Regenerations: Six of the Best

Regenerations: Six of the Best

Watch the Tenth Doctor's incredible transformation and enjoy five earlier regenerations.

The Tenth Doctor Regenerates

  • The Tenth Doctor Regenerates
    The Tenth Doctor Regenerates

    This amazing scene was the culmination of a heart-breaking story. After four fantastic years the Tenth Doctor regenerated on the evening of 1st January, 2010, transforming into the Eleventh Doctor as the TARDIS span dangerously out of control!

  • The Very First Regeneration
    The Very First Regeneration

    The First Doctor regenerated following an exhausting battle with the Cybermen. Sadly, most of his final episode is lost, but this historic transformation scene remains.

  • The Third Doctor Regenerates
    The Third Doctor Regenerates

    In The Planet of the Spiders, the Third Doctor subjected his body to deadly radiation in order to defeat a terrifying enemy. This caused a regeneration witnessed by Sarah Jane and the Brigadier.

  • The Fourth Doctor Regenerates
    The Fourth Doctor Regenerates

    In the 1981 story Logopolis, in the act of saving the universe, the Fourth Doctor fell from the gantry of a huge radio telescope. The tumble triggered this regeneration...

  • The Ninth Doctor Regenerates
    The Ninth Doctor Regenerates

    At the end of The Parting of the Ways the Ninth Doctor made it back to the TARDIS and warned an anxious Rose that he was about to change. The following regeneration proved to be spectacular!

  • The Master Regenerates!
    The Master Regenerates!

    As a Time Lord, the Master also has the ability to regenerate, as we saw in Utopia where after being shot by Chantho, he nipped into the TARDIS for a quick change...

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