Day Twenty Three!

Day Twenty Three!

The Doctor on My Shoulder, Part Two by Daniel Roth.

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The Doctor

"The TARDIS!" the Doctor announced, sounding relieved. "And what's all this then?" The Doctor nudged Mason over towards a bank of controls. "Looks like some sort of homing signal, but it's scrambled and all over the map."

"She is here." One of the robots walked over to the control panel, pressing a few buttons until an image appeared of the inside of someone's house with a huge Christmas tree.

"Well that narrows it down," Ana said sarcastically.

"Right!" the Doctor said. "Oh, it's all so simple. Look, here. They can tell that their missing princess is somewhere near, they just can't tell where exactly. All they do know is that she's indoors where there's a Christmas tree. That's why they dropped presents on all those doorsteps. One of them has to be the one where the princess is and then, ha! Oh, that really is clever. You were missing one very important thing though, weren't you? Me. Well, my handy, dandy sonic device anyway. Perfect for tracking down wayward royalty. Still, if it's all the same to you, I'd sort of like to be proper sized again."

One of the robots reached out and plucked the Doctor from Mason's shoulder, placing him in front of the looming, metal door before activating something at the control panel. A blue light formed around the Doctor as he slowly grew back to his usual stature.

"Hope you aren't going to get back on my shoulder, Doctor!" Mason said, laughing.

"Nah," the Doctor said. "Tell you what, though, why don't we have a pop round here?" The Doctor retrieved a key from his pocket and, inserting in its home at the front of the TARDIS, turned it and opened the door.

Mason and Ana stared, trying not to get a case of vertigo as they gaped at what was before them: there was a whole other world inside the blue box, bigger even than the ship they were already in.

"Come on if you're coming," the Doctor said. "Oh and, before you can say it, yes, it's bigger on the inside, yes, I'm an alien, and, yeah, I am pretty amazing. That about cover it?"

Mason and Ana just nodded. What else could they do? It wasn't exactly the usual day home from school. They boarded the TARDIS and the Doctor, with a manic grin, began poking away at the console in front of him, pressing this, turning that, banging on something, and just being sort of madman. Suddenly, the column in the centre of everything began to churn and the whole place felt as though it was humming to life.

As quickly as it had started, all the noise and the craziness stopped. The Doctor was already off and running out the door before Mason or Ana could ask for an explanation.

Dashing after him, Mason and Ana burst through the doors of the TARDIS to discover they were back on Earth. Not only that, they were back on their street!

"But that's impossible," Ana said.

"Yeah, and alien space crafts and robot men are just, what, typical? Come on!" Mason grabbed Ana's hand and they both chased after the Doctor.

Not far ahead, the Doctor was scanning each and every house. "Come on, come on, come on," he growled. "You're so close, where are you?" The Doctor spun to and fro, with his electrical device and its tiny dish until he heard a beeping sound. "Ha! Gotcha. Come on, you two. You don't want to miss this."

The Doctor, Ana and Mason came to the front of another ordinary house. "Hello?" the Doctor called, banging on the front door. "Anybody home? No? Right then, I'll just invite myself in then, shall I?" He brandished his sonic screwdriver and, in two seconds flat he'd opened the door.

Wasting no time, the Doctor centred in on the Christmas tree. "I meet more Christmas trees this way. Well, at least this one isn't trying to kill me. That's a small comfort."

"Doctor!" Ana called out. "I think I know where she is."

Ana pointed upward and there, at the top of the tree, was a lovely angel. No, not an angel, a beautiful, young girl, dressed all in silver.

"Princess Cilia, I presume," the Doctor said.

"Please," the girl replied, "I need to wait here for Father Christmas. I've been so lonely. All I could do is search for a way home and when we were passing through this system I plugged into Earth's internet and discovered all these stories about Christmas, and people getting what they want. I got to thinking if I could just wait right here I could ask Father Christmas to take me back home again."

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