Day Seventeen!

Day Seventeen!

The Doctor on My Shoulder, Part One by Daniel Roth.

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The Doctor

"Right." The doll retorted. "Not actually an answer to the question but never mind. Hello! I'm the Doctor and, hold on..." The Doctor paused, "Are you watching The Snowman? Oh, love The Snowman, me." He smiled. "Flying around, dancing with Father Christmas, it's brilliant but, if you're watching The Snowman, then that means I'm on Earth which is definitely not a planet of giants. Well, not last time I checked, anyway, which means that I've been shrunk. How did I get shrunk then?"

"I dunno," Mason said, finally finding his voice. "I just got a package and you were inside it. Is there one of you in every box?"

"What do you mean?" the Doctor asked, looking very concerned suddenly. "Cuz there's only just the one me and, believe me, I've checked."

"Well, there were these vans," Mason explained, "and they left a package just like yours at every house. If there's only one of you then what's in all those other packages?"

"No idea," the Doctor said, "but, whatever it is, I can guarantee it isn't good." The Doctor paused a moment, sighing, and then reaching out his arms towards Mason. "Look, this is a bit embarrassing but do you think you could help me out of this box?" Mason smirked and reached out to pick up the Doctor. "Careful there, Gulliver!" the Doctor moaned. "Blimey, I suppose this is how a Lilliputian feels." Mason lifted the Doctor and perched him on his shoulder.

"My name's not, Gulliver, Doctor, it's Mason and if there's people in danger then I reckon we..." Mason paused, uncertain. "Well... oughtn't somebody do something about it?"

The Doctor smiled. "Yeah. Who knows how many people could be in danger? What do you think, Mason? Fancy saving the day with me?"

Mason stared at the Doctor for a moment before suddenly finding himself smiling. "Yeah," Mason said. "Yeah, I think I would."

The Doctor pointed towards the front door. "Only one thing for it, then. Time to find out what the neighbours got for Christmas. Allons-y!"

There was no turning back now. "Ana," Mason thought to himself. "One of those packages was left outside of her house, too! We'll start there." Stealing away his trepidations, Mason opened the door while the Doctor hung on for dear life.

Running across the street, Mason noticed immediately that there was no brown box in front of Ana's house. That didn't make sense. There were boxes at every other house he'd passed. That meant that someone else had already picked it up and brought it inside! Fear sent a shiver through him. Not only was there a mysterious danger lurking beyond the door but it was also the home of the girl he'd spent countless hours mooning over. Hesitant but determined, Mason reached out to knock on the door just as it opened seemingly of its own accord. There, standing in her jim jams, was Ana.

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