New Trailer for the New Doctor!

New Trailer for the New Doctor!

Matt Smith and Caren Gillan as The Doctor and Amy Pond

The new trailer featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Karen Gillan as his companion, Amy Pond, is here!

The sixty second sequence opens quietly enough but our heroes are soon spinning through a vortex and facing deadly enemies! A Dalek and one of the Weeping Angels can be seen, offering a tantalising glimpse of what's to come in the new series...

The first three episodes of that series have been confirmed as The Eleventh Hour, written by Steven Moffat, The Beast Below, also by Steven Moffat and Victory of the Daleks by Mark Gatiss. The new series explodes onto our screens in Easter this year.


We've now added the 41 second version of the new trailer so you compare it with the one-minute version. You'll find them both on the Eleventh Doctor page where you can also watch other videos, download wallpapers featuring the new Doctor and read a profile of Matt Smith. You can also see the full version of the recently released image of the Doctor and Amy and set it as your wallpaper. You can reach the Eleventh Doctor page by clicking on the top link on the right.

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