow outside websites to be mentioned as we cannot guarantee their suitability or safety. For the same reason, we can't allow reference to other blogs, twitter content or message boards.

No board stretching
Thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss stretches the boards. It is also quite annoying! So please don't stretch the text. Keep words and kisses short or put regular spacing in like this - xxx xxx xxx xxx

No Spam!
Repetitive, pointless, advertising messages are not allowed here.

Don't pretend to be someone you're not
Ok, so we've had some Eminems and some Beyonces on BBC boards. They're fans of the stars and it's cool to be a fan and call yourself that name. However, don't try to pretend you're someone else - famous or not.

Films / TV Programs / Games / Creative Writing must be suitable for children
Children as young as 7-8 come on the message boards. This means that every message needs to be suitable for younger kids. Please bear this in mind when you're posting creative writing or mentioning films, games and TV programs. This means no talking about 15 films and games or TV programs shown after 9pm.

No coded or foreign languages
Everyone must be able to easily understand your message. This means other boarders as well as the hosts and moderators. We can't allow messages which are written in code or a language which isn't English.

No talking about stars' private lives
We know it's interesting finding out about your favourite stars, but please don't discuss famous people's private lives on these boards. If a producer or actor announces something in public, then it's OK to talk about it - but if it's just rumour or gossip then please don't discuss it here.

No multiple accounts
Please do not use more than one account, it is confusing for other members. Please do not pretend to be another person or you could risk your accounts being closed.

How messages are checked

Messages on our boards are checked by a team of trained moderators. They are employed by the BBC to make our message boards a safe and enjoyable place to be.

  • A moderator's job is to remove messages which break our House Rules (see above). Messages will not be removed for any other reason. Moderators do not post messages on the boards.

Moderators are not the same as hosts:

  • A host's job is to encourage interesting discussions and to help resolve disagreements. They post regularly on the message boards, start discussions or reply to questions. Hosts do not remove messages from the boards.
  • The BBC Hosts are not employed as full-time board hosts, they all host the boards alongside their main role within the BBC. So while the hosts will answer as many questions on the boards as they can, they cannot promise to answer every question posted to the boards.
  • Hosts' names are displayed in a different colour and font to board members', so that you can identify host messages when they post to the boards.

Types of moderation

BBC community areas are checked or 'moderated' in three different ways but the Doctor Who: Dreamland blog is pre-moderated meaning every single message is checked before it appears on the board. All of the BBC's children's message boards are supervised in this way.

Reasons for failing or removing a message

Messages are removed if they are failed by a moderator or if a complaint about a message is upheld. This will only happen if the message breaks our House Rules. You will find a link to the House Rules on every page.

Please take care if you copy the text from someone else's posting into your own. If the text you have copied into your posting is seen to break the house rules the posting will be removed.

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