Your Greatest Moments - The Green Death

Your Greatest Moments - The Green Death

The Green Death, by Robert Sloman

Your Greatest Moments, The Green Death

This classic story from 1973 saw the Doctor parted from his long-time companion, Jo Grant. But before their farewell he had to battle giant maggots, huge killer insects and a megalomaniacal machine called BOSS! Find out what made it so memorable for you...

We couldn't have a selection of your greatest moments without a farewell scene. We were inundated with requests for goodbyes from throughout Doctor Who's history.

Luke went back to the early 60s for his fave scene: 'My greatest moment was when the First Doctor said goodbye to Susan in 1964's The Dalek Invasion of Earth. This is my greatest moment because it made me realise how companions come and go and how it changes the Doctor's life in so many ways.'

James singled out the exchange between Tegan 'It's stopped being fun, Doctor!' and the Fifth Doctor who gave the quiet response. 'It seems I must mend my ways...' from The Resurrection of the Daleks. He declares it the 'saddest companion departure ever! Never mind booing at Bad Wolf bay!'

Nicholas might disagree as he selects a moment from the Seventh Doctor adventure, Dragonfire: 'The greatest moment in Doctor Who, for me, at least, is Mel's departure... the sheer power of Bonnie (Langford) and Sylvester (McCoy's) performances is touching in the extreme. The quiet 'I'm going now...' always brings a tear to my eye.'

And the Doctor discussing those farewell's is a bitter sweet highlight for Sara who wrote, 'The 10th Doctor telling Jackson Lake that his companions break his heart... it breaks my heart too, every time I watch David play that scene!'

But we're showing a clip from The Green Death. It's a farewell scene that touched James: 'Greatest Moment: The end of the Green Death. As everyone parties, the Doctor drives off in Bessie, alone. It's the first time we've ever really seen the Doctor alone (every other time a companion has left, there's always been someone to replace them or someone in the TARDIS already) and the first time that it's clear how much affection he has for his companions and how much he relies on them.'

Simon also recalls the farewell with fondness: 'Greatest Moment: it has to be Jo Grant's leaving scene in The Green Death that brings a lump to my throat. Not the Doctor and UNIT saying various farewells but the lovely last scene (that shows) Jo with her new love whilst the Doctor leaves without a sound... (he) quietly goes out, starts Bessie up and shoots off under the sunset... beautiful'.

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