Day Eighteen!

Day Eighteen!

Exclusive Extract of Who on Who?

Day Eighteen! Exclusive Extract of Who on Who?

Day Eighteen!

Executive Producer and Lead Writer Russell T Davies and the Doctor himself, David Tennant, will be discussing Doctor Who in a special one-hour show for BBC Radio 2.

In Who on Who? Russell and David give a unique insiders' point of view about their hugely successful time on the show, discussing the adventures they created and the stories they were asked to make but didn't... They reflect on why they've chosen to move on and look ahead to the future - both their own and that of Doctor Who.

It's a fascinating and entertaining show and to give you a taster we've an exclusive extract. Who on Who? was produced by Malcolm Prince (pictured in one of the images above) who previously produced Project: Who?

You can catch Who on Who? on BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday, 29 December at 5.00pm.

Big thanks to Malcolm Prince for providing us with this extract... and Merry Christmas!

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