Your Greatest Moments - The Girl in the Fireplace

Your Greatest Moments - The Girl in the Fireplace

The Girl in the Fireplace, by Steven Moffat

Your Greatest Moments - The Girl in the Fireplace

This heart-breaking story from Series Two featured some of the scariest robots in the show's history, breath-taking action scenes and the famous (and rather fabulous) Madame de Pompadour. Find out what made it so memorable for you...

The Girl in the Fireplace emerged as another hugely popular adventure. Many people enjoyed the humour in the episode, with Muireann commenting 'There are so many amazing scenes in every episode' but the scene where the Doctor shouts, 'I just snogged Madame de Pompadour' is... one of the moments in Doctor Who that always makes me laugh!'

Richard wrote that his 'favourite scene is where the Doctor charges through the ballroom mirror on horseback at the palace of Versailles in The Girl in the Fireplace... How many other shows on TV have that verve, inventiveness and spirit of adventure? Spellbinding!'

Emily told us, 'My favourite comes from "The Girl in the Fireplace"... (The) Doctor swaggering into save Rose and Mickey; "Always take a banana to a party, Rose, bananas are good", is hilarious, got to love it. Also I love the conclusion of this episode. The Doctor's sadness when reading Reinette's letter is touching and truly memorable. It is a credit to the entire series and all the writers when they can create such an eloquent script that brings both tears of laughter and sadness.'

And that brings us to the moment we show here and if you see anyone watching this clip and not going teary eyed, best check they're not a Slitheen!

Sash told us, 'My favourite moment is at the end of Steven Moffat's 'The Girl in The Fireplace' from when the King of France talks to the Doctor about Madame De Pompadour and informs him that she has died. It never fails to bring me to tears. The Doctor doesn't say a single word to the King but his face says everything and his "I'm always alright" to Rose is incredibly effective. The acting from everyone is especially wonderful. The moment is made even better when the TARDIS leaves and we find a painting behind it telling us the year she died. Of course then there is the wonderful reveal that the space ship was actually named after her, suddenly making the whole story make sense completely.'

We're showing the scene where the Doctor reads Reinette's letter. Nigel summed up the moment: 'When the Doctor receives the goodbye letter from Madame de Pompadour, as he reads the letter in the TARDIS, you can see the heart break in his face - always brings a tear to my eye!'

Paul agreed, 'It's beautifully written and brilliantly underplayed by David (Tennant). Seeing him stood alone in the TARDIS says everything you need to know and it's crushingly sad that the girl in the fireplace, the woman in his heart, loved him but passed away without him.'

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