Revisit Dreamland!

Revisit Dreamland!

Revisit Dreamland!

If you're like us and can't wait until the Doctor bursts back onto our screens, don't forget you can still take a trip to Dreamland with him right here on this site.

We've also added a commentary to the site (in the Sounds section of the Dreamland episode page) so you can listen to writer Phil Ford and director Gary Russell discussing the story, plus there's a new fact file and a quiz. The interviews with the stars are still there, of course, as well wallpapers and concept art.

Dreamland is the six-part animated adventure in which the Tenth Doctor defends Earth from Lord Azlok and his deadly (but rather magnificent) Viperox. Set in the States in the 1950s it's a fast-paced vibrant story which features David Tennant as the Doctor with Georgia Moffett as Cassie Rice.

So, if you're missing the Doctor, why not visit our Dreamland page where you can join him again in a dazzling adventure and enjoy a whole bunch of new extras to go with it!

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