The Sontaran Games

The Sontaran Games

George, Andrew, Matthew and Max from Exmouth Community College tell us what they think of the latest Quick Read' Doctor Who novel from Jacqueline Rayner.

What is the story about?

Max: The Sontaran Games is about a sports academy called B.A.S.E on Earth, where young athletes train for the globe games (like the Olympics). But as the Doctor arrives, he finds that a number of mysterious deaths have occurred. To make things worse, the Sontarans interfere and cause all types of havoc for the people at B.A.S.E.

George: The characters were all in their own little worlds at the start of the book, and were all against each other and very competitive. But towards the end they all started liking each other and learned to work together to kill the Sontarans.

What are the characters like?

Max: All the characters were well written and each had a bit of heroism. They all had a bit of tension around them, but gets it sorted out at the end and they helped each other.

George: I particularly liked Emma, because she was such a strong character.

Was the story exciting?

Max: The opening is slow and mysterious, but soon gets to the main plot of the story.

Andrew: The opening was unusual but did excite me; it was fast paced, exciting and had lots of action.

George: The plot was very exciting. It jumps straight into the story and was very exciting.

Matthew: It is a really good and action-packed book.

Were there any particular highlights?

Max: My favourite moment was when the runners saved B.A.S.E from the Sontarans by throwing the sonic screwdriver into the force sphere.

George: My favourite part of the book was when the Doctor tripped and fell over; I thought it was really funny and a great way of meeting someone!

Andrew: The description was really good and I could picture everything, especially the spaceships. I also liked the part when the force field came down and the Sontarans got bombarded.

Would you recommend the book to other people

Max: I would say that this book is highly worth reading and that I would recommend it to all Doctor Who fans or anyone who has seen Doctor Who on TV. My score is 5/5 as it is an amazing book.

George: I would recommend this book and give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Andrew: I give it 5 out of 5.

Matthew: I would recommend this book to anyone. 10/10.

Thanks to Alex Ferris for arranging the review and photo.

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