Your Greatest Moments - The Doctor Dances

Your Greatest Moments - The Doctor Dances

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, by Steven Moffat

Your Greatest Moments - The Doctor Dances

The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances waltzed into many of Your Greatest Moments...

Amy and Griff love the moment where the Doctor tells the 'Gas Mask Zombies' to go to their rooms, with Griff calling it '...a moment of complete horror solved by a logical yet hilarious conclusion'. Sophie also loved this scene - in fact it was the moment she became a fan and she reveals, 'Doctor Who is now my favourite show'. All good!

Em enjoyed the moment after this where the zombies turn away, because it makes her laugh 'every time'.

Charles got goose-bumps from the little boy asking 'Are you my mummy?' and called the question the 'Scariest Doctor Who catchphrase... Ever! Sends a shiver down my spine every time I hear it'. Rose agreed: '...those four words can still send a chill up my spine... Calling those words via the phone and through the letter box. Chilling and sad'.

But Jeff cited, '...the speech the Doctor gives after the nanogenes start putting things right, in which he says: "Just this once, everybody lives."'

And this is the moment we're showing! As Andrew writes, 'If I had to pick one moment, it would be... the Doctor saying "Everybody Lives!" from The Doctor Dances. It was such a dark story, so full of fear and what appeared to be the deaths of so many people... I've always felt bad about how much death can be said to follow the Doctor, and so for me, nothing could have been more triumphant than when it was, inescapably, the Doctor who would be responsible for that line, "Everybody Lives!"

Hurray! Fab moment from a great story!

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