Celebrating 40 Years of Gallifrey!

Celebrating 40 Years of Gallifrey!

Celebrating 40 Years of Gallifrey!

Despite all we know about the Doctor he remains an enigmatic figure, swathed in mystery and obscured by legend. Even his real name is a secret, but we have learnt he is the sole survivor of his race, the last of the Time Lords.

Forty years ago this month we first heard the Doctor talk about the Time Lords. Until that point there had been barely a handful of tantalising references to his home planet and his own people. Who they were, the nature of their society and even the name they were known by had remained undisclosed.

But all that changed when the Second Doctor needed their help and after introducing the mighty Time Lords, Doctor Who would never be the same again.

To find out more about Gallifrey's renegade Time Lords, take a virtual stroll through the Rogues Gallery! You can also find out more about the Doctor and his relationship with the Time Lords or to catch him discussing his people, planet, the Daleks and the Time War, check out the clips on this page.

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