Matt Smith is the Doctor!

Matt Smith is the Doctor!

Matt Smith is the Doctor!

At the close of The End of Time, Part Two, Matt Smith became the Eleventh Doctor! The regeneration formed a stunning finale to one of the most dramatic and heart-rending adventures in the history of Doctor Who.

We now have a wealth of exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes videos which give you a unique insight into The End of Time. David Tennant, Bernard Cribbins and John Simm all talk about their time on the show and Executive Producer and Lead Writer Russell T Davies along with Executive Producer Julie Gardner spill the beans on the Tenth Doctor's swansong.

We've also a new section on Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor. It's where you'll find videos, wallpapers and information on Matt... and we'll be adding more to that section very soon, so don't forget to check it out next week...

You can also enjoy ten of the Tenth Doctor's most memorable moments and watch his regeneration again. Plus we've previous regenerations including the very first where we saw the Doctor transform for the first time!

Don't forget, we'll shortly be adding even more, so pop back soon for the latest exclusives!

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